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Saturday, 31 August 2013


It's now coming to that time of year when summer is very quickly coming to an end and autumn is about to creep up on us. However, that doesn't  mean it has to be the end of our fun! Especially for children (even if it means they have to go back to school this September!) 
Here at Toyday we sell compasses, binoculars, magnifiers, bug boxes and more so that children can use local nature trails and woods to explore nature. As long as they are fully equipped with raincoats and wellies it can be done in all weather! Autumn honestly is the perfect time to explore nature and to see the season change. There are so many things to look at e.g. different birds, leaves, insects and can use up hours of fun on the weekends. 

Have a look at our 'adventure' products online and enjoy the rest of your summer before the school term starts again!


Monday, 26 August 2013

Bring Out Your Creative Side

Here at Toyday we have a range of craft toys that are great for allowing your children to be creative and make lots of things.

Here are a few...

Art Set in a Wooden Case - £8.99

Build Your Own Bird House - £11.99

Chalk Board Briefcase - £15.99

Framed Slate Board - £3.99

Friendship Bracelet Kit - £4.99

Lip Gloss Designed By Me - £6.99

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Children's Bedroom Ideas

At Toyday we've had a lot of customers decorating their children's bedrooms and looking for games, toys and accessories to fill up the space and give the bedroom an identity. 
A child's bedroom is there own special space, with their own special theme and is a place you'll never forget as you leave home and grow up. 

Here are some amazing, themed bedroom ideas-

Sailor themed bedroom

Playhouse themed bedroom

Jungle / woodland themed bedroom

Surfer themed bedroom

At Toyday we have mobiles, puppets, train sets, handmade wooden toys, dolls houses, rocking horses and so much more to give such a wonderful quality to your child's bedroom.
Check out our website for more of our products - www.toyday.co.uk 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Fans, the oldest accessories still going strong

This has been one of the hottest summers for the last decade and the good old fashioned hand fan has been a god send!
The weather has been so humid and hot that on my handy silk fan has been my most important 'must have' accessory in my bag. Not only is a silk fan unbeatable at quickly cooling you down but it looks beautiful too! They can be found in an infinite amount of designs and colours so you can either get one that blends in with your outfit or it can be a statement piece to top off any image! One wasn't enough for me, I had to have the green, the red and the white one! I have fallen so in love with these that I decided to do some research and learn more about them.


Hand fans have been around for as long as history can tell and I think it's likely that they were being used in the stone age. I am making this assumption based on two facts, firstly that the mechanism of a folding fan closely resembles that of a birds wing, and that the Chinese character for fan is derived from a pictogram of feathers beneath a roof. It seems a logical conclusion therefore that the very first fans were simply dismembered bird wings. They have become a part of religious ceremonies all over the world to aid with the use of incense. They became a status symbol for the aristocracy in many countries as they represented luxury. They also represented traveling and exploration and even slavery and servitude.


Although they may have been a practical solution to the problems faced by paleontological humans living in a hot climate, the fan may also have served as a vital tool in meat curing.  Before the domestication of fire some 40,000 years ago there would have been very few options for curing meat. Salt was one method which may have been employed the other was drying. Meat and would have been cut into strips and hung over the branches on trees in the hot sun of the African savanna  for drying. In a humid climate creating a breeze would have been an essential part of the process and a good way to keep flies away. After the discovery of fire, the fan may have been discovered as a useful tool for encouraging an ember to ignite.

The Samurai's had 3 types of weapon fan used in warfare. One had an iron handle which could knock out an opponent, another had a concealed blade within the handle and the third was a full metal folding fan which was employed as a shield to fend off arrows. They were also used for signalling on the battlefield.

The Romans and ancient Egyptians were particularly keen to keep a cool environment and their slave culture would have employed many fan bearers.

The folding fan quickly became a status symbol due to it's intricate craftsmanship, illustrations of women holding their precious accessory can be seen on antiquities as old as the ancient Greeks.
In more recent history the fan has become a much more decorative item and a desirable status symbol. It has become associated with the arts and this has progressed into a dancing fan.


There are several styles of fan which can be grouped into two basic categories, folding and rigid.
 As well as ornately carved wooden handles they were also made from ivory, bone, mother of pearl and real feather.

The rigid fan comes in a huge variety of ornate shapes, each one typical of the time and place it was made. 
It was popular to be made of a paint-able substance in the Orient due to there love of calligraphy and brushed on decorations. Silk, paper etc were the material of choice.
 However in countries that were more sculptural in their artifacts the use of multiple natural materials to create a striking design was more common place. fans were woven out of dyed reeds and grasses.

In South America the fan was equally popular as in the rest of the world, here is a beautiful example of a Maccaw feather fan.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Totnes Carnival Week & the Odd Object Competition

Totnes Carnival Week has now started with lots of things to do including Sports Day in the Park on Wednesday 14th August 2 - 4 pm at Borough Park, Totnes and the Grand Procession from Follaton House to Totnes Plains on Saturday 17th August - judging at 4.45pm - move off at 6 pm.

