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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Window Wishlist.

 This Christmas at Toyday in Looe, our shop window is looking as beautiful as ever.  We've got the Decorations up, tree out, and lights twinkling brightly! We even have the white stuff on the floor!

We have a range of toys in the window this year, for boys and for girls, your bound to find something perfect!

Here we have the Play Farm set, a wooden farm set with windmill and barn, lots of farm animals and the farmer and his wife. Wooden play farm.

The Butterfly Tin Tea Set. 18 piece tin tea set with a beautiful butterfly case a perfect gift for any little girl.

 This wonderful wooden dolls house comes with a family of four dolls and furniture to furnish each room for the dolls to live in. Comes with assembly instructions. For children of three years and older. Wooden dolls house.


To really bring the Christmas feel to our window we have a wooden Nativity set taking centre stage! A perfect toy and reminder of what Christmas is all about. Wooden Nativity set

We have so many great toys here at Toyday, especially in the shop window that sadly i don't have enough time to talk about them all. So why not visit us! at www.toyday.co.uk


Saturday, 23 November 2013

Take a look at our quacking duck collection!

 Some people collect stamps, stickers, model figurines etc and some ( as it happens, like myself ) collect rubber ducks. Be it plain yellow ducks, large ducks, small ducks, flashing ducks or decorative ducks their all fantastic! My personal collection began when my mum bought me a Harrods princess duck! the obsession has stayed with me since!
 Here at Toyday when have a great selection of rubber ducks including

                         Bob the Billduck, The D.I.Y duck. Can he fix it? No, its quacked                                      

 Darling Duck. A frivolous flapper looking pretty in pink

Available at Toyday. Click here.

                         Punk Duck, Bad boy bath duck. To add a little rock to your world.  

Bad-ass Biker Bill, Hell's favorite angel.
Will he be heading your way?

Count Dracula, The Prince of Duckness
To say Fangs for the memory.
Available at Toyday. Click Here. 

Our two new additions..
Corporal Cluck, the forces favorite duck & Ductor house M.D, The scrubbed up hospital quack.

And last but not least my personal favorite Captain Duck Sparrow, plunderer of the duck pond!! Keep your eyes peeled as he will be sailing to our stores soon!

Just a quick mention of these Quackers Bathing Ducks. A trio of of ducks, available in pink or blue. We don't currently stock these colourful characters, but they look friendly enough and are sure to liven up any bath. What do you think? 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Traditional Christmas.

I am in love with all things traditional, classic and vintage. For example furniture, kids toys, kitchen ware etc. This year for Christmas i have to buy all brand new Christmas decorations, and i know exactly what im going to be getting. I personally think that the traditional Christmas decorations look so charming compared to some new ones. Here's some pictures as an example.

The classic red greens, and golds of Christmas bring warmth to the room, nothing better then keeping warm inside on the sofa watching Christmas films being surrounded by beautiful decorations. 

Here at today we have a great range of traditional Christmas decorations that you can make yourself.

 Christmas Tree Decorations 

Christmas Decorations
Traditional Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations

So why not get the Christmas fun started early, get your family together to make your own Christmas decorations.

34 days tills Christmas!!!

Shark Attack And Biting Bulldog Games

My name is Alison, I ll talk about a toy, the " Shark Attack ".
When i was a child i have the same in old version, the goal of the game is not to press on the wrong tooth, and if you press the wrong tooth the shark close his mouth on your fingers and you lose. For 2 or more players.

In Toyday we have a new version of this, we have a shark and a dog, the goal of the game is the same and you don t need batteries. It s really fun!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Who Wants Snow?

As we are fully into winter now and christmas is coming, a white christmas is on everyone's minds.
Last year we had a little bit of snow but we haven't had a real white christmas is years. 2009 was the last year it snowed on christmas day and 2004 after that.
In the UK we get about 33 days, on average, of snow fall each year.
Here are some pictures of snowy UK to get you all in the mood for the snow that may or may not be on its way.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Traditional advent calendars!

Here at Toyday Toyshop we love all things traditional. This year instead of having an advent calendar filled with little pieces of chocolate why not give one of these a go. 

By buying something similar to this you can fill the little pockets with surprises and toys. Toyday Toyshop  have a great range of toys that would be perfect! Here are a few ideas.

The Christmas Kaleidoscope stamp.

Hand knitted Christmas Finger puppets.

 Press base Santa.

Table top games for kids.

This is just some of the huge range of small toys we have at Toyday.
Hopefully we have inspired you to try something a little different this year, here are some more links to lots of other great toys.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Alison's work experience in Toyday

My name is Alison, i m eighteen and i come from Lyon, a big town in France.
 I came in Totnes for 4 weeks, 1 in Language School, and 3 for my work experience in Toyday for improve my english.
Toyday it s a little shop where you can find a lot of old fashioned toys . It s a very good experience because you are directly in contact with the costumers and you learn a lot of professional vocabulary, and use new software. 

When i was a child my favorite toy was "Mrs Potatoes head" it s a little toy who  you can remove his eyes, ears, shoes, arms it s really funny, i thank Adam and Emily for this good experience!


Sunday, 10 November 2013

Oakley's Woodland Nursery

Having chosen the name Oakley for our son it seemed only right to give him a woodland themes nursery. I love toadstools, owls and all things woodland so lets hope he will too.

The toy box had been left in Toyday Totnes and inherited when we moved in 6 years ago. It was mouldy and falling to pieces so Adam took it home and fixed it up. The wooden tree house is something we used to sell but can no longer get, we made sure we kept back the very last one for ourselves. The rocking chair we brought from Totnes market when I was pregnant with Blake and it's still going strong.

From left to right on Oakley's shelf we have a Toyday Bear, Gruffalo Money Box, Steiff Bear (a gift from a grandparent), Peter Rabbit Beanie, Gluton Activity Hedgehog, Toadstool Rattle, Patchwork Owl and a Rabbit Nightlight. Underneath is a string of toadstool fairy lights.

My multi talented husband has made this very handy shelving unit for Oakley's room which is filled with his many cute outfits. You can also see my owl clock from John Lewis given to me as a birthday present this year, it just so happened it was prefect for this room. The mobile is our Wooden Insect Mobile. On the window ledge sits Adam's Lava lamp which is an original 1960's one that he's had for years. Along side it is a Fisher Price Record Player which is a toy that has been around for just as long. I used to have one when I was a child and Oakley has given me the perfect excuse to be able to buy one again.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Christmas Stock

This week has been 'out with the Halloween products' and 'in with the Christmas stock' at Toyday.
Our Totnes shop is slowly becoming more and more 'Christmasy' with all sorts of stocking fillers for all ages.  This is my (Alice) most favourite time of the year, which I probably have mentioned several times in my latest Toyday blog posts!

But there is so much more to get your hands on on our Toyday Website- www.toyday.co.uk
Can you believe it's only 6 weekends away?!

Today is my last day at Toyday and therefore my last ever blog post! 
A big thank you to Toyday and the wonderful customers I've met throughout my time working here.

So here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, 
and good luck with your Christmas shopping!

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