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Saturday, 13 December 2014


Have you seen "Paddington"? I did last Tuesday and loved him. Its an endearing tale of the adventures of the young bear's journey from Darkest Peru to London, and his  love for Marmalade sandwiches.

The animation of Paddington is unbelievable, I was total convinced by his adorable facial  expressions and polite mannerisms. Its worth a watch if your in a christmasy cuddly mood.
Paddington is quite an interesting character.The story in itself brings up the issues of immigration. I was reading an article that reviews the film from an immigration lawyers point of view. This bear has this idealized vision of London to be a friendly, welcoming and polite place. When in fact he finds it is the opposite. Dose this bring up a prospective of how London is viewed from an outsider?
However this story does have a happy ending, and that's what I like to see. If I saw this little bear at a station I would definitely take him home. If you fancy having a bear in the house, you can buy him from the Toyday website. But remember to look after him well and feed him lots of Marmalade sandwiches!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

If you like all things British and hand made, then you will love Cornish Whispers


If you like all things British, and hand made crafts like us, then you will love our new Cornish Whispers business.

Who is Cornish Whispers?

With a passion for all things hand made, and a love of Cornwall, Husband and Wife team Adam & Emily decided to start their own business where everything will be designed and made in Cornwall, and thus Cornish Whispers was born.

Adam's background in carpentry tends to favour wood as his material of choice, although he also likes to play with acrylics, cardboard, leather, ceramics and glass and likes to mix traditional and rustic designs with a modern style.  Emily's addiction to beads and jewellery making was getting quite out of hand, and after running out of family members to make for, we had to find some new customers to appreciate her jewellery, all one-off unique designs. Both like to help each other and get involved with the design of every Cornish Whispers make.


What we make

Our  new website features a small but growing range of Cornish Whispers gifts, most of which can be personalised with special dates, names and places, which are perfect for wedding presents, Christening gifts, unique Christmas or birthday presents, or perfect for treating yourself to a finishing touch for your home.



We're still in our infancy and finding our feet, but we know what we like, and with the help of feedback from our growing facebook fans, we are developing our own style and range of Cornish designed and made products.

Bespoke Assignments

We are also happy to undertake bespoke projects and will be happy to work with you on creating a product. Whether you would like some unusual wedding invitations or party favours, or an exclusive product line for your shop, we can take your idea's and help you to make them into a reality. Please contact us if you are interested in commissioning us to make something for you.

Support Us

Please take a look at our work in progress and we look forward to hearing from you on our facebook page, and our all new website is now launched: www.cornishwhispers.co.uk

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