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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas 2010

Totnes castle looking very pretty, dusted with Saturday's snow.

We've been very busy for the past few weeks, making sure everyone gets their Christmas presents in time for the big day. The sorting office in Totnes has been deluged with our sacks of parcels, headed for destinations from Plymouth to New Zeland. The most popular present this year has been the Penguin Race, which has also featured in our window display and has been entertaining shoppers in the Narrows.

The late night shopping on Tuesday nights has been a resounding success this year, with Adam and Emily running hook-a-duck and a lucky dip outside the shop. Many people braved the cold to shop and soak up the fantastic atmosphere.

Unfortunately the snow arrived in the two weeks before Christmas and this has caused some disruption, with delivery men being unable to get through. We've been trying our best to make sure as few people are disappointed as possible, but inevitably there will be some delays.

Don't panic if you still have shopping to do, or if some of your online orders haven't arrived in time; both the Totnes and Looe shops will be open on Christmas Eve.

We hope you have a Happy Christmas!

Monday, 6 December 2010

What happened to Sagepay? - Manic monday 2010

Could it have happened on a worse day?

Although the experts seem undecided about whether manic Monday fell on November 29th or December 6th this year 2010) It is absolutely conclusive for us that the busiest day this year so
far has been today, being Manic Monday December 6th.

This catastrophic sagepay meltdown was not affecting just us either - it appears that many, if not all e-commerce sites relying on Sagepays (formerly Protx) payment gateway have also been affected, several of which appearing not to have a contingency plan in place, and probably losing a small fortune in lost sales and abandoned baskets.

Luckily for us, our system alerted us that we had an unusual amount of pending orders, and so we were able to switch over to the trusty Paypal gateway so that all of our customers would not spend an hour or so deciding on which toys to buy, choosing the various colours and product selection types, ticking off their Christmas present list and stocking fillers one by one, get their credit card at the ready... nearly done, and then see the dreaded message - "Service Temporary Unavailable!" followed by "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later."

Although extremely frustrated at the loss of sales and particularly the not so perfect experience for our customers, I don't feel I can really pin the blame solely on Sagepay. Manic Monday has historically been the busiest day for online shopping for several years now, and a very conservative estimate of £20.4 million was expected to be spent EVERY HOUR today. I would imagine this figure to be even higher when the official figures are published. We're all allowed to make mistakes; Lets just hope this one doesn't rear it's ugly head again on another manic Monday!

Let me take this opportunity to apologise to any of our customers that were affected by this sagepay error message, and as always we are just on the other end of the phone on 08452 696 452 and happy to help.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Most Popular Name Letters

I have just been building an order for a customer of ours, who asked for the most popular name train letters to fill a couple of display stands. This has made me think how much children's names have changed so much since I was at school.
Wooden Letter Train
I think the most shocking statistic for me in the most popular name letters top ten, is the letter P at number 25! Yes, that's right, the letter P is less popular in children's names today than X or Z.
When I was at school, I had friends named Peter, Paul, Penny, Penelope & Poppy, but don't recall anyone who's name contained the letter Z.

Here is the official most popular letters list, based on our wooden letter train sales in 2010.

Wooden Letter Alphabet Train - Set of 28

Position Letter Percentage of Sales
1 A 13%
2 E 11%
3 L 8%
4 I 7%
5 R 7%
6 O 6%
7 S 5%
8 N 5%
9 H 4%
10 C 4%
11 M 4%
12 J 4%
13 Y 3%
14 U 3%
15 T 3%
16 D 2%
17 B 2%
18 K 2%
19 W 1%
20 V 1%
21 F 1%
22 G 1%
23 X 1%
24 Z 1%
25 P 1%
26 Q 0%


How popular is your child's name?
If you want to be different, consider a name containing the letter Q.

Take a look at our wooden letter trains, which look great in any child's bedroom or nursery, as well as being compatible with most major wooden train sets.

