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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Half Term in Looe

I decided to take the ferry to work this morning from West Looe across the river to East Looe instead of walking around via the bridge. Such a relaxing way to start the day even though it only takes a few minutes but at just 40p its something that you must do while you are here. Ferrymen have been going to and fro the harbour for as long as I can remember and are as much a part of Looe as the pasties and ice-cream. Many of the the fishing boats are heading out to sea today taking the ever optimistic fisherman out in the hope of catching a big one. Some will be going to the reefs, some to deep water marks such as the Eddystone Lighthouse and others just having a couple hours fun catching mackerel. If you enjoy anything to do with the sea and boating than you can find it in Looe. They may not be as big but can be great fun for the children so why not check out our range of boats. Its also the start of the half term here this weekend and I know that most of the holiday parks around Looe are full this week and no doubt there will be a few Christmas presents being bought, so if you are looking for more traditional toys then pop into Toyday and I am sure you will find some great ideas.

Friday, 23 October 2009

10 Top Ten Christmas Toys 2009

Traditional and classic toys really are set to be as popular as ever this Christmas. Here's the top ten best sellers in the lead up to Christmas 2009.

Rubber Band Aeroplane
10. Rubber Band Plane

Bag of Plastic Farm Animals
9. Bag of Farm Animals
Cardboard Kaleidoscope
8. Kaleidoscope
Rainbow Humming Top
7. Rainbow Spinning Top
Ball with Rattle
6. Soft Babies Jingling Ball
Spud Gun
5. Metal Spud Gun
Fun Snaps
4. Fun Snap Bangers
Wooden Letter Train
3. Wooden Letter Train
Playful Penguin Race
2. Penguin Race Game

and at number 1 this year...
Worry Dolls
1. Guatamalan Worry Dolls.

And as a result of the worry dolls success, we have a new worry dolls line due in before Christmas, which include larger worry dolls for lifes bigger worries, and they come in a brightly coloured woven bag to keep them in.

Of course, this is early days and some of our other toys might creep up the list, although It will take some serious competition to knock out the top 3.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A Glorious Day in Looe

Well its another glorious day here in Looe and the town is still buzzing with visitors making the most of the weather that we should of had in the summer. I have a 15 minute walk along the harbour and riverside from where I park my car to get to the shop and it was a pleasure wandering along to the sights and sounds of boats and seagulls this morning. It just doesn't seem like going to work.
Its quite amusing having customers coming into the shop wearing shorts and flip flops buying stocking fillers and picking out toys to buy for Christmas presents whilst at the same time buying items from our range of beach toys and then heading for a day on the seafront.
Everyone that has come in seems to be enjoying themselves here in Looe and I always have time to answer their questions about best beach, cafe, coastal walk, fishing spot etc.
At the end of this month the schools are on half term and during the week I hope to have Kay in the shop again doing hair braiding for the children, and some adults wanted it done last time as well. Great for parties, so if you are holidaying around here or maybe not been to Looe for a while then do try to make a visit and pop in and see us at Toyday in Buller Street.

Monday, 12 October 2009

What A 2 Year Old Boy Would choose

It's not often most children can be let loose in a shop to play with what ever their hearts desire. Blake is one lucky boy to be able to do it, no holds barred. So what did he choose.....

First off he went straight to the balls. What is it about boys and football? Once they've all been thrown out of their basket and boxes. He's on the move again and oh yes typical boy straight to the cars. He played with some pull back diecast tractors sending them off across the shop.

Blake found a guitar and had a couple of strums before he spotted the Jack in a Box. He loves jack in the boxes and is a pro at turning the handle. He doesn't call it a Jack in a Box though, he call's it a 'Boo' because that's the best bit for him, when the lid pops up and he gets to shout "BOO".

He then found his other favourite toy, the marble run, and pulled it down to endlessly put the marbles back up the top to watch them roll down the track.

With play time over we grabbed a balloon and the Jack in a Box and headed back to the office.

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Why don't we publish website voucher coupons?
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Friday, 9 October 2009

Toydays Tin Toys reach TV fame

Coming soon to your TV screens is a Christmas special of Kirsties Home Made Homes, that features a lovely character filled house in Devon, where Kirstie Allsop transforms her house with home made crafts using reclaimed and restored second hand furniture and curious hand made objects, where she will get hands on having a go at making things herself to fill her home.

To be aired on December 1st, is a Christmas special, which will feature Kirstie helping some children making teddy bears in the childrens room of her house. If you look very carefully, you will see some of our tin toys decorating the room, which will include our festive wind up tin father christmas, a wooden snowman wobbler, and a few clockwork tin trains and cars.

This isn't the first time our toys have been on the telly. Soon you will see our wooden flapping seagull and a wind up submarine due to be shown in a little boys room on ITV's 60 minute makeover.

Do keep a look out for them and let us know if you manage to spot them.

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