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Saturday, 30 April 2011

May Bank Holiday Weekend

Unfortunately this morning the weather took a turn for the worse and it has been raining in Looe after having a few weeks of beautiful weather. Some of the shops in the town have been decorated for the Royal Wedding which happened yesterday and there are red white and blue flags and bunting in the street.

The town has been very busy with the extended bank holiday and even though the weather is a little disappointing there is a sailing regatta in the bay and a multitude of colourful sails can be seen from the harbour to the Island. I once tried sailing in a little enterprise dingy at a local reservoir and although it was very choppy I thought it was brilliant but the person who was with me and was lying in the front controlling the sails got tossed around and soaked and decided it was not for them. I did explain that we had managed not to capsize unlike some of the other boats with us, but to no avail and that will probably be the extent of my sailing.

On Saturday May 7th is the West Looe May Fayre which runs from 10.30am until 3pm. There is going to be dancing around a traditional Maypole, stalls, heritage walks and even some rock pooling. I hope the weather will be a lot better for their day but people always seem to make the most of it whatever the day brings. Since starting to write this the weather has brightened up and the sun is trying to come out. The raincoats are off, umbrellas put away and its a hive of activity again outside and in the shop.

Juggling Diabolo

Now that the weather is starting to improve people are in search of some fun and entertaining outdoor toys.

One in particular that proves very popular is the Diabolo. This works by simply using a plastic diabolo and some wooden sticks with string attached to them. The tricky bit is to keep the diabolo spinning on the string using the handles to manipulate the movement.

Once this has been mastered, it’s the perfect toy to amaze your friends with various flicks, tricks and stunts in the back garden at parties, bbq’s or the school playground!

A simple but fun toy, which is not only traditional, but educational too!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

The slinky toy was made by accident!

Sometimes when working in the toy industry you occasionally stop to wonder - what on earth inspired someone think of such a toy?

Well the slinky was not designed as a toy in the first place. It was simply a tension spring which happened to fall on the floor whilst the inventor Richard James was designing a meter that measured the horse-power on Navel battleships!

It could be that children have been playing with metal tensions springs since the bronze age, in its earliest form before it was marketed as a slinky in 1945.

The slinky works on a principle known as Hooke's law.

Metal Slinky Toy

You can buy many versions of the slinky today in plastic or metal in various sizes and designs, and since they first started selling as a toy, over 250 billion have been purchased worldwide.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Easter Toys at Toyday

Its not too late to order your Easter Toys!

Such as the...
Fluffy Clockwork Rabbit Fluffy Clockwork Rabbit
Egg Bouncy Ball Egg Bouncy Ball
Wabbit Wabbit
Puffball Pal Soft Toy Puffball Pal Soft Toy

Spring Stencils in a Book Spring Stencils in a Book

And many more to get.... so check out the Toyday Website

To guarantee your order for Easter then place your order with us by Wednesday.

And if you miss this, you can always visit us in Looe or Totnes, where we are open on Good Friday and Saturday.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Make your own Easter toys

This Easter bunny bin comes from the home of the very talented Marilyn Scott Waters, and her brilliant paper toys website www.thetoymaker.com. Its made from just a single piece of paper and will look great full of sweets or any other Easter treat.
You can download the PDF for the Easter bunny bin featured above directly from http://www.thetoymaker.com/Toypages/75BunnyWheelbarrow/75BinnyBin.pdf.

You don't have to stop there. Marilyn has a whole selection of Easter toys just waiting to be made on her website at http://www.thetoymaker.com/Holidays/Easter/1Easter.html. Choose from a selection of egg baskets to make, bunny cards, Easter eggs...yiu can even make your own bowing bunnies!

Easter Baskets
Easter Cards
Bowling Bunnies!
 Whatever you decide to make, have fun, and a Happy Easter.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Easter Holidays in Looe

We are just a week away from the Easter Holiday weekend and at the moment the weather is glorious and the town is already busy as the school holidays have already started. All the holiday parks around Looe are open and every day there are visitors popping in the shop to admire the traditional toys that we stock and many buying toys and a range or our puzzles to play with back in their caravans in the evenings as a family, and classic games like dominoes, scrabble and cards can be entertaining for everyone. I already have people buying for Christmas but its a bit too early for me to do that as I am sure when Christmas is here I wont be remember the perfect place that I hid them!

After the winter layup its lovely to see all the boats moored in the harbour again and ready for the season. Along the Quay are all the brightly coloured signs advertising the mackerel, reef and shark fishing trips and day trips to Polperro and around Looe Island. Each day the small fishing boats head out to sea full of hopeful anglers and whether they catch or not they all seem to have a good day.

We have three glass bottomed boats now in Looe and although I haven't been on one yet I am sure it must be fascinating when they are moored out near the Island to look at the sea bed and watch the marine life in its natural habitat, after all I think we have all played around in rock pools at some time when we were children and were spell bound at the weird and amazing creatures we could catch in our nets. Crabs would be the most fearsome and and it seemed whichever way you tried to pick them up they could still nip you with its pincers and it hurt, and as a matter of fact it still does!

With Easter Sunday next weekend I know a lot of people give Easter eggs but I know my grand children will love our little wind up hopping Easter Bunnies and Chicks and will have great fun with them racing them around the floor and so much healthier and longer lasting than chocolate although I am sure they will have plenty of that.

So if you are staying in Looe for the holidays or planning a day trip then be sure to pop into Toyday for a warm welcome and a trip down memory lane.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

ABC Cubes feature on the Hotel Inspector (Ilfracoombe - 7th Series)

ABC Nesting Cubes - £14.99 from Toyday.co.uk  
Yes, award-winning hotelier Alex Polizzi is resuming her quest to salvage some of Britain's struggling hotels and bed-and-breakfast establishments.

Series seven has just started being broadcast on Channel 5, Mondays at 8pm, and our stacking ABC cubes are due to be featured on the show, where the granddaughter of Lord Forte will be turning around an establishment in Ilfracoombe, Devon.

Keep your eyes peeled and see if you can spot them. Coming to a TV screen near you!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Maries Work Experience

I'm Marie, I'm from France, and I'm sixteen years old.
For my work experience, I worked at Toyday, the paradise for children ! I worked at Toyday for two mornings and three afternoons. When I arrived, I was very very anxious, because I could not speak very well English and I'm shy. When I arrived at Toyday... Adam and Emily received me very well, they are very nice and their son too, he's so beautiful. They are smiling every time and I like that ! Their shop is beautiful, and I love the silver or gold rubber duck decorated with tinsel and a mini champagne bottle ( http://www.toyday.co.uk/shop/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=4345 ) It's so fun! This experience was very interesting for me. I thank Adam and Emily a lot for this beautiful experience in their shop. I hope to come back in Totnes !

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