Friday, 12 November 2010

The Season to be Jolly

Once again it feels like autumn is well and truly here, and the gales of last night have now stripped the trees of their gold and orange leaves leaving them bare once more until the spring, and we will soon be counting down the days to Christmas.

It might still only be November but I expect like me most of you have already started buying presents for your children or grand children and each year it becomes harder to find something that little different only we have some great stocking filler ideas in our shops and on line.

Looe as usual have organised their Christmas events for December and I expect they will be well supported as they have been in previous years.

Saturday December 4th will be the switching on of the Christmas lights and the arrival of Father Christmas at 6.30pm on West Looe Quay. There will be music, refreshments and a procession around the streets of East Looe with carol singers and roast chestnuts in the Rose Garden. As most shops will be staying open till late that night bring the family and come and enjoy an evening in Looe where I am sure you will have a great time.

On the evening of Tuesday December 14th Looe will once again be holding its Lantern Procession and a Carol Service. Three processions will assemble at 6.30 at different locations in Looe and all converge at the fish market around 7pm where there will then be a carol service with soup and rolls in the Tourist Information Centre and the Guildhall.

Looe is now one of the most popular venues in the UK for New Years Eve celebrations and it goes without saying if you are not in fancy dress then you will be the odd one out! Its an amazing evening and the atmosphere is electric with everyone heading to the seafront to see in the new year with a midnight firework display. Finally a thank you to everyone who is involved in organising these events and I hope to see Looe bustling.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Celebrities Toys

We send so many toys out via mail order especially at Christmas it made me wonder if we ever have any celebrities buying our toys. The only celeb to purchase something from us in the Totnes shop or at least the only one I recognised was Melinda Messenger. I thought that lady looks very glamorous but I didn't twig it was her until she came up to buy a blackboard and a mini table top football.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt was spotted coming off a flight with a wooden sword that looks just like ours, proof if ever you needed any that traditional toys are cool. It's not surprising that Angelina Jolie's daughter would be able to kick some butts just like mummy. I wonder if she'd like the matching shield that we have.

Celebrities can get away with far more than us mere mortals. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be aloud a sword on a plane or like the Beckham children to ride around on skateboards in a shop. Having David Beckham as their dad those boys seem to be quite sporty, I imagine they're loving the outside lifestyle they can have in LA. With a snowfree winter for them I would choose space hoppers for Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz to race against each other.

Thankfully I don't have to buy any Christmas presents for any celebrity children as I don't think my budget would stretch that far but I am curious to know if any of our toys will be lining the stockings of the rich and famous this year.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Toyday's 60 Minutes of fame!

Some of our toys are set to feature on this Friday's episode of 60 Minute Makeover on ITV1 at 2pm!

In this episode a team of designers to Surrey, to transform the home of a carer who devotes much of her time to looking after other people. The team has just 60 minutes to revamp several rooms before the homeowner returns to see the surprise makeover.

One of the bedrooms
for her six-year-old twin boys will have a seaside theme. It will feature our extremely popular Wooden Flying Seagull, Wooden Fishing Game and Wind Up Submarine.

Let us know if you manage to spot any of the toys!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Totnes Carnival Week

If your peeking in our window this week don't be alarmed we haven't gone mad. It's Totnes Carnival week this week (Sunday 15th till Sunday 22nd) and what your seeing is our odd object. You can buy a form from paper works or tourist information and play along for just £1. Work your way around the town and try and work out what all the odd objects are that are being displayed in shop windows. There are prizes and trophies to be won.

Events this week

Sunday 15th August - Fun Tag Rugby at Totnes Rugby Club from 2pm, teams of 7 entry £25. To enter contact Stephen Evans on 07767 787345

Monday 16th August -
Baby Show at the Civic Hall 10.30am till 12noon. Register by 10.15am, entry £1.
Glamorous Grandparent Competition
Totnes has Talent at Totnes Civic Hall from 7pm, entry £2.50.

