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Friday, 31 May 2013

Toyday Treasure Hunt and Pirate Themed Window Display

We've gone a bit Pirate mad at Toyday and created a window display with all things Pirate!  The sun is shining and I'm sure many of you will be heading to the beach or nearest park this weekend.  Our
Magnetic Fishing Game and Wooden Spade would make great fun for the day out. The Decorate Your Own Pirate Chest is great for keeping all your little treasures safe in your personally designed special box.

In the picture below you can see somethings essential for Pirate themed birthday parties such as our Pirate Telescope.  Emily's also customised our Pirate Flags to look like bunting, which would be perfect for decoration.

My favourite thing in the window has to be the Sailor Rag Doll, which is from our new collection of rag dolls.  I know I would have loved this as a little girl and probably want to take it with me everywhere i went!  I also need to point out our new Small Pirate Rag Doll with a rattle inside, which is suitable for children from birth.

Personalise your very own Pirate Door Plaque so everyone knows who is Captain of the ship! The colourful wooden set of two jolly Pirate Bookends are suitable for guarding young pirates' books and a perfect addition to any child's bedroom, nursery or playroom.
To go with our Pirate themed window, we have a good old treasure hunt in our Totnes shop on Saturday 1st June.  Just pop in to the shop and have a look around for the 5 pieces of the map.  Once you've found them all then bring them to the desk to claim your prize!

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Looe Festival By The Sea

This weekend is the Looe Festival By The Sea, a fantastic event for all the family! The weather is set to shine on Cornwall this half term so this is certainly a going to be a fantastic time to visit Looe.

The festival is a celebration of everything which coastal living has to offer. This is a must for all foodies as the quayside holds a market showcasing all the amazing culinary delights the town and it's industries have to offer. As you walk down the side of the picturesque Looe River you will be inundated by the smells of exotic sea foods which are all being prepared live in front of you.

1st & 2nd of June 2013 - Festival By The Sea - A great way to finish your half term break!

Looe Marine Conservation Group

On the Friday there is a rock pool ramble organised on Hannafore Beach (West Looe) starting at 3pm and finishing at 5 pm, meet at the life guard station. This is a family friendly event to introduce you to a few creatures from the rocky sea shore around Looe – crabs, limpets, starfish, anemones. No nets please as this can damage the delicate rock pool creatures.

Crabbing from the quayside in Looe is always popular with the kids and the harbour is usually full of families competing to see who can find the most crabs. At Toyday you can buy a crab bucket, bait and line all for £3, our bait is frozen bacon, which is irresistible to crabs and freezing it ensures it lasts longer in your net. All you need is a patch of Quayside to sit on and throw in your bag of bait and wait. The trick is to slowly draw in the line before the little crab lets go of the bait! Please ensure you fill your bucket with sea water, the little guys don't want to dry out on the hot tarmac, and put them back when you are finished. Be careful not to drop your line into the sea as this can cause environmental damage.


Mini Fest in West Looe

Saturday 1st June - 1pm at the Quayside Centre [sic] at West Looe for an afternoon of live music from Samba Kernow, Miner Quay, James Shead, Gareth Lee, Suzie Mac, The Huckleberry Finns and folk-punk band Crowns. Check out their facebook page for more info.


Grazing on the Quay

Festival of the Sea
No celebration of coastal living would be complete without a celebration of the amazing food it has to offer. All along the Quay Side there will be a multitude of culinary delights to experience as the local farmers, fishermen, traders and restaurants compete for your attention by serving up the very best of what the have offer under the canvas cover of a traditional market. This is a one off annual event and all the participants make a special effort to leave you with an ever lasting memory of the taste of Looe. The stalls have created special 'grazing' plates so you can try as many different things as possible without running out of room! There are not just sea foods on offer here, as a Sea Side holiday destination Looe is also famous for it's award winning Ice Cream and incredible cakes - I should know Toyday is right next door to the best cake shop in town! Whether you are a lobster lover or a curry connoisseur you will find your new favourite food here this weekend!



