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Monday, 30 January 2012

Mould and Paint Dinosaur Kit Review

Mould and Paint Dinosaurs Kit

Mould and paint your own dinosaurs is a craft kit from 4m. This kit comes with everything you need to make 12 plaster dinosaurs with magnets and pins to turn them into badges and fridge magnets. Mix up the plaster and pour into the dinosaur moulds. Once the plaster is dry they are ready to be painted and coated in glow in the dark paint.

Mould and Paint Dinosaur Kit Summary
Blake was given this kit for Christmas and he couldn't wait to get started but was a good boy and didn't open it up until we had time to do it together. Blake is only 4 and this kit is recommended for children over 5 so a little bit of my help would be needed.

The plaster is in two separate sealed bags, using one bag fills all the dinosaur moulds so they other bag can be kept for later without creating a mess. I put the correct amount of water into a measuring jug for Blake and then he added this to the plaster and stirred it up. It says not to over stir the plaster so I grabbed it off before too long and we poured it into the moulds. I wiped around the edges and tried to poke out any air bubbles as best I could. Then we waited a little while before inserting the badge pins and then leaving them to completely dry.

By the time we had lunch (about 30 mins) they were dry enough to paint. When turning the dinosaurs out of the mould the neck on the long necked one broke and there were a few with air bubble marks. How well the dinosaurs are painted will really depend on the age and ability of the child. Blake did the main colours and I put on the details. You only get 6 coloured paints with the kit which are quite bright but Blake discovered you could make some better dinosaur colours by mixing them together. We left them to dry again which didn't take long.

We then tried to put on a magnet which has a sticky back but this wouldn't stick so we had to use some glue. Blake had lost interest at this point so we never got round to using the glow in the dark paint before the dinosaurs were taken to be played with. Maybe this glow in the dark paint will be used on some snails in the style of the Outnumbered TV programme. As you can see in the pictures some rough play has resulted in a little damage but they are still in one piece.

Pro’s and Cons

- Quick drying plaster and paint.
- Badge pin dries in to the plaster without the need of glue.
- Suitable for a wide age range.
- Easy to make.

- Creates a little washing up.
- Magnet didn't stick on.
- Air bubbles cause the dinosaur mould to not fill entirely.

How Much Is It? - Mould and Paint Dinosaurs Kit is available from www.toyday.co.uk and cost £9.99, this offers good value for money as the moulds could be used again if you purchase more plaster.

In Short
Price - £9.99
Value for Money – 9/10
Enjoyment Rating – 9/10
Recommended Age – 5 years and over
Recommended Sex - Mostly Boys but some girls will also enjoy
Overall Rating – 9/10

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Gym Ribbons on Britain's Got Talent!

The UK's biggest and best known talent show, Britain's Got Talent is returning for it's sixth series with new judges David Walliams and Alesha Dixon joining the panel.

We have been asked by a Production Runner for the show to supply them with some Gym Ribbons for a British carnival in Blackpool with presenters, Ant and Dec that will mark the launch of the shows auditions. I think these will make a great visual effect and go perfectly with the carnival theme.

Hopefully we'll get hold of some pictures of the Gym Ribbons being used. The new series of Britain's Got Talent is due back on our TV screens in the Spring.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Chinese Year of the Dragon

Here in the UK we celebrated our New Year on the evening of December 31st but for the Chinese the New Year will be celebrated on Monday 23rd January.

The Chinese New Year is a huge festival among Chinese communities in the UK and across the world.

It is based on the lunar and solar calendars, and for this reason the actual date of Chinese New Year varies, but always falls between late January and mid February.

Each year in the Chinese calendar is represented by one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, and 2012 will be the Year of the Dragon.

If you support the Chinese New Year or just looking for something a little different then take a look at our Chinese Dragon Mobile , and our Hanging Merciless Dragon mobile which is a pop out 3D mobile.

Another fascinating idea is the Dragon and Chimera Paper Toys which is an origami kit containing different designs for paper folding dragons and wizards and the paper needed.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year, good health and happiness.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Racing Ducks in Szentendre

Last year we supplied hundreds of ducks for different events including festivals and charity events.

On 27th August 2011 in the sunny town of Szentendre, Hungary there was a market and festival being held, where the duck race of the year was to take place!

We supplied 600 Medium Rubber Ducks and 4 Giant Ducks for this event and what a turnout there was. People of all ages took part and were all assigned a rubber duck with it's own number on the bottom. Lots of money was raised for charity and is to be put towards a bench for the tired tourists to sit down and have a break on after exploring the beautiful sights of the town.

Take a look at the footage below to see the ducks being raced!

Looks like everyone's having a great time!

If you would like us to supply you with Rubber Ducks for any event please contact us on 01803 840303 or email customerservice@toyday.co.uk

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Children's Names

One of the things I have noticed whilst working in the toy shop is how children's names have changed in the last decade or so. There are still the traditional names but there seems to be more I suppose imaginative names with various options on the spelling.

As with many parents there is a wish to have their child's name on a door for maybe their bedroom, or a play chest and it is harder to find names pre made and we are selling more of these beautifully coloured individual Wooden Animal Letters which will allow you to make up any name you require. A small piece of blu tack or double sided tape will allow you to fix it to any surface and it can be removed at any time. There are also Wooden Animal Numbers from 1 to 9 and both can be used to help with spelling and numeracy.

Another variation is our very popular Wooden Train Letters. Once again any name can be made up and not only do the letters join together by a hook and eye system they are also compatible with all the popular and major brands of wooden tracks so your child can learn to make up their name and can play with them on their train track. They also make a lovely decoration for a window sill or just to sit on top of a chest of drawers.

Whether its the wooden animal letters or the wooden train letters it is possible now to make up any name you require.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Post-Christmas Ebay Bargains!

With trade in recycled and rehomed Christmas presents increasing fast I am sure there are many people listing items on Ebay this time of year.

I have just added some more items to our toyday_clearance shop. These include a Dolls Head Styling Model, which has a damaged box but the contents are brand new! We sold out of these at Christmas and are still out of stock so grab a popular product at a bargain price!

All listings start at only £1 and end on Thursday.

Happy bidding!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A New Year for Looe

Well the Christmas and New Year celebrations are over again for another year and hopefully you have all enjoyed yourselves and most of us are now back to a normal routine.

The New Year was well supported in Looe although I have heard that it wasn't as busy as other years. I wasn't well enough to be out and about in the town on the evening and expect like a lot of other people stayed at home and watched the New Year in from the comfort of a settee with a bottle of wine listening to the rain and wind outside.

The decorations are being taken down in the shops and around the town and there will be a feeling of bareness after all the colourful lights, decorations and snowy effects that we have all displayed for the last few weeks.

January is always a month I don't like very much as there is a distinct quietness around Looe and the weather can be dark and dismal, as it is tonight outside, but the evenings are pulling out and once we get to February I can almost feel the sun approaching and the beach starts to call, well it does by April but you got to have something to look forward to!

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