Tuesday 17th August -
Mile of Pennies in the High Street, 10am till 12noon.
The Floral Dance, from the Rotherfold to the Plains with the Totnes Band, 7pm

Wednesday 18th August -
Sports Day in the Park from 2pm at Borough Park
Carnival Bumper Bingo, Civic Hall, 7.30pm.
Euchre at the King Bill, 7.30pm for 8pm start, Entry £1.
Pool Knock Out Competition at the Dartmouth Inn, 7.30pm, £1 entry.

Thursday 19th August -
Children's Fancy Dress Procession. Register at the Rotherfold at 1.30pm, judging at Borough Park.
Fireman's Fun Night in the Dartmouth Square, 7pm start.
Skittles Knock Out Competition at the Meadowbrook social club, 7.15pm start, entry £1.
Darts Knock Out Competition at the King Bill, 7.30 pm for 8pm start, entry £1.

Friday 20th August -
Teddy Bears Picnic. Methodist Church Hall, 2pm till 4pm, entry £1. For children 3 to 7 years with an adult. Bring your favourite teddy.
Carnival Whist Drive at St John's Church Hall, 7pm start
Fishing Competition, Steamer Quay, register at 4pm, 4.30pm to 8.30pm, entry £1.
Skittles Knock Out Final at Meadowbrook social club, 7.15pm start.

Saturday 21st August -
Grand Procession, from Follation House to Totnes Plains. Judging at 4.45pm, move off at 6pm. For free entry form call 863714. Entertainment in the Dartmouth Square after by the Energy Samba Band.

Sunday 22nd August -
Thanksgiving Service at St John's Church Bridgetown at 9.30am
Pub Quiz, Dartmouth Inn, 8pm start, entry £1.

Saturday, 31 July 2010


It’s that time of year again when all the children are off school for the summer! For us here at Toyday it means a very busy time for both Looe and Totnes shops!

Many of the people who visit the shops this time of year our on holiday, so it’s important the children are kept entertained on their visit!

Below are Toyday's Top 5 toys for this summer for an idea of how to keep the children occupied rain or shine!

1. Propeller Sky Flyers - Release the propellers into the sky!

2. Small Bucket and Spade Set - Children can make sand castles on the beach with this bucket and spade setl
3 . Rope Quoits - Easy to transport and great fun indoors or out!

4. Bubble Fun Play Set - Comes with various accessories to do fun things with the bubble mixture.

5.Mini Flower Press - Fits into a rucksack or pocket. Perfect for pressing a flower whilst out and aboutl

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Looe Carnival Week

Well this week is Looe Carnival week and as I write this there are crowds of holiday makers in the town enjoying the festivities that have been put on for their entertainment and the weather has been perfect. So far this week there has been a vintage and classic transport display with boot sale and a Bird of Prey show.
The traditional floral dance was on Monday with the carnival queen choosing in the evening although I believe it is now called Royalty Choosing which I presume to mean in these days of equality it is now open to boys and girls!
On the beach yesterday was the sand modelling competition and thankfully the weather held dry for all the budding sculptors.
On the Seafront tonight is the Polperro Fisherman's Choir who are always a resounding success and whenever I hear them it does send a shiver down my spine.

Tomorrow, Friday, on East Looe beach from 2pm will be an afternoon of children's entertainment with a Punch and Judy show, and surely we have all booed at Mr Punch, balloon modelling and some magical fun.
Of course the highlight of any carnival week has to be the Grand Carnival Procession on Saturday which this year will be judged at 6pm at Hannafore, and at 7pm lead by St Pinnock and Liskeard Silver Band will make it way to East Looe with majorettes, floats and walkers.
So whether you are in Looe on holiday or planning to come down for any of the festivities then do come early, get some fish and chips and sit by the river, but beware the seagulls. Last week I lost a sandwich and a scone on the same day to one and if I see him again he will be in trouble.
If you rather have a more relaxing meal then enjoy one of the many cafes here and please remember to give generously to the collections for the Lions Club of Looe Charities.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Alessia 's work experience