This has to be the highlight of the festival, it is a hilarious event and all in aid of the RLNI  The teams have been building their rafts from old barrels, empty water canisters, recycled bottles, old pallets, even balloons! Anything that floats, has been strapped together and used to transport as many people as possible from the beach to the river. As they frantically paddle with everything they've got, they also have to endure a barrage of water bombs from the crowd. Many give up, get stuck or simply sink and have to swim to shore, who will stay the course this year and be crowned king of the raft race 2013? You'll just have to come and see. The raft race prize giving  and closing ceremony is 5pm at the lifeboat station on Sunday.

Monday, 27 May 2013

What Toys to Buy for a New Baby

While you wait for the grand arrival of your little one you find yourself surrounded by things to buy but what do they actually need? There is so much temptation out there of cute outfits and adorable baby things.

You want to be prepared which is a good idea as you won't have much time when baby arrives but you have to bear in mind that other people may buy lots of gifts for baby. The biggest mistake tends to be buying lots of clothes in size 0-3 months as this seems to be the size that everybody buys as presents when in actual fact most babies wear the newborn size (about 11lb) to start off with or maybe even smaller sizes.

When buying a rattle you need to find one that will be easy to grip for little hands as like everything else, gripping is something that they will have to learn. For the same reason I would recommend looking for one that is lightweight. The other thing to consider is that everything will go in the mouth and they may start teething as early as three months old.

Winkle Rattle by Manhattan Toy -
Possibly the best rattle out there that is suitable from birth. It is easy to hold and great
to chew - £9.99

 Another great option is a toy that can be strapped to the wrists or ankles so that they can touch and shake it without having to be able to grasp them.

Lamaze Bug Wrist Rattles
These cute wrist rattles are in black and white making them prefect for a newborns sight - £11.99

Thinking along the same lines toys that can hang from prams, cots and car seats are a good idea too. These provided entertainment on a journey and if they flash or make music babies will love them.

Peter Rabbit Pull Down Musical Toy
This toy is cute, typically British and plays a lovely tune - £19.99

My final suggestion to entertain a little one is something you can either put them in or on. This gives mum 5 minutes to get things done while baby is entertained. It could be a rocker, bouncer, swing or mat.

ABC Mat by Manhattan Toy
This play mat for babies is full of textures and sensations. It also gives baby a bit of tummy time so that they can practise there crawling. - £39.99

Sunday, 26 May 2013

A Bath Is Not A Bath Without Your Rubber Duck

Everyone, at some point in their lives, has had a bath with a rubber duck. A rubber duck in the bath can make washing, for a child, so much more fun. Here at Toyday you can pick up big ducks, small ducks, ducks with personalities or even a duck that you can blow bubbles with.

Our ducks that have their own personalities are perfect as gifts for your son or daughter. We have Count Dracula ducks and Darling ducks.

Here in Looe we even have a annual duck race. The 2012 Great Looe River Duck Race took place on 2nd September 2012 and 5,000 plastic ducks took part. They had to float down the river from Looe Bridge to the Lower Ferry Steps. The ticket holders for the first 4 ducks to complete the course win a cash prize ranging from £1,000 to £50. 

Some people have even set out to create the largest rubber duck in the world. The current world record for the largest duck was created by a Dutch artist in 2007. His duck measures at 16.5 x 20 x 32 meters and weighs over 600 kg.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

How to make a bottle cannon

I found a small section in a book about how to make bottle cannon's out of a glass bottle.
I thought I would post the intructions for adults/children to try it themselves!

