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Monday, 21 June 2010

28 Days for delivery

It really doesn't seem that long ago, that at the bottom of every mail-order advert, you would have in the small print the words "28 days for delivery".

I remember ordering a small rubber spider and cockroach from my Scream horror comic, and that 28 days felt like a lifetime! Every morning I would run downstairs and eagerly await the post mans visit, but the rubber insects would not arrive. When they did, it would be one of the greatest and happiest moments in my life.
It was the same for items ordered from my mail - order joke catalogue, and once I got a bit older I had to wait a small eternity for my photographs to be developed.

Now, being in the business of mail - order ourselves, the same questions keep coming to mind - "Why?!! - Why specifically 28 Days? Why did they keep us waiting so long?"

What were they doing? OK, so we had to rely on snail-mail to deliver our order and our cheque, and perhaps they wanted to make sure the cheque cleared, but even then, what were they doing for the other 3 weeks? Were they also making the stuff, or flying over to China to get it?

How would the likes of Tesco's been able to offer a mail order service with such a ridiculous 28 day rule? Your fruit and veg would be dripping out of the bag, and your bread a little bit on the dry side.

We just couldn't even think of adopting such a policy now. In our modern fast paced world, we expect our order to be with us in a couple of days, and anything longer than 3 or four days for the delivery is considered unacceptable. I have found that increasingly more of our customers would rather pay an extra £4 to have their order with them the very next day, rather than wait any longer than 24 hours.

Well, you can be sure that when ordering from Toyday toy shop, your order is important enough to us to send it to you as quickly as possible, with the majority of our orders leaving us the same day, so when the postie knocks at your door, your won't be left disappointed!

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