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Saturday, 25 January 2014

A world first!


We have a new world first! Here at Toyday, we are huge Lego fans, so we could not be more excited to hear about the worlds first drive-able Lego car!


The Super Awesome Micro Project

Named "the super awesome micro project" Australian entrepreneur Steve Sammartino and self-taught technology guru Romanian Raul Oaida used social networking site Twitter to "crowdfund" this unique project. This started with a simple request from Sammartino in February of 2012, asking for contributions of between $500 and $1,000 from 20 participants. In the end, about 40 people in total ended up funding the project - like us, I guess there are lots of Lego fans around the world!

Test Drive

According to the inventors' website, the car can reach a top speed of 18 mph and was built in Romania, before being sent to a location out in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

"We were scared of a Lego explosion, so we drove it slowly," explained the inventor's.

Believe it or not, even the engine is made entirely of Lego! With "four orbital engines and a total of 256 pistons,", the only parts of the car not made of the plastic block toys are the tires and some load-bearing elements.

No age limit for building fun!

Well this proves it. Lego really is fun for all ages! We sell a range of Lego compatible blocks which can be found on our site and in our Totnes and Looe shops. Check out my personal favourite, our Fire engine building bricks.

Start them out young and in 20 years - who knows what they will be ready to create!

Monday, 13 January 2014

Remembering How To Make Friendship Bracelets

As a child I would spend hours making friendship bracelets for my friends and myself but I haven't made one since the 90's. I have been trying to re-learn how to make them and thought I would share.

1. For this bracelet I'm going to use four colours as I'm just starting up and don't want to get too complex. To measure the length to cut the threads I take a length hold it up to my nose and pull it down to my finger tips, then do it again as I'm going to loop it at the top so I want one length long enough to be two strings in the bracelet. It's always better to have too much thread than not enough. I do this for each colour and after cutting them to the same length I put them all together fold them in half and tie off at the top with a simple knot to secure them all together leaving enough thread at the top to tie the bracelet around my wrist when it's finished. I have taped the loop to the table to hold the bracelet in place while I work on it. You can see from the picture that I have mirrored the coloured threads on the left and the right.
2. Threading a friendship bracelet is really simple. Just take the first sting on the left and use it to loop around the next one along, pulling the string up to the top firmly. This forms a knot at the top of the 2nd thread. Do this twice before moving on to the next string. When you get to the middle stop and do the same with the thread furthest to your right.

3. In this photo you can see I have done a run of each colour . The purple has been brought to the centre of one side and I am starting a loop from the right hand side.

4. When the colours meet in the centre take the left thread and loop it twice on to the right and then these two threads have swapped sides. Once you have done the middle you can move on to the next colour.
5. Keep threading one colour at a time in rows.

6. When I got to about half way through (the bracelet goes half the way around my wrist) I tied one knot in the centre of the purple row and then slipped on a charm before doing the second knot and carrying on.
7. I have finished my bracelet off with a simple plait either end which I can tie together to fasten around my wrist. Now I'm off to experiment with different colours and threads. If you want to have a go you can also do a more simple striped affect by just using four threads and going in one direction. We sell a great Friendship Bracelet Making kit with lots of coloured threads, instructions and a wheel to slot your threads in to make it easier.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Stuck for newborn gift ideas this new year? Don't stress, you're not the only one...

It has become apparent to me recently that I am at that age where all my friends are having babies. Now, this suits me fine - I adore babies - I can have lots of cute cuddle time and then hand baby back when it's nappy changing time! However, as someone whose closest thing to having babies is her kitty cats, I do sometimes find it difficult to choose newborn gifts. Do I get something practical? Do I get something for them to wear that they will grow out of in two weeks time? I really hate to buy presents that aren't usable, or enjoyable, so sometimes the prospect of purchasing for a newborn can be rather daunting.

I am sure I am not the only baby-free (not yet crazy) cat lady around who is in this boat, and for that reason I decided it would be a good idea to share a few of my favourites...


My favourites


Girls at play

For lovely little ladies, I absolutely adore this vintage inspired "Girls at play" baby grow currently on sale in our Totnes and Looe stores (this will also be available online very soon).

Although cute and girly, I find that this is not "overly" girly, as I know some of my friends are overwhelmed with the number of pink outfits given to their little ones! The baby grow is size 0 - 6 months, which means depending on the individual, gives baby a chance to grow in to it and hopefully get lots of wear from it.


 Ahoy there matey! Get yerself the best rattle in town!

For a more interactive gift, I love this Soft Pirate Rattle

After all, you can't really go wrong with pirates, and this rattly little fella even comes with an eye patch - plus, currently selling at just £6.99, for those of us on a budget he won't break the bank.

Most adorable baby blanket ever

I love it! I love Mr Snuggly Patches Panda Blanket so much! If only they did an adult sized blankie.... 
Until they make one my size, I will be buying this for every baby I know, as I just can't resist the super soft adorable snugglyness! 

Other ideas....

Of course, these are just my personal favourites....we have many other options available depending on personal taste. Please feel free to take your time looking over the "from birth" section on our website for many other ideas. I promise it can be fun and does not have to be stressful - happy gift giving everyone!

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