I'm Alessia, I'm from Italy, I'm eighteen years old and I want to talk a little bit about my work experience.
This is my first time in England, I've never been here before and this is also my first job!
I arrived two weeks ago, I was really scared about the work and about the owners of the shop that I hadn't met before. When I arrived in the shop the owners Adam and Emily received me very well, they were very friendly and kind. I like them because they were always smiling and they didn't get angry when I made mistakes. I got on very well with them and I enjoyed very much to stay in their shop because they had a very beautiful shop (I like a lot wood toys) and I spoke with a lot of people. It was a very interesting and important experience for me!
Thank you very much Adam and Emily for this unforgettable experience in your shop!
I hope to come to Totnes another time !
Thanks for everything!


Monday, 21 June 2010

28 Days for delivery

It really doesn't seem that long ago, that at the bottom of every mail-order advert, you would have in the small print the words "28 days for delivery".

I remember ordering a small rubber spider and cockroach from my Scream horror comic, and that 28 days felt like a lifetime! Every morning I would run downstairs and eagerly await the post mans visit, but the rubber insects would not arrive. When they did, it would be one of the greatest and happiest moments in my life.
It was the same for items ordered from my mail - order joke catalogue, and once I got a bit older I had to wait a small eternity for my photographs to be developed.

Now, being in the business of mail - order ourselves, the same questions keep coming to mind - "Why?!! - Why specifically 28 Days? Why did they keep us waiting so long?"

What were they doing? OK, so we had to rely on snail-mail to deliver our order and our cheque, and perhaps they wanted to make sure the cheque cleared, but even then, what were they doing for the other 3 weeks? Were they also making the stuff, or flying over to China to get it?

How would the likes of Tesco's been able to offer a mail order service with such a ridiculous 28 day rule? Your fruit and veg would be dripping out of the bag, and your bread a little bit on the dry side.

We just couldn't even think of adopting such a policy now. In our modern fast paced world, we expect our order to be with us in a couple of days, and anything longer than 3 or four days for the delivery is considered unacceptable. I have found that increasingly more of our customers would rather pay an extra £4 to have their order with them the very next day, rather than wait any longer than 24 hours.

Well, you can be sure that when ordering from Toyday toy shop, your order is important enough to us to send it to you as quickly as possible, with the majority of our orders leaving us the same day, so when the postie knocks at your door, your won't be left disappointed!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Shiver me Timbers

Well the bank holiday is almost upon us and it will also be half term around the country. I expect Looe to be very busy and if the weather is anything like the last few days then there will probably be standing room only on the beach. I had a look to see what events are happening in and around Looe and notice that there is a Pirate and Buccaneer Event on May 29th, 30th and 31st at Mount Edgcumbe Country Park, which is only about 20 minutes away by car from Looe. It promises to be a weekend of swashbuckling adventure.

Now Looe and Polperro have a long history of pirates and smuggling throughout the ages. When I was growing up here I remember hearing the stories of how smugglers had dug tunnels by hand beneath the bay from the seafront out to Looe Island. There they would land their bounty probably at night, and then would carry it ashore through the tunnels to evade capture by the Revenue men who would be waiting on the shore. As children, my friends and I would be play pirates and go to second beach on the seafront and use the cave there as our hideout and wait for passing ships for us to plunder. Although I must admit the cave was a bit scary when you are aged only maybe seven or eight.

It takes little imagination to believe that the quiet rocky coves along the coast of Port Nadler and Talland Bay would of been a safe haven for smugglers to beach their boats under cover of darkness, unload whisky and other contraband to hide until they returned at a safer time to collect it, and there are many of these little coves around the coast of Cornwall. This was a way for the fishermen to supplement their meagre income due to the high taxes imposed by the Government at the time, and although the penalties for being caught were high, it was a risk they were prepared to take for the rewards it brought.

