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Friday, 22 February 2013

Rebecca's Easter Gift Ideas

Hello guys, it's me again, Rebecca. 

Today is my last day at TOYDAY. I'm really sad about this. First I have to say thank you for the great time . . . !!!

But now I want to talk about few toys in this shop. 

I want to begin with something for Easter . . . because think about it's not a long time until Easter ! ! !

It is a fun twist on a hammer and ball game. 

Product information: 

Knock the colourful eggs through the wooden tower and out the hole with the wooden chicken hammer.
Wooden Egg Tower

And also for Easter . . . 

You can put the eggs into the basket, once you have to find some . . . :-) Bunny Easter Egg Basket

Chirping Easter Chick

 A fluffy Easter chick which makes a chirping sound when it's feet are pressed.
Chirping Easter Chick

Egg Bouncy Ball

Egg Bouncy BallA rubber egg! ! !
Great fun at Easter as well . . . :-) 
. . . 
And the Wooden Letter Train I also like, because it' educational. That's a good way to explain some words or spelling names.
Wooden Letter Alphabet Train - Set of 28 
The last I want to tell you is about the Seraphina Princess . . . 
I'm a girl . . . And I think every girl likes to play with this princess . . . ???? The princess will share all the time with you . . . beginning in the morning and the evening she will go with you to bed.
Seraphina Princess

I think that all presents for Easter or something else that will you're children make happy . . . Thank you for reading this blog . . . see you, Rebecca 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Goki Puzzles from Germany

Good morning, there's again Rebecca from Germany . . . 
Today I want to tell you a story about GOKI !! Most of the puzzles from this shop are GOKI-Puzzles and that's funny, because in Germany it's same as here. The Puzzles are great, they are all woodworking and my godchild loves to play with this. It's really good for learning and coordination. Her mother like's them too, because then my godchild is busy . . . :) And so her mother has a little break and can enjoy the moment. 
Today it's my third day in this shop and i don't want to think about Friday, because this day is my last day in the toyshop . . . :( 
I really enjoy the day's in TOYDAY !!! 

Monday, 18 February 2013

Rebecca's First Day at Toyday

Hello guys, my name is Rebecca and usually I live in Germany, but now I 'm going to live in Totnes until 06th April. 
Totnes is a wonderful village. 
But now to the Toyshop. The first impression from this shop is great. The toy's are clearly presented and I'm sure every child is happy to visit this shop in Totnes. It's a lovely shop with great things for children. For example the
Swan Lake Jewellery Box

Swan Lake Jewellery Box.

 I think I was six years old and it was a really big wish to get this box, because I was a little girl and I wanted to be a princess. I think it is the wish for most little girls. 

On my sixth birthday, I got this box from my parents. I was so happy and now the box is still standing in my room. 

The first toy I saw in the shop was this box, unbelievable it was a great moment and I'm thinking about a present for my godchild. I'm sure she will just as happy as I was. 

Now I have to work, because it's really busy today . . . :) 

See you, Rebecca 


Saturday, 9 February 2013

Where Your Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Went

For all those of you who filled a shoebox at Christmas for The Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child take a look at these photos in this video clip. Who knows you may even be able to spot your box.

Every year we have lots of lovely people visit us to find gifts to put in their shoe boxes. Some people come throughout the year so they can do more than one shoe box and spread the cost. For us it's easy to fill up boxes with lots of fun things but it was nice to get a peek into the boxes other people have sent for ideas for next year as it's not just toys but useful things as well such as socks and hairbrushes.

You can view the webcast of the children receiving their gifts at Christmas here. It's lovely to see the anticipation in the children's faces as they wait to open their box and the joy and excitement as they rummage through to see what they have been given. Get a glimpse as to where your shoebox went and the good that it has done, motivation if every you needed any to make sure we all put together a shoe box again this year.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Oriol's TOP 5 toys from his childhood

Hey there! It's Oriol again!

I've been here for nearly two weeks, and today I'll talk about some toys that I used to play with when I was child, and which I think are very helpful and fun for kids.

I'll start talking about a game called "Marble Run". You have to build your own marble road like a big castle, and then make marbles come down. Infinite possibilities, great way to learn, and lot of fun for those kids who dream of being architects!

The next one I choose is called "Dough Heads". I think that's one of the best games for children to develop their creative skills just having fun! Just with some dough and plastic accessories they'll be able to create lots of funny characters that could be modified when they want. That game guarantees lot of time of fun with little children, parents and grandparents too!
Does your kid want to become a great musician in the future? Does he or she have some talent playing instruments? There's nothing better for them than having their first own instrument! How much fun is to create your own music all the family together or to play their favorite good morning song! Sure they'll love having a xylophone or a flute, and also any drum or trumpet!
This toy is designed for those young scientists who want to know and discover new things everyday. It's not just a toy, but as a set of science kits that you have to conduct to finally get a great lab experience from children can learn a lot. In Toyday we have lots of these kits, related to solar energy, optical illusions or just for simulating a volcano! This is great for passionate people in love with science like me, and I would recommend it all.

Last toy I'll talk about is called "diabolo", and it's a kind of juggling game. The goal is to maintain a symmetrical plastic spinning on a thread, and then you can practice lots of tricks using the main plastic piece, the thread and two little sticks used to subject it, as well as you can use your own body to take that game to a higher level!. With some practice, you'll be able to do very spectacular tricks that will be loved for all the people who is watching you. That is a good way to have fun with other people combining more than one "diabolo" or just earn some money playing on streets!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Oriol's Work Experience at Toyday

My name is Oriol, I'm 18 years old and I live in Barcelona. This is my first year at the university, where I'm studying to be an engineer.
During this period, I realized how important is to learn other foreign languages and open your mind to other cultures to grow up as a person and get influenced by different ideas and ways to live. So I decided to spend my winter holidays in Totnes, where I'm attending to English lessons in Language in Totnes and I'm also working at the Toyday toyshop.
These days I'm living with a really nice native English family who takes care of me and help me with everything I need. I can practice talking with them and they make me feel more comfortable during my stay in England.
Having English classes gave me the opportunity to meet other students like me, who are in Totnes learning some more English and came from different places around the world. It's a great experience talking with some youth people and trying to understand their culture and their lifestyle, as well as you can meet them and participate in some activities organized by the school or by ourselves.
Working in Toyday shop is another powerful way to learn English. I have to attend customers, check all the shopping made online and keep the shop tidy to cause a good impression. That is my first experience having a job that requires to talk another language, and sometimes it's hard to understand some things, but there is always people who help you in that situations. It's great to work here because I used to play with many of the toys (for example a rocking horse) I'm selling now, and it's a funny way to remember my childhood and makes me able to recommend some toys to customers if it's required. 
I'm really enjoying this new experience here, and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to learn more English in a way that welcomes you to the routine of the English lifestyle.

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