Toyday are again taking part in the popular Odd Object Competition, which runs from 10th to 24th August. All you need to do is collect a form, visit all the shops listed and guess the odd object hiding in their window display.  Over 100 shops took part last year and there are prizes and trophies to be won so this is a great activity for all the family.

Entry fee is £1.00 and forms are available at the Totnes Information Centre and Paperworks, 63 High Street.

Can you spot our odd object in Emily's latest window display? If you can't see it in the photos then pop up before the 24th August and have a look. 

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Party Bags!

I honestly believed a party bag was one of the single most exciting things you could get at a party! I used to love when the children in my class had birthdays because not only did you have a really fun party to look forward to but you also had the ice cream and jelly, sweets, birthday cake, games and that all important party bag.

Party bags can be done in all different styles for boys or girls. Handmade ones especially give it that extra special look! They aren't even that difficult to make...

How To Make A Party Bag

Now after you create your party bag you have to think about the little bits and bobs to put inside the party bag that gives it character and hours of entertainment (well atleast for the car journey home.) Obviously, these 'bits and bobs' can cost a fair amount when you're buying for about 20 children (!!) so here at Toyday we do our own little 'pocket money' toys that are ideal for party bags...

Joke toys- like our noisy putty and other putty related toy. We also do Fun Snaps.
Bubbles- Dipsy the Duck is perfect for a party bag toy! She can even be used in the bath!
Stickers- from insect stickers, to fashion stickers, to pirate stickers...we have it all.
We also do popping candy, glow sticks, fake tattoos and so much more!

Have a look at all our party bag toys on our website- www.toyday.co.uk

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

How to make garden clay into modelling clay

You may be surprised to find out how easy it is to make garden clay into modelling clay, so that instead of the clay being a nuisance to the garden, why not extract some and turn it into a garden pot instead!

So first of all, dig down until you find some clay. I was inspired whilst laying a new patio by Blake, when he started asking questions about all the different colours in the ground, so I pulled some out of the wheelbarrow to study.

Select a suitable work space, which will be ok to get wet and covered in slimy clay. I chose to use the patio floor, because it doesn't matter if that gets dirty as the rain will wash it clean! Next break off a small piece of clay, and give it a squeeze. Be careful as there may be sharp stones or flint in it which can cut your hands. spray it with some water (or pour some onto the floor) and throw the clay repeatedly onto the floor. As it dries out, add a little more water at a time.

This video above was intended to demonstrate the procedure, although Blake held the camera the wrong way, and his attention span isn't all that. (but then he is only 5).

Once the clay is nice and pliable, start rolling it out like a snake. Any stones will work themselves out, and as you feel them, just gently pull them out and throw them away. It doesn't take long before you have a lovely smooth piece of clay with a nice even colour.

 And that is it! I have bagged mine up to play with tomorrow. Now I just need to decide what to make! It really doesn't take too long, and it's actaully quite thereputic playing with mud and clay in the garden, but if you don't like to get your hands too messy, you can always buy some modelling clay instead.
Air Drying Modelling Clay

 Have fun, and please share your creations with us on our Toyday facebook fan page.

The Traditional Toys That Boys are Buying

Traditional toys have a timeless appeal and taking a look at the toys that boys are buying at the moment they seem to agree. Little boys (and the not so little) love a little mischief and I think that's why these classics are their favourites. I'm sure girls would love them too but for some reason they spend their pocket money on entirely different things.

Our top traditional toys for boys at the moment are....

Traditional Bow and Arrow Set - £9.99

Cap Bomb - £2.99
Catapult - £2.99

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Pocket Money Toys

Most children love getting their pocket money. They love saving up those pennies so they can buy themselves something nice. Here at Toyday we have a range of small toys for children to get with all their saved up pocket money.

We have Jokes and Magic toys for children who love playing practical jokes. For example we have an Exploding Chewing Gum so they can trick their friends into taking one of their exploding sweets or Fake Wounds, to trick them into believing they have been attacked.

Next we have everyone's favorite - Fun Snaps!
Our range of Loose Marbles seems to get everyone excited. Children love looking at all the different colours and choosing their favorites. Prices range from 15p - £1.

Mini Dominoes is also a big hit as you can take them almost anywhere and have a fun game to play.
We also have a range of Roll Tongue Animals. Squeeze them and watch their tongues roll out. Animals include: Shark, Tortoise, Lizard, Snake, Snail and Frogs.

Finally, many children coming into the shop love the idea of getting tattoos. We have a Book Of Boys or Girls Tattoos that has 280 tattoos for your children to put on them, each other and their friends.

All the products shown above are all under £3.

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