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Monday, 29 October 2012

Halloween Fun and Games from Toyday

This year Blake is very excited by Halloween and very keen on throwing a party so I have been trying to come up with some ideas to keep the children entertained.

First we shall have a Skeleton Skavenger Hunt. I shall draw or print pictures of skeletons, one for every child coming. I shall then cut them apart into 6 pieces; 2 x arms, 2 x legs, 1 x head and 1 x body. I shall hide each body part in a different place. The children will then race around trying to find all the parts to make up a skeleton. I shall give a prize for every completed skeleton and an extra special prize for the person who finishes first.

Pass the parcel always goes down well and I have heard about pass the pumpkin for a Halloween version of the game. Basically instead of unwrapping the parcel each time the music stops the child will reach into the pumpkin and pull out a prize.

I'm going to make a pumpkin piñata but I'm cheating slightly. I'm using a pumpkin paper lantern and after filling it with treats I shall tape some crêpe paper over the top and bottom to seal in the contents. I'm undecided as to what Halloween version of pin the tail on the donkey I shall make as there is so many options. My two favourites are pin the broom on the witch and pin the heart on the skeleton. Obviously we'll have apple bobbing, a halloween classic and we shall also do a lucky dip in some gooey jelly.

Now I just need to select my prizes and treats. The supermarkets are filled with monster sweets and chocolates at this time of year so that will help bulk out the piñata. The toys will have course all be Toyday's. We have stretchimals, jumping monsters, plastic insects, finger frights, snakes, bats, mice and spiders. For the bigger prizes I shall use a monster biff bat and a creepeez wall crawler (as pictured).

If you need any Halloween supplies, it's not to late, we have next day delivery for £6.95 so that you can guarantee you spooky toys will arrive in time!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Would you buy your 5 year old child an Ipad?

Our new poll has started today, and our question is: Would you buy your 5 year old child an Ipad / Ipod?

Over the last ten years, I have seen a dramatic increase of sophisticated technology products in the "want lists" of younger children in the toy trade publications, and was curious to know how many kids will actually be getting them in their stockings this year.

Especially having a nearly five year old myself, I am dreading the take a toy to school day (aka toyday!) with the fear that all of his friends will be taking in top of the range Ipod / Iphones etc, and would hate for him to feel that he was missing out.

Please do take a vote on the top right, and I'll write back soon with the results.

Now Stocking a New Range of Wooden Toys Handmade in Europe

When we discovered this range of natural wooden animals and vehicles we were very impressed with how beautiful they are. Each wooden toy is lovingly made in Europe from beech wood, cherry, walnut or mahogany. They are really well made and a lovely toy to pass down through the generations. Made from sustainable wood and only packaged using recyclable materials, these toys are also eco friendly. Perfectly natural with no paint, varnish or anything toxic, giving you piece of mind.

My two favourites are the ones pictured. The elephant on wheels would make a lovely christening gift for a girl or a boy. It's sticking out ears and string tail make him a friendly character that children will love. The other picture is of the racing car which is made from two different coloured woods. This wooden toy is so beautiful that not only would a child have fun pushing it around the floor but it would also look good on a racing fanatics shelf.

Due to the natural shades of wood each toy is slightly different and would make a unique gift. There are also limited numbers of each available as they are made by a small family company so if you want one for Christmas don't delay.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Toyday is Coming Soon to Drake Circus Shopping Center in Plymouth

Exciting news for Toyday and for those of you from Plymouth who go out of your way to travel to our shops in Looe and Totnes, you'll be pleased to know that just for Christmas we shall have a pop up shop in Plymouth's Drake Circus Shopping Centre. We'll be opening in time for October Half term we hope. There is a mad rush on at the moment to get everything organised!

You'll find us between Lush and Next on the first floor. In the photo the shop you can see with the lit up sign saying 'Aqua' shall be Toyday.

We shall be the only toy shop in the mall and the best place to go for all your stocking filler needs. Look out for signs of life behind those metal shutters! We shall keep you posted and let you know when we open.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Morph and the Beginnings of Aardman Animations

David Sproxton and Peter Lord met at school and started their animation projects in their spare time.  In 1972 they were asked by the BBC to produce something for the show 'Vision On'.  They made a short piece which used cell animation and featured a Superman character known as Aardman.  It was from this that Aardman Animations was founded.

It wasn't until 1976 that the legendary clay character, Morph first appeared on TV in a series called 'Take Hart', which was the follow up to Vision On.  'Take Hart' was an British children's television show about art, presented by Tony Hart.  The show would demonstrate projects that the viewers could do themselves at home as well as large scale artworks on the TV studio floor.  During the show Morph would pop up out of Tony's wooden pencil box and appear in a one minute 'short' which was related to the show.

The character proved to be such a success that in 1981 the BBC decided to commission a 26 part five minute series, 'The Amazing Adventures of Morph'.

Morph and the other plasticine characters could change their morphology. In order to move around they would become spheres or cylinders.  They would also mimic other objects, or creatures.

In March 2009, shortly after Hart's death, a flash-mob of Morph characters was organised in London outside the Tate Modern art gallery, where almost 200 models were arranged in a Terracotta Army-style formation outside Tate Modern.

Morph and Chas appeared in shorts on the British children's TV programme SMart from 1994 onwards.  Morph has also appeared on several programmes this decade including BBC drama Ashes to Ashes where Morph featured as a representation of a present-day media.
Morph Animation Game
Over 35 years on Morph & Chas are back to entertain a new generation.  Create your own Morph & Chas characters with our Morph Animation Game.  The dough modelling game involves splitting into teams with each team starting with a dollop of dough it's a race against time to animate your character to reveal an action. Great fun for all!