I seem to remember several years ago a local restaurant which was being refurbished unearthed the entrance to what could possibly of been part of a tunnel or cave although maybe to do with health and safety concerns, I believe it was left alone although I cant remember the outcome of it. As for smugglers, Joan Black was one of the most fearsome at the time, who along with her brother was said to of used Looe Island as a base, and a man who who was murdered by her is now said to haunt Looe Island.

In Looe on Tuesdays through the summer months, we still have a few people who dress up as Pirates and Wenches and really look convincing. They walk around the streets greeting children and adults and probably tell tales of the most popular of Looe's pirates, Robert Colliver, who became the most bloodthirsty of captains to sail the Indian Ocean. If you have a budding pirate or would be smuggler in the family then we have a range of pirate items so follow this link but mind ye landlubbers aren't made to walk the plank.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Collectible Tin Toys

I had an interesting conversation with a customer last week in recalling the toys we had when we were children, which was many years ago! I often have people in the shop, usually grandparents, picking up toys and remembering them from their childhood days long ago, and we got talking about the replica wind up tin toys that we sell.

Now I am going back to the late 1950's and early 1960's when I was just a young boy and and at that time there were no rules about buying tin toys that I can remember unlike today where we have stricter regulations. They are now more for adult collectors and we cannot sell them to children under 14 as they do not comply with toy safety legislation.

Now the one he fondly remembered best of all was Robbie the Robot or Planet Robot as its sometimes called. I do remember my brother having one, which I wasn't allowed near, but then in those days toys were far more expensive and we had few to play with, and for that reason were more cherished. It is probably our best selling robot in the shop and online and I believe most people associate it with the film 'Forbidden Planet'.

My fondest memories were a small wind up tin train set. I don't think it was a named brand, but to me it was the best toy ever. Comprising of a circular track with a few carriages you could have endless adventures with it. Also I had a few wind up tin cars and in those days there was not a battery in sight. Many a time when they stopped working I would give the broken toy to my father and he would miraculously take it apart and before long it would be working again.

On Saturdays I would go to the local toy shop in Liskeard, which if I remember correctly was called 'Glanvilles' and it was full of every kind of tin toy you could imagine. I would spend ages in there before deciding what toy to spend my pocket money on.

I thought it would be interesting to have a look at some of the history of tin toys and didn't realise that they originated in Germany around the 1850's, being assembled and painted by hand and a few decades later lithography was used to print the designs onto tinplate, where they were shaped by machine and tin tabs used to hold the item together. It wasn't long before America, France and England began making tin toys in earnest with Japan soon producing them after the the second world war.

As always cheaper plastic toys took over in the 1960's and popularity for the tin toys waned but with an ever increasing market now for collectibles, tin toys seem to be making a comeback and China has now become a leading producer of replica tin toys.

If you are looking for a memorable present for someone, or you yourself are a collector then have a look at our range of not only tin robots but also our replica tin wind up Ferris wheels, motorcycles, planes, cars and animals and hopefully they will bring as much pleasure to you as they brought me when I owned them.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Shopkeepers Nightmare

Well this has to be one of every shopkeepers nightmare in having a window smash and the clear up afterwards. It happened on the Saturday afternoon before the bank holiday weekend. I was standing outside the shop on the pavement talking to a customer about the toy display and there was a tremendous bang as the window literally shattered in front of us. First reaction was disbelief of what I just saw happen and then shopkeepers in the street appearing expecting to see a car accident. Incredibly at that moment there was no one else around and so thankfully no one was injured. If you have ever dropped a glass bowl or vase on the floor then you will know how much glass there seems to be, well this was a ten foot by six foot pane and due to the age of the building, approx 1973 the glass wasn't toughened so it had shattered everywhere. The first job was clearing the road of glass and then the pavement. Have you ever tried to find a company to board up a window late on a Saturday afternoon? A blank cheque comes to mind but in a community like Looe there is always someone willing to help and a local builder measured it, drove to a local store for wood and had it boarded a few hours later. The rest of the week was clearing up the mess and organising for a new window to be fitted in time for the start of the bank holiday and we were open on the Saturday morning as normal. At least this window is 10mm toughened glass now!!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

My favourite toys

I work in the toy shop "Toyday" for 2 weeks. It is very cool to work here, because all are very friendly and I have different things to do.