You will need-

An empty glass bottle (preferably a champagne bottle)

1 cork to fit in the bottle
A piece of card
Blotting paper
2 pencils
Carbonate of soda
Tartaric acid

1) Fill the bottle 1/3 of the way with water
2) Dissolve the carbonate of soda in the bottle
3) Make a cylinder out of the card and pour in the tartaric acid
4) Plug the other end of the cylinder with paper
5) Stick the pin into the base of the cork and tie it to the end of the cartridge with the thread
6) Make sure the bottom of the tube doesn't touch the water in the bottle when it's standing upright by ensuring that the thread is not too long
7) When you have made and attached the cartridge, lower it through the bottle neck and fit the cork into the bottle neck (not too tight)

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How To Make Paper Beads

Creating paper beads is a really easy and fun way of making your own jewellery.
With a little practice you can achieve very professional results without shelling out a fortune for equipment.

how to make paper beads

Things You Will Need

  •        Scraps of Paper
  •      Large Pair of Scissors
  •       A Piece of Thin Wire or Tooth Picks 
  •       Wood Glue or PVA
  •       Varnish or Clear Nail Polish
  •    A Small Brush

Top Tips

  • If you haven't got any craft paper you could create your own by decorating plain paper with felt tips. Plain white paper with multicoloured scribbles makes great beads! Recycling old newspaper can look very stylish too.

  • When varnishing it is a good idea to use metal wire rather than a toothpick so it doesn’t stick. You could even dip them whole into varnish if you prefer but be sure to allow all the excess varnish to drip off before setting aside to dry or you will end up with a clear blob hanging from the bottom of your bead.
  • If you are going to use nail polish it will dry incredibly fast, be sure to keep dipping the brush back into the pot so it doesn't dry out and get clumped. You may be surprised at how much nail polish you use to varnish paper beads. I would estimate the average bottle will varnish up to 500 beads.
  • To add a little extra sparkle try using iridescent nail varnish.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Learn Tricks, Flicks and Stunts With Our Own Diabolo

The Diabolo consists of a spool, string and two sticks. The spool is tossed and thrown around using the string and sticks to do all sorts of interesting tricks.
There are many different sorts of diabolos that you can get. Here at Toyday we sell glow in the dark, wooden and flashing diabolos. The different materials that diabolos can come in are useful for helping get the right sort of movement and momentum out of it . The smaller the diabolo that higher and faster it will travel.


The basic principal of the diabolo is to get the spool to spin while being suspended from the spring. You can do this by dragging the spring back and forth across the axle of the spool to create the friction to make it spin.


You can carry out many tricks with your diabolo too. These tricks range from simple ones with one spool on your string too the harder ones with multiple spools all on one string and to be able to manipulate more then one spool at a time takes time and practice.  

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Dolls Dolls Dolls

Today is going to be a very girly blog, because as I opened up the shop today, I noticed the different rag dolls we have.
The reason this is such an exciting thing for me is because when I was 7 I bought my very own rag doll, from Totnes (the same make as the ones we sell) and I would save up all my Birthday and Christmas money and buy my very own little collection! I just loved everything about their hair and faces and all the detail in their clothes etc.  It's so lovely for me to see these dolls in our shop and to watch all the small children admiring them and being told ''not to touch!''
 I also discovered that we have mini ones now that even have their own little character and costume. Which again is pretty cool!
There was always something so exciting about having your very own doll to look after and play with! And every generation could agree with this!

 Not only do we have this specific make of dolls but we also have different makes and characters. We also have dolls cribs, dolls prams and dolls feeding sets to make play time even more creative and fun!

Take a look at our dolls section on our website-  http://www.toyday.co.uk/shop/index.php?searchStr=rag+doll&act=viewCat&Submit=Search

Friday, 17 May 2013

Could You Be The Next YoYo World Champion?

I was amazed when I first saw this! I thought I'd seen enough yoyo tricks in my time but this guy is full of surprises! He lifts this fun game up to the level of art form and makes it look effortless.

For the first 3 minutes he explains his passion for the yoyo and it is a real inspiration to listen to, however my jaw dropped at his first trick and I was glued to the screen until it was finished. A truly beautiful display and well worth a watch.Find out more about Black here and see more of Blacks yoyo tricks here.