Royal Mails last recommended Posting Dates for Christmas 2012

Last posting dates 2012

Well now that the summer is truly behind us and with just over 10 weeks to go until Christmas we thought it a good time to tell you that Royal Mail has launched their own Christmas website at: www.royalmail.com/greetings.

This should be your one stop guide to help you with all your posting needs this Christmas. As well as detailing the last posting dates for 2012, they offer advice on wrapping and packing, addressing of mail and provide details of their delivery and collection arrangements over the festive period.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Cars - typical boy toys

Every little girl must have her doll. And every boy can not exist without his cars. Toy cars are actually miniature large car. Today we have a choice really of a large number of different types of cars, the size of cars, color range and performance cars. Cars are made of plastic, metal, rubber, paper, wood, like wooden toys, and are even well-known cars made ​​of chocolate.

Cars and their history
Cars as toys began to produce for the first time in the early 20th century in the UK and U.S.. At this time, however, these wooden toys for children have not been so well refined as the current cars. Cars also were not very durable and they broke. Today you can not find the historic toy cars from the period before World War II.

Cars in the 50th years
Since 1947 began manufacturing toy cars, Lesney also from Britain. It is famous for its Matchbox series 1 - 75 The name is derived so that the cars were packed into small boxes that resembled matchbox. Number from 1 to 75 again presents models of different cars. Cars became very popular in the 50th years. They were more prepared and even had a sophisticated interior detail. No wonder then that the cars become the focus of interest of many collectors. In 1968, the manufacturers of toy cars - and Lesney Meccano company in the UK, the company Dowst Brothers in the U.S. added another company - Mattel. It was not yet famous for producing the world famous Barbie doll. Mattel began producing cars Hot Wheels brand.

Cars in the Czech Republic 
In the Czech Republic, toy cars models have gained great popularity after the revolution (1989). Among the Czech manufacturer producing toy cars were firm and Kaden Igra. Kaden Company produced metal models Skoda and Tatra metal or plastic Skoda cars. Company Igra produced models in 1:87 scale and among them were brand Tatra, Linz, AVI or Pragovka. Currently you have found favor with collectors Skoda models manufactured by Abrex at different scales.

Cars and their current form
If you are looking for cars as toys for your child, then you have several options. In the current market is a huge range of toy cars for boys. So when selecting a suitable toy car, choose based on how much is your child. For the smallest children are toys made ​​of plastic or soft velvet material. You can select from toy cars with motifs familiar from children's fairy tales and films such as animated film Cars.

 To view our entire range of vehicles please take a look at our website.


Thursday, 4 October 2012

Czech Wooden Toys & Marionettes

 WOODY - traditional Czech manufacturer of wooden toys

The history of  "WOODY" draws from the long tradition and history traditional czech production and czech know-how which is handover  the generation to generation the whole centuries. This tradition and progressive technical resolution oriented afore-revolutionary czech republic to the  best important European producers of wooden toys.
Collection WOODY contains 550 active products till today and it is ranked to the highest offer in Europe with large offer of wooden toys, decoration and gift items.
Company WOODY have got a lot of beautiful traditional wooden toys, for example:
Rocking horses
Houses and doll houses

In the Czech Republic there are a lot of different kinds of traditional marionettes. But the most popular marionetts are "Spejbl and Hurvinek". These marionettes were made in 1920 by woodcarver Karel Nosek. Children of all ages love these wooden figures.

Spejbl and Hurvínek is a Czech puppet comedy duo. Throughout the years these two characters have gained international success. They have released many comedy albums, and had their own television show. Each album usually contains one story, about dim-witted father Josef Spejbl, and his son Hurvínek, who live with another family in the same apartment. Later on, they were accompanied by other family, Ms. Katerina and her daughter Mánicka. All four live with the dog Žeryk who has the ability to bark words. Though the comedy is aimed at children, there are several inside jokes that are meant for adults. The duo has their own theatre in Prague. Besides puppet performances, several stories of Spejbl and Hurvínek were recorded, and one series of so-called vecernícek (good-night stories).
Here is video:

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Merkur - Czech original product

Perhaps everybody, when hear of the word Merkur think of planet of our solar system, but most of them on the best known Czech toy of even title. Merkur is the title of the train models and metal kits, which arose at the beginning of the last century in the town of Police nad Metují in the Czech Republic.
The company produces a lot of beautiful toys such as the ones pictured below.
Construction set


Child`scarf and tools
The company started in 1920, when Mr Jaroslav Vancl established the company INVENTOR. Before Mr Vancl had this construction of child's metal kit patented under the title INVENTOR. Today it is hard to find out, whether it was his idea, or whether he was inspired by design of any other construction set. Originally they were metal construction sets, INVENTOR connected with a metal hooks, similar to nowadays using scaffolding "haki". Metal construction set under the name INVENTOR finished, nevertheless this title is in use in Police nad Metují and became popular.
Child`scarf and tools

In 1925 producer came with a new system, which have the same appearance to this day. Metal parts of construction set that connect with screws and nuts M3,5 size. By this way construction set had approached to the real construction and made it possible to major possibilities for child play and creativity. With the beginning of a new system was registered a new trade-mark MERKUR under which was selling. The first range of the construction set had a range of goods from Nö. 1 to Nö 3. At the time of thirtieth and fortieth years of the last century, the construction sets have expanded to Nö 7. Then came the boom of construction sets MERKUR. At that time arose now forgot kits of buildings METROPOL and POPULAR, where were used brand-new parts. In 1933 started to produce kits with possibilities to build some electric models MERKUR ELEKTRUS. Development carried on to the beginning of the Second World War only with small edits of boxes, instructions and parts.

When this company tried to introduce their construction kits to the UK, they were sued by MECCANO for using their name. We sell a version of the metal construction kits which are £6.99.               

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