Now I have a good overview about the toys and I will tell you my favourite toys.
I have seen a lot of toys which I played as a child, for example marbles or bubbles. In Toyday there are a lot of beautiful marbles in different sizes.
I also like the smurfs. Last week we got a new smurf collection about the horoscope - very nice.

With the fairytale finger puppets you can play a lot of fantastic stories.
Since I am here I have bought some finger puppets and "London in bag" for my niece. "London in bag" shows the most famous sites of London, this wooden city is fascinating.

Next week I want to buy a flashing rubber duck. The multi coloured lights flash are activated when placed in water. It looks very nice. Furthermore I want to buy some wooden train letters. In Germany I bought some of these trains. But I do not have enough to spell a word that make sense.

These are my favourite toys from the toy shop "Toyday". I am sure everybody will find here a favourite toy.

Now I just have one exciting week in Totnes and then I go back to Germany.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Marbles Games

Ceramic marbles began mass production in the 1870, but it wasn’t until the 1890’s that machinery to manufacture glass marbles was introduced. From then on they have been used for a variety of children's games, and are collected by many people, both for nostalgia and for their interesting mix of colours!
There are many small glassmakers who make marbles by hand. A popular glassmaker in the South West is the House of Marbles, who offers a modern range of marbles, sought after by many collectors.
The manufacturing process is actually quite complex. Firstly, glass is melted in a furnace and poured out. The chosen coloured glasses are then injected into the flowing glass if inserts are needed in the marble. Shears are cut into small cylinders as the glass descends. These are then placed into moving, mechanical rollers were the final shape and size is created and the marbles are left to cool.
Here are some of the best known marble games:
Bounce about
A game for two to four players, which works best with Medium sized marbles. Player 1 throws bouncer ( marble) forward about 1.5 metres. Player 2 then throws their bouncer, trying to hit Player 1’s. Player 3 throws to try and hit either marble on the ground and so on. If a bouncer is hit then the player needs to give the successful thrower one marble.
For two players. Start by drawing a small circle or making a small hole a suitable distance from the shooting spot. Both players then shoot a marble towards the circle, until one player’s marble stops within the circle. That player then scores 10 points and continues throwing until they score 100 points or misses. If he misses the turn is then passes to the opponent who shoots and scores until they miss. The first player to score 100 points is the winner and the loser gives them a predetermined number of marbles.
Eggs in the Bush
A player picks up a random amount of marbles with one hand and asks the other players to guess the amount. The players who guess the right amount are rewarded that number of marbles by the questioner. However, the players who guess incorrectly have to give the questioner the difference between the numbers actually held. An entertaining guessing game!
Marbles can also be used for decorative purposes – they are great for flower arrangements, candle sticks, fish tanks and pot plants!
View our range of marbles here and put some of the games into practice!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Work experience

Hello, I am Astrid and I come from Germany. I am a trainee for Industrial Business Management. Me and my class stay in Totnes for 4 weeks because of a school project.
Totnes is a small city in Devon in the South of England. Here there is a beautiful landscape.
I live with a friend by a hostfamily near the High Street.
The first 3 days I went to the Totnes school of English and the other time I work in the toy shop called Toyday. It is a wonderful shop with a lot of traditional and modern toys. I like to working here, because I can improve my language skills.
For me it is a cool experience to see another country and another culture. I am sure this 4 weeks will be very funny.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Duck Racing - Which rubber ducks are best?

