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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Christmas has arrived!

Christmas is definately with us here at Toyday, with a massive increase in orders from last Monday. We advertised for 2 extra picker / packers and another customer service advisor on Thursday afternoon, and Friday Morning the phone was ringing off the hook for 2 hours, until I had to call and suspend the ad!

At least we can clear the backlog of Christmas orders on Monday and it looks like we'll be running full steam ahead getting everyones stocking fillers and last minute christmas toys out right through until last post. Last monday we filled the Royal Mail van right up, and this Monday I think we're going to need at least two collections.

Luckily Emily and I managed to take a few days off last week, so we're feeling refreshed and ready to go!

We just need to find a Santa for our Grotto which we are planning on having in the Totnes shop on the late night Christmas shopping days.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Toyday on Radio Devon

A few weeks ago, a man named Vic Morgan came into our Totnes shop and thought it was brilliant. He asked if it would be possible to do a feature on our traditional toy shop, and I said yes, sure, why not - nothing wrong with a bit of free publicity. Before I knew it, he whipped a microphone from his bag, and started to interview me, really putting me on the spot and asking questions about the toys, our suppliers and enthusing and getting quite excited about all the toys in the shop.

The interview wasn't live, it was recorded, so I didn't panic too much, as I thought at least they can edit out anything too bad! The interview was played at around 11'o clock that night, and news travels fast; a few days later, I recieved an email from my mum in Spain, who was so proud of her son, that she was inspired to write a poem about the event, which follows: -


My son Adam is a radio star.
I always thought he could go far.
His voice was heard on Radio Devon,
Friday evening, at ten to eleven.

His Nan was listening in her bed,
"We are now going to 'Toyday'," the presenter said.
Nan reached to turn her radio up loud,
As she listened to Adam, he made her proud !

The presenter called in to the Totnes shop And caught Adam on the hop,
Vic said "I hope you will agree, To record an interview with me. "
Adam thought for a short while,
Then answered yes, with a smile.

They talked about the games and toys,
Some for girls and some for boys.
For Vic it was a trip down memory lane.
It is so nice to see these toys again.

Table skittles, a wooden hobby horse,
Tiddly winks as well , of course.
Adam mentioned his shop in Looe,
Which has many things to interest you.

On the internet view the 'Toyday' range,
Some things you can buy with your small change.
Adam was so glad he did agree,
It is so good to have FREE publicity !

Janet Rose, Moraira - 2008

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Stocking Filler Flyers

The flyers Adam has been designing for the last couple of weeks arrived from the printers today. They are looking great! Just a Christmasy version of our regular flyer but with all our new products, top ten and some stocking filler ideas.

Our Halloween stuff came off the shelves today, not that there was much left after a busy last minute rush. That just means one thing though.... Christmas is well on its way! Our Internet orders have been rising steadily just under 90 parcels left yesterday and 60ish today.

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