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Thursday, 29 December 2011

The New Year in Looe

Once again we are just a few days away from the New Year celebrations here in Looe after another hectic Christmas and it seemed to be over so quick.

Like most people I am sure your house has been full of presents, food and of course sweets of all descriptions and last night I was glad of just a salad after having the obligatory roast each day with desert to follow!

I have done a couple coastal walks and some beach combing as the weather has been really mild and mostly stayed dry and even had coffee sitting on the outside decking of the Watergate Beach Cafe wearing just a jumper and jeans enjoying a lovely sunny day.

Saturday afternoon will see the start of the New Years Eve celebrations here in Looe and by the evening there is hardly a place to stand in the street with everyone in fancy dress costume of one description or another ending with a grand firework display on the seafront at midnight to see in the Year.

The mood is festive and jolly and Looe is now becoming one of the top destinations to be for the New Year but wherever you are celebrating yours do have a great evening and hope the New Year brings you all you wish for.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Stuffing Those Stockings

Today is Market day in Totnes and the town is buzzing. In the shop people are making a b line straight to the pocket money toys for one reason only. We sell so many stocking fillers that I get a real insight into what Santa is bringing lots of little boys and girls this year. It seems there is a different tradition in every house.

When I was little we used lie our pillow cases out by the fireplace in the front room along with a mince pie, glass of milk and a carrot for the reindeer. Until my Dad suggested Santa would much prefer a glass of whisky. We would then sneak down as earlier as possible to get stuck into our present stuffed pillow cases. Often we would get sent back to bed and told it was far to early to start unwrapping presents. There was no sleep going on in that bedroom though, just two excited girls waiting until it was time to go down stairs.

When it was eventually my Mum's idea of morning we would tear into our stockings (pillow cases) as she watched our happy child like glee. The presents under the tree would be left until after breakfast when everyone was awake and we would be handed them one each at a time.

Lots of people do seem to use pillow cases or a specific Santa's sack but some people have a traditional stocking sized stocking. Although many people still hang them by the fire place not everyone has one nowadays so the stocking is put under the tree or hung on the end of the bed instead. The size of the gifts also seems to vary from lots of small things to a few bigger things. With lots of children getting really expensive gifts like iphones and games consols it's no wonder that there other gifts are quite small.

The tradition of my childhood Christmases will be carried on into my house and Blake will be helping me make mince pies tomorrow which we will leave out along with perhaps a glass of Baileys for Santa. We have a log burner but Santa always manages to squeeze down it none the less and placed neatly in front of it tomorrow night will be Blake's pillow case.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Shopping

My grand daughter ( 7 ) decided there was something she particularly wanted for Christmas and it was an item that we do not happen to sell so it was a trip for us to the nearest city. On entering one of the big toy stores I must admit it was a bit overwhelming with the row after row of wizz bang high tech toys on display so I asked the nearest person that worked there if he could help me find where this item was stocked only to be pointed roughly somewhere to the back of the store informing me it was on a far wall.

We wondered along the walls looking for the item but we couldn't see it anywhere so I asked another worker who was stocking a shelf only to be told they were only there for the Christmas period and didn't know where anything was and sorry they could not help.

A few more wanders along the walls, and with my grand daughter getting pretty frustrated, as I was as well by then, we found what she wanted by chance as we had given up and was heading for the exit through the middle of the shop with my head thumping!

Hooray!! It was what she wanted but it wasn't priced. I thought I would just queue at the checkout and pay whatever it cost as we were both by them ready to leave this shop. I cannot say I enjoyed shopping there at all.

I know these shops are bigger than us but customer service is free and if we are asked by a customer what would we recommend for a grand daughter, grandson, brother, sister etc we are more than happy to help them decide, to open a box and show them how something works or advise them about suitability and I know they really appreciate that and if it makes the experience pleasant than hopefully they will remember us next time they are looking to buy something.

I know there are not many days to go now until Christmas day and I hope you have bought everything you need but if you have any stocking fillers yet to get then come and see us as we still have a lovely range in store.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas event update

West Looe saw the arrival of Father Christmas last week with a nice crowd of people even though the weather was not as good as everyone hoped. Also it has been decided that the Lantern Festival which was to be held tonight will be postponed until Tuesday 20th December as there are gales and heavy rain forecast for tonight and as I look out of the window it looks like the forecast was right and its pouring down!

This is something beyond every ones control and I am sure this is a wise move as it is a wonderful evening watching the processions making their way from the three starting points to converge on the Quay by the Fishmarket for a carol service.

If I remember correctly it was around this time last year when we were more or less snowed in and it was easier to get around on the sledge we sell than by car or on foot so I shouldn't complain about it raining really so maybe I should think about keeping one in the shed just in case.

I hope that you are ready for Christmas but if you are like me then there is always a last minute mad dash for a present for someone who has been forgotten or a Christmas card I find weeks later that I hadnt posted!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

All www.toyday.co.uk orders upgraded to 1st Class delivery for free until Christmas Day

We have all been working super hard as usual this year making sure all the Christmas toys go out with no delays, and our fantastic new system and amazing team have been running on top form, ensuring that all orders placed through our website and other shopping channels have been sent out the same day.

Despite this great performance, we are always at the mercy of both the Royal Mail and the British weather, so just to be extra safe we have decided to upgrade our economy delivery service to First Class for free right up until our last Christmas posting date on Monday 19th December to ensure that you recieve your toys and last minute stocking fillers in time.for the big day.

If, like me, you are a man then don't worry, you can choose next day delivery for your toys right up until mid-day on Thursday the 22nd December to guarantee your delivery in time for Christmas.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Looe Christmas Events

Looe has started its Christmas events with the arrival of Father Christmas last Friday where crowds gathered on West Looe quay despite the poor weather. Lostwithiel Town Band were playing and there were fire works to coincide with the switching on of the Christmas lights at East and West Looe.

On Thursday December 15th Looe is holding the annual Christmas Lantern and Torchlight procession and carol service. As usual there will be three separate processions leaving at around 6.30 from the Millpool Carpark, West Looe Square and the Globe Inn. They will then all join for the main carol service on or near the Fish market at 7pm. Hot soup and rolls will be available in the Tourist Information Centre afterwards. I am sure everyone is hoping for a nice dry evening so please do come along and help make it an enjoyable event.

It is lovely to see all the shops in Looe with their Christmas windows and the Christmas Lights completing the atmosphere in the evenings. It is only a week or so until the start of the school holidays and if you are visiting Looe for a break I hope you pop in and say hello.

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