Everyone loves a rubber duck race, and duck racing can be a great fund raising event. One of the most common questions we are asked at Toyday, is "what ducks are best for duck racing?". This depends largely on budget, and for many annual duck racing events, the event managers will have invested in special racing rubber ducks, which are weighted so that they float upright. We do supply these ducks designed especially for duck racing, (priced £3 - £10) although these can often be price prohibitive for 1 off duck racing events.

The biggest challenge with racing ducks, is the ability for them to stay upright whilst racing, and many duck races have ducks floating down the rivers on their sides or upside down.
Having said that, we have supplied many companies with rubber ducks for duck racing. Here's a list of the most popular: -

Classic Small Bath Duck
Small Rubber Duck
Most likely to turn over but lowest price. This is our most popular duck purchased for 1 - time duck races.
Lead time of 2 -3 days.

Lena Racing Duck

Fairly stable - will turn over on rapid water. Comes in six assorted colours to brighten up any duck race, which also makes it easier to identify the ducks.
Lead time of approx. 4 weeks.

Medium rubber Duck

Medium Rubber Duck
Most stable - least likely to topple over.
Lead time of 2 -3 days.

We also have supplied ducks in uniforms, animal ducks and flashing rubber ducks which have been used for duck racing, and in such games as 'hook a duck'. One customer chose to fit cup hooks onto the top of our character themed rubber ducks, and had guest hook them out at their wedding. Our Giant ducks have been seen on Ant and Decs Saturday Night Takeaway.
Creature Rubber Duck

View all our rubber ducks here. If you need a large number of ducks, please contact us for a quote on 08452 696 452 or customerservice@toyday.co.uk

Whatever ducks you choose for your race or duck themed game, we wish you a great day of it, and if it is for a good cause, we hope you raise a lot of money for your charity.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Facebook or Twitter - Which is better?

According to the majority - Neither!

43% of Toy shop owners think that sites like Twitter or Facebook are useful to their business, whilst the remaining 57% of respondents suggest that they are a pretty pointless, or have never used either. Are they missing out on an opportunity here? After all - they are both effectively free, and could be a great way of introducing new customers to their wares, whilst building a relationship with their customers, and strengthening the brand awareness.

We love facebook

At Toyday, we actively use facebook as a tool for our customers to see the more personable side of Toyday. After all, life is about much more than just work - that's why we sell toys!

Although relatively new to facebook, we have found it a great place to 'meet' our customers, engage in some conversation and interact with each other by sharing photos and experiences. It's also a great place for us to offer savings and discounts to our most valued customers.

Unlike many limited feedback schemes, like you would find on Ebay or Amazon which just allow a customer to rate the seller or products with a few stars and a brief comment, facebook offers customers the opportunity to get more involved, and share as much or as little as they wish, with the chance to upload videos, and photos, which is not possible with a website, without cluttering it up and making it difficult for customers to buy.

Whats all this twittering about?

Twitter, on the other hand, although we signed up for and have a few followers, I just don't get it! Maybe one day it will all make sense, but for now I'll just accept that I just don't understand the value in my or anyone's little tweets, so that people can "act accordingly"!

Maybe I am totally missing the point - if so, someone please enlighten me and tell me what I've been missing!!?

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Whats With All The Teddy Bears?

Whilst watching a documentary on bears I started wondering, why do we buy each other teddy bears? It seems strange that an animal referred to as a grizzly can be such a popular toy. You hear all these story's of mauling yet this doesn't seem to lessen the cuteness of the teddy bear, the two animals don't even seem to be linked. It seems the teddy bear is a species of its own!!

The fascination with bears apparently started with politics in 1902 when Theodore Roosevelt was on a hunting trip. The hunters caught and tied up an exhausted bear for him to shoot but he refused deeming it unsportsman like. This led to a political cartoon in the Washington Post.

The cartoons gradually got cuter and this soon inspired the creation of the teddy bear toy. We've all heard of Steiff which are still going strong today, making the most beautiful bears.

