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Friday, 27 June 2014

New Baby Toys Have Arrived In Looe

We have some lovely new arrivals suitable from birth here in Toyday Looe. Perfect if your looking to pick something for a new baby. The cuddle toys are all super soft. Ellie the Elephant is a cuddly activity toy with crinkle ears, a mirror in her belly and teether feet.

If bright colours are more your thing, then you'll love these patterned animal rattles pictured below. They come in elephant, giraffe or bird in six different colourful prints. We have lovely new toys arriving next week as well, watch this space!!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Keep Cool In The Garden and Have Fun With Water

The sun is finally out so let the fun begin! Unreal the hose pipe and start playing....

There's so much fun to be had with water. Here's my top 5 garden water activities:

Slip and Slide - You can buy fancy kits but all you really need is some plastic sheeting on a bit of a hill and position the hose pipe at the top.

Water Sprinkler - Pierce some holes in a plastic fizzy drinks bottle and attach a hose to the bottle neck. The water will squirt out of the random holes creating a sprinkler for children to play in. I've even seen them hung up from trees.

Paddling Pool - At just £8.99 we sell a basic paddling pool to get your little ones splashing in the garden.


Water Fight - Arm your children with water bombs and water pistols, then let them battle it out.


Hook a Duck - Fill