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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Ridley's magical retro range

We have a couple of Ridley's products in store that I thought deserved some recognition. If you, or someone you know enjoys a good magic trick then these are absolutely perfect! Even the design on the packaging is lovely. They are good fun and make a great gift. Maybe even a great stocking filler? It is that time of year!

Ridley's magic linking rings

Join the rings together and separate them in an instant. Magic!

Ridley's magic trick cards

Follow the instructions and watch the amazement on your friends face as you correctly guess their card!

Oh Help! Oh No! It’s The Gruffalo! And he’s Come to Toyday

Everyone loves the Gruffalo! The wonderful storybook by Julia Donaldson has sold millions of copies the world over and has been adapted into film and even onto the stage. No Christmas is complete for me now without snuggling down to watch The Gruffalo or The Gruffalo's child on television with my young nephews.

Here are some of the Gruffalo products we stock at Toyday which would make lovely gifts for any Gruffalo fans out there:

Gruffalo Melamine Dinner Set


This 3 piece dinner set decorated with The Gruffalo characters is perfect for eating your Gruffalo crumble off!

Gruffalo's Child Ceramic Money Box

Nobody would dare steal from you with this terrifying Gruffalo protecting your money.

The Gruffalo Activity Book


A fun activity book jam-packed with games, puzzles, colouring-in and re-usable stickers.

Tin Gruffalo Lunch Box

'But now my tummy's beginning to rumble!'
A metal carry case perfect for lunches and picnics.

The Gruffalo's Child Board Book

A W.H.Smiths Children's Book of the Year. This is a very good quality hard board book telling the story of The Gruffalo's Child.

Gruffalo Giant Snap Cards

A fun version of the game of snap with 52 beautifully illustrated Gruffalo playing cards.


Thursday, 13 December 2012

NEW Santa Sundays in Totnes!

This Sunday a special visitor is coming to Totnes, yes the one and only Santa Claus! For the first time ever Totnes is hosting 'Santa Sundays' but there are only two Sundays where you can catch a glimpse of Santa himself so don't miss this unique event! To add to the excitement of the VIP guest, Toyday will be open from 10am until 4pm for this special occasion, so be sure to pop in for those last minute stocking fillers!
There will be a festive market, free Santa hats for children, a roundabout and African drumming; as well as a performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at 2.30pm and a Children's Tea Party from 3-6pm at The Royal Seven Stars! Not only will there be an opportunity to meet Santa, the famous Sunday Good Food Market will be here and only makes an appearance once a month so be sure not to miss it! This market is the biggest monthly producers and farmers' market in the Westcountry with over 50 fine food traders offering sustainable and local sumptuous produce to satisfy every palette. So make a date with Santa on Sunday 16th or 23rd December, savour a mince pie or two and grab those last few Christmas gifts from Toyday! 

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Toyday, Looe, at Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and with lights and music, it’s everywhere. Here at Toyday, Looe, it’s no exception! From our window display to our stock, we are getting in the spirit.

We’ve decorated our window display with a tree and snow to give our toy’s that festive feeling. Even our teddies have their Santa hats on!

We also have a new range of Christmas items in stock to make the holidays a little more fun.
Here is a list of a few festive things we have this season –

These are only some items, so come on down to Toyday, Looe, and check out our range!
Our winter opening hours are Friday and Saturday 10:30 – 5:30 or Sunday 11 – 4:30.

Impressive chalk 3D pavement drawings by Julian Beever

Julian Beever is an English artist whose work has been appearing on pavements throughout the world since the 1990's. All his designs are drawn with street chalk and can sometimes take up to 4 days to complete!

What makes his drawings so unique is his ability to create the illusion of 3 dimensions. This effect can only be seen when looking at the drawing from the correct angle. A photo then preserves the life of the illusion long after the chalk drawing has been washed away from the road.

Take a look at some of his most impressive creations:

Feeling Inspired?? Why not get creative and have a go yourself with our coloured street chalks!


