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Friday, 18 July 2014

Love Totnes, Live Totnes Celebrate summer!

Hello everybody! Here Arianna is writing.
This is the last day of my first week working in Toyday Toyshop.
I hope to have the chance to deal more with customers next week but overall I'm very satisfied of my job.
Today the weekend for the people who live in Totnes, but it will be an entertaining time not only for them. In fact every person who live around or far from the town is invited!
The event is organized by The Totnes Chamber of Commerce which desire to show all its appreciation for the winter support given to the local businesses. During Friday and Saturday there will be many activies to do: for example you can visit Totnes, go the the markets, go shopping or enjoy some entertainment. On Sunday we have the fabulous Good Food Sunday market who will be joining in the fun.
You can find discount prices in most of the Totnes' shops, cafes and restaurants. Also, musicians in every corner and flags everywhere.   
We're waiting for you to join in with this really fun celebration of everything beautiful about Totnes!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Arianna's first day at Toyday

Hi guys! I`m Arianna, the new work experience`s student here in Toyday. I come from the South-Italy where I live in a small town on the seaside. I`ve finished the 3rd year of High School and I still have to attend 2 years. This is my first time in Totnes so I can`t explain my impressions about the city yet. But I can say that the school is very open-minded and organized and the teacher are well prepared too. I hope to improve my English staying here for my future and eventually also for my job. Today the shop is enough quite but I`ll do my best to be helpful!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Getting Creative With The Latest Loom Bands Craze

We don't normally follow fads and fazes as our thing is traditional but this latest craze to sweep the school yard is something we're interested in. Letting children get creative is something that has to be encouraged so we have a range of loom bands in stock.

Loom band sets seem to just tell you how to make a basic bracelet so below I show you how to make a fishtail bracelet.

Step 1. Take your first band and place it over two pegs (or two fingers if you don't have a board) in a figure of eight shape so that the band crosses over in the middle.

Step 2. Add another two bands above but do not cross these over.

Step 3. Hook up the bottom band on one side and bring it over the other bands to rest on top of them.

Step 4. Do this on the other side as well.

Step 5. Add a new band to the top.

Step 6. Bring up the bottom band on each side again before adding another new band to the top.

Step 7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 until your bracelet is the length you need.

Step 8. Gently remove the bracelet from the prongs leaving the two bands still on the loom behind.

Step 9. Fasten the two sides together with a clasp.

Now you've mastered the fishtail bracelet you can go on to do the inverted fishtail as it starts off the same.

Start a fishtail bracelet off down to step 6 as above and then you can move on to doing the inverted stitch. Pull the bottom band under the middle band and then up over the top band to the middle.

Do this on both sides before adding a new band and repeating.  Once you have done this to the length of bracelet you require finish with a normal fishtail stitch or two and add clasp.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

This Weeks New Arrivals

Some of the exciting new arrivals this week....

These pavement chalks are a really impressive size, you have to see them to appreciate them.

Wooden cow trike and shape sorter in one.

A really cute woodland animal apron for little ones.

Our latest rag doll, she has a little daisy and a bunny on her dress. The tooth fairy cushions are also new.

Some natural wood nautical wooden toys.

Last but not least a tin sign with some essential play time rules.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Charles and Camilla to Visit Looe

On Monday the 14th of July his Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall will be visiting Looe. They will be meeting with The Royal National Lifeboat Institution and will see the new pontoon. They will also be visiting some of the people affected by the flooding earlier this year. The exciting visit is a great excuse to come to Looe in hopes of capturing a glimpse of the Royals.

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