All the cartoons, films and TV shows must have added to popularity of the teddy bear. Who doesn't love Rupert the Bear, Paddington bear and Winnie the Pooh, to name just a few. With new successful businesses such as Build a Bear Workshop the craze doesn't look like ending any time soon.

If you have ever turned the whole house upside down looking for your child's favourite teddy you'll know the hold these toys have over us. After all, what would a world be with out the cuddly cute teddy bear.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Hello world,my name is Sofia and I'm an Italian girl.
I came to England two weeks ago for a school project, the first week I was in London I visited the city that it's very nice!!!
Now and next week I will stay in Totnes ,a small village in Devon...the country is very beautiful!
In this city I'm doing my first experience working.
I work in a fantastic toy shop called toyday!!!
the toys they sell are beautiful because they are all from the most classic toys that children love!!!!
In the country everyone loves this store !!
I like working here;help as much as I can because I still have a few small problems with the language!!!
This experience will be very important for me,and for this I thank all..especially: toyday, the school of Totnes,home stay and my school who organized the wonderful study trip!!! Thank you!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Half Term in Looe

It is the half term holiday at last and it feels like the long cold winter is finally coming to an end. Looe is buzzing today and everyone seems to be in the town taking in the sights and enjoying themselves. The beach was empty early this morning, except for the Gig rowers when I took this photo and as you can see it was a perfect start to the day. I expect there are plenty of people on it now and I am sure there are buckets and spades everywhere with all varieties of sand castles being made. We have a great range of outdoors games and toys as well to keep everyone happy whether you are on the beach, staying at a holiday park or maybe having a barbeque in your garden with many traditional favourites like juggling or rope quoits for all the family to join in and have fun with.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Dress Up Dolls - For Boys & Girls!

It is undeniable that Children love to dress up their dolls and with our Dress Up Cats and People proving popular, we've added two new products to our stock.

These Dress Up Dolls featured in the ASTRA Best-For-Kids Toy List and come from our popular supplier, Manhattan who have won many other awards and are renowned for making high quality soft baby toys and dolls.

The Dress Up Princess Doll has blond woolly hair and a princess crown. Plus, she comes with a butterfly friend tucked neatly in her pocket.

Usually Dress Up Dolls are very girly and rarely suitable for boys. However we have the Pirate Doll - perfect for boys as well and he also comes with a parrot pal!

These Dolls are great for teaching children dressing skills with a button, snap, hook-and-loop closure, zipper, and shoe tie featured on both - sure to profide hours of fun!

Friday, 22 January 2010


Baby's love toys that they can make light up and make noises by pressing buttons. The only down side to these types of toys is that they usually need endless supplies of batteries which is not only annoying and expensive but is bad for the environment as well.

If your anything like me, it takes a while before you a) remember to buy batteries and then b) find the time to unscrew the toy and replace the batteries. This is my main reasoning behind stocking our two new products the Eco Toy Telephone and the Eco Toy Radio.

Both toys are dynamo powered, simply wind up or shake - NO BATTERIES REQUIRED!!

Absolutely brilliant in my opinion and we will diffinately be adding more products to the range in the future.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

The New Year

Well as I write this it is snowing steadily outside and I took this photo on my walk along the Quay this morning heading to the shop. Everyone here has taken down their decorations and the Christmas and the New Year celebrations are all over and done with for another year. It was a busy December here in Looe and as usual the New Year was celebrated with style around the streets and pubs with a brilliant firework display on the Banjo Pier to end it. A big thank you to the organisers again and thankfully the weather held off although it was a bitter cold night. January is a quiet month in Looe but you can notice the evenings starting to pull out and once we get into February you can almost feel the warmth of the sun. I have heard that there are already a lot of provisional bookings from visitors for the coming season and it is always nice to have people in the shop that have been coming to Looe for many years and can even remember what they bought in here the last time they popped in although there are always new lines and ideas for them to browse through. I hope to see you in 2010 and a Happy New Year to you all.

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