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Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Game Boy

The Game Boy is an 8-bit handheld video game device developed and manufactured by Nintendo. It was released in Japan on April 21, 1989, in North America in August 1989, and in Europe on September 28, 1990, meaning that it’s anniversary of its first release was on Monday!!

It is the first handheld console in the Game Boy line, and was created by Gunpei Yokoi and Nintendo Research & Development.


Some of the games the Game Boy offered were:

  • Super Mario Land

  • Alleyway

  • Baseball

  • Yakuman

  • Tetris

  • Tennis


When the Game Boy was first released it was released into Japan. It is here that all 300,000 units of stock were sold within the first two weeks. When it went over to the United States to be released it sold 40,000 units on its very first day!!


Research from 1995 stated that 46% of Game Boy’ users were female, which was much higher then any of Nintendo’s other products, proving the great popularity of the Game Boy. 


In 2009, the Game Boy was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame where it sits next to other great toys like:

  • Barbie

  • Etch A Sketch

  • Marbles

  • Monopoly

  • Mr. Potato Head

  • Silly Putty

  • Checkers

  • Jack In The Box

  • Dominoes

Sunday, 20 April 2014

My Baby Loves to Play with Dangerous Things

My 8 month year old seems to home in on anything dangerous. His two particular favourites are wires and carrier bags. I remember Blake being exactly the same when he was small, he had a penchant for daddy's tools.

Obviously I can't let baby Oakley play with wires for fear he may get electrocuted but there are alternatives I have found which he seems to like just as much. For Christmas we gave him an Owl Winkle from Manhattan Toy. The Winkle has been a popular baby toy for a few years now and the owl version is a cute new take on it. It make a rattle noise when you shake it and has lots of colourful rubber wires looping out from the center. Not only does it give Oakley safe wires that he can play with but it is great for him to chew on while he's teething. As he gets a little older the wooden bead frame from Melissa and Doug will give him a new challenge whilst fulfilling his need for wires.


Carrier bags form a challenge, if he sees one, it doesn't matter if it has shopping in it he'll just empty that out and start to play with it. I think part of the fascination is the rustling sound. The best toy he has with rustle paper noises is a baby book called 'Sunny Days' also from Manhattan Toy. It also flaps about satisfyingly when he shakes it. It has a handle just the same as a bag and lots of things that he can pull off it.


Saturday, 19 April 2014

Fisher Price

Founded in 1930 by Herman Fisher, Irving Price, Price's illustrator-artist wife Margaret Evans Price, and Helen Schelle, the name Fisher-Price was established by combining two of the three names. 

Early toys were made of heavy steel parts and ponderosa pine, which resisted splintering and held up well to heavy use.
The first Fisher-Price toy ever sold was "Dr. Doodle" in 1931. 
Fisher-Price has created approximately 5,000 different toys since the early 1930s. some of the toys and toy brands that have remained popular for many years include Power Wheels, View-Master, Rescue Heroes, the Chatter Telephone, and the Rock-a-Stack.

Here at Toyday we have a great range of Fisher Price toys that are sure to take you back to your childhood! 

Our fantastic range includes:

Fisher Price Radio - £19.99



Go Check Them Out Today! 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Spring Brings Many Things

We are now into the season of SPRING! 

The time of year associated with new arrivals, warmer weather, Easter and pretty flowers. 

At the moment, I am experiencing that many people I know have new babies as their spring arrivals. This means lots of baby showers to attend and lots of little babies to buy presents for.

Something I noticed while going to all the different baby showers was the amazing cake designs! As spring will be bring new babies for lots of you I thought I would share a few with you...


Looe's Easter Egg Hunt

This easter, why not spend your time on an exciting easter egg hunt!

Search all the shops around Looe and find all the eggs to win.  

After the 21st of April, one lucky person will receive a LARGE EASTER EGG from Thornton's Chocolates!  

So what are you waiting for? 

Go and collect your entry form from the tourists information center today!

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