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Totnes Late Night Shopping and New Santa Sundays

It's that time of year again folks, yes the Totnes Christmas Festival season has arrived! Every Tuesday in December we will be open until 9.30pm for Late Night Shopping and back by popular demand is our fantastic bubble machine! This is the biggest event of the year in Totnes with Christmas shoppers flocking to the town for wonderful Christmas gifts in the unique shops, such as Toyday, and amongst the craft stalls which are only here at this time of year.
For the first time ever Totnes will be hosting a very special guest, Mr Claus himself! On Sundays 16th and 23rd December Santa Sundays will be arriving in Totnes! The Santa Sunday events will include: a Festive Market, Children's Roundabout, African Drumming in Dartmouth Inn Square, Children's Craft Activities in Rotherfold Square (just minutes from Toyday!) and much much more! And to put the cherry on the cake, Toyday will be open from 10.00 to 4.00 so before you visit Santa, be sure to pop in to make sure your Christmas List is complete! Don't miss out on the festive fun in Totnes every Tuesday and Sunday throughout December and come to Toyday for that extra-special stocking filler to make this Christmas magical.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Practical Jokes and Magical Mysteries

For all the jokers and aspiring magicians out there here is a selection of products from our latest range of magic tricks and practical jokes. Amuse and amaze your friends and family!

1. Magic Wand 

     You cannot be a convincing magician without your very own magic wand.



2. Ridley's Magic Trick Cards

Amaze your spectators with this easy to perform card trick. Not only will you  locate their chosen card but you will magically turn all the other cards into the same card!



3. Magic Arm Chopper

For something more extreme, daring magicians can perform this death defying trick. Insert an arm and watch the blade come down! Will the arm remain intact?



4. Squirting Joke Camera

It looks just like a disposable camera, but instead of taking a photo, it will squirt water in your friend's face.



 5. Practical Joke Box Set

If one practical joke just isn't enough this joker's gift box comes with 8 classic pranks including fake vomit and hand buzzer.

6. Telepathy Magic Trick

Spectators will believe you can read their minds!


7. Close Up Magic Trick

A selection of easy to learn tricks. There are 8 to choose from so which would you pick? Cockroach surprise? Tough as nails?



8. Leaping Spider

A big, hairy spider to terrify your unsuspecting victims with. Squeeze the air-filled plastic bulb to make the leaping spider jump along.


9. Magic Dice

This contains 2 identical dice. However, one of them is loaded. Perform a trick with the loaded dice and then hand over the normal dice to be inspected so that no one will suspect a thing.


10. Magic Hat Box of Tricks

Perform your own magic show with this kit which contains 125 tricks. It also comes with a magician's hat so that you can really look the part.


Monday, 26 November 2012

When is Cyber Monday, and what is Cyber Monday anyway?

It's Cyber Monday today - Happy Cyber Monday! Unless you are reading this sometime in the future, in which case, unless it's exactly a multiple of one year in the future, it isn't.

What about Black Friday?

We can't talk about Cyber Monday without mentioning the preceding Friday, which is the day after thanksgiving in the US known as Black Friday, which  is traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. It is believed that Black Friday first got it's name in the early 1960's  from the increase of pedestrian and vehicular traffic in Philadelphia, and once the term had become more widespread a more common explanation of the phrase was that it was the turning point when retailers would start to see a profit and therefor be "in the black". Many retailers now capitalise on the day by offering crazy pre-Christmas deals, sales and special offers for the day, and many employers extend this as an unofficial thanksgiving holiday day.

When is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the first Monday following thanksgiving in the United States, and it appears that no-one is absolutely certain when it is in the UK; you will often hear reporters stating that it is the same as in the US, and then the news repeats itself a week later on the first Monday in December, when they realise that it was the busiest day for online sales. According to the Guardian, UK online retailers are now referring to "Cyber Monday" as the busiest internet shopping day of the year that commonly falls on the same day as the US Cyber Monday.

Where did Cyber Monday originate from?

The term Cyber Monday didn't appear until much later than Black Friday, and the phrase was first heard in November 2005, and was invented by retailers and marketeers purely to create some hype and sell more. It was recognised by many e-commerce shopping sites that the first Monday after thanksgiving was a very busy day for online sales, which I believe sowed the seed for the creation of Cyber Monday.