History of Yo-Yo's

Yoyo's have been around in one form or another for thousands of years, the exact origin is debatable as there are illustrations of people holding what appears to be yo-yo's on all sorts of ancient artifacts, however it is uncertain if it was intended to be used as a toy. It is possible it was invented in numerous places at numerous times, but it was probably derived from the Diabolo's in China which date back to at least 1000bc. The popular design which we all recognise today, wasn't manufactured until the early 20th century in Santa Barbara, California. The first Yo-yo competitions were held in England in 1932 and won by Harvey Lowe who had bought his first Yo Yo just a year prior! I'm sure he would have been amazed at the level that it has been taken to today.

In the latter part of the 20th Century the Yo Yo got a new lease of life as it was popularised by many celebrities and expert trickster. Instruction videos were sold in their thousands and it became a staple for variety, talent and magician shows. On April, 12, 1985, a yellow yo yo joined 9 other toys on the space shuttle Discovery and became the first yo yo in space!

Today it doesn't seem like it's popularity is waning in the slightest, and since Black has made his act one of the highlights of the Cirque du Soleil I'm sure the Yo yo will continue going from strength to strength!

Can you do any Yo Yo tricks?

We'd love to see them! Leave us a link, in the comments box below, to your YouTube video of yourself preforming YoYo tricks and we will show case the best one here and on our facebook and twitter


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Quick and Easy Paper Flowers

To make these quick and easy paper flowers all I used was different coloured sheets of paper and green pipe cleaners.

First I cut a flower shape into 3 or 4 pieces of the paper each one in a different size. I didn't use a flower template I just cut out my flower shapes free hand. I then layered the different sized flower shapes together with the flowers getting smaller towards the centre. Then I pierced a hole in the centre of all the flowers and secured these all together by hooking the end of a pipe cleaner through the holes. To create a more flower like shape I folded and scrunched the paper inwards.

If you want to use a simple flower template to draw around onto your paper before cutting around it there is one pictured below that you could print out and use.

Bath Time Toys!

Bath time toys are such an essential for children, a way of making bath time a lot more fun and a lot more entertaining! Especially when there's a lot of children to have keep happy and amused!...

We have so many different toys for the bath ranging from our classic rubber ducks, colourful ducks such as; glow in the dark, flashing and colour changing ones. We also have 'different character' ducks and our wind up swimming divers and submarines.
My ultimate favourite toy and the one that seems to be the most popular in the shop- the cartoon animal, bath time, basketball game which makes bath time even more fun and more of a challenge!

Check out the website- www.toyday.co.uk for all bath time related toys, games and wind ups. 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Jigsaws - Great For The Little Ones

Here at Toyday we sell a vast range of jigsaw puzzles. They are all very colourful and help your children learn - whilst having fun.
They help children to develop a wider range of thinking as their physical shape helps children learn think about how the different shapes fit together and the individual piece’s colours helps them with matching them up using the colours of different pieces. 
Now to several of the fantastic jigsaws we have for younger children.
One of our simplest puzzles is an wooden alphabet lift out jigsaw puzzle. This is suitable for both boys and girls from the age of 3 up. The aim for your children would be to put all the letters into the right space. This helps with them learning their alphabet and as the letters are all different colours, it could help them also learn them too. 
Our wooden dog and cat jigsaw puzzles are great for children who love animals and is suitable for ages 3 upwards of any gender. As there are only five pieces to each puzzle they are quite large which is good for children who like to put things in their mouths – which is most of them.

From any of our shops you can get 6 different fairytale themed puzzles for the price of one. This wooden set of 20 cubes each has a different piece to each of the puzzles, as it is a little bit harder because of this it would be better for about around 3 year olds and above. Helps children think about putting the puzzles together by looking at what is on each side of each cube. They also have to think about the other faces of the cubes and what image they are making as they put the cubes together.

We also have a road puzzle for the floor for the children to make their ideal city and race their cars around on, it also comes with wooden road signs to make it more authentic, including traffic lights, stop signs and warning signs. Perfect for ages 3 and above and both boys and girls. This puzzle has 24 large pieces to it and is great for bringing out the creative side to any child as they build up their own city. (100 cm x 63 cm when assembled)

Please click on any of the pictures to help you find the product on our website.

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