Is Cyber Monday the busiest day for internet sales?

Combined with the fact that people generally started to think about Christmas after the thanksgiving holiday, many using their computers from work to start their Christmas shopping online (Mondays are always a busy day for e-commerce sales), and the hype and news reports stating that Cyber Monday is to be the busiest day of the year, this soon became a self-fulfilling prophecy as online retailers slash prices and offer "Cyber Monday only special offers" this has indeed proved to be the one day in the year when the most amount of money is spent online. Whether this trend will continue and become another tradition, or disappear to obscurity only time will tell.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Secret Santa Ideas for £5 and Under

Struggling for Secret Santa present ideas this Christmas? Well here are my top tips for 10 fun and original gifts for adults, and all for under a fiver.

1.    Mini Ten Pin Beer Bowling  

Just line up the mini beer bottles and knock 'em down! 10 bottles = You are the king of ten beer bowling. 1 bottle = You are a wimp!

2.    Grow your own Gay Best Friend 

Place him in water and watch him grow. He gives great relationship advice, will give you an honest opinion on your hair and style and he loves to dance! What more could you want from a gift? 

3. Set of 3 juggling balls 

Learn a new skill with this set of three colourful squidgy juggling balls which come with a helpful booklet of basic instructions.

4.  Exploding Lighter  

Shock friends with this realistic looking cigarette lighter which explodes with a loud bang when the victim  tries to work it.

5.    Fake Car Scratch

Another great practical joke. A stick-on car scratch to fool friends and family with. Just apply to their car and sit back and watch! Peels off cleanly afterwards.



6. Black Face Soap 

Unsuspecting victims will end up with very grubby looking faces after washing with this soap.

7. Grow a New Wife

For anyone who  needs a new wife who will not run up giant credit card bills, won't interrupt during the football and who, in fact, won't talk at all!


 8. Heart Hand Warmer 

Help keep hands warm this winter with this heart hand warmer. Once activated the heart stays warm for 30 minutes.




9.   Mikado

For something a bit more traditional there is this lovely wooden version of the game of pick-up sticks.


 10. Whoopee Cushion

You can't go wrong with this old classic!


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Our toys are perfect for parrots too!

Yes indeed, it's not just children and big kids that love our traditional and classic toys, but after reading some product reviews on our website today, I have discovered that our toys appeal to parrots and parrot owners too!

Lorey is no longer lonely

Lorey is a parrot that suffered from loneliness when his owner went to work, and he displayed no interest in various toys from the pet shops. Loreys owner decided to buy it our wooden clown cone puppet, which has transformed him from an unplayful parrot, to a parrot who just doesn't have enough time in the day to play with his beloved clown.
Clown Cone Puppet
"His life changed from an unplayful parrot, to a parrot who just doesn't have enough time in the day to play with his beloved clown"

 Keep your parrot off furniture and cabinets

Wooden Swaying Snake

Another of our customers has found an ingenious use for our wooden swaying snake, by keeping their parrot off off furniture and bookshelves by placing it near the area they would like to keep parrot free. I wonder if this would keep the seagulls off of my boat too?

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Top ten stocking filler ideas for boys

You may have read last week's ‘top ten sticking filler ideas for girls’ but this now it’s the boys turn!

1.    Rubber band plane
       Wind the propeller and watch the plane take off.

 2.    Toy spark gun
        Sparks when the gun is fired!

3.    My toy 48 soldiers pack  
       Set up your own army.
4.    Hand buzzer
       Shock your friends with this classic joke.

5.    Bug box
       Perfect for any little boy with a fascination for insects.

6.   Slime kit
      Boy would have lots of fun with this slime. Gross!

7.    Balloon powered boat
       The boat moves along the water on it's own. 

8.    Dinosaur kit
       We know how much boys like dinosaurs, no you can assemble your own!

9.    Glow in the dark stars
       Put on the ceiling in your bedroom and watch them glow at night.

10.   Close up magic trick
        Great for any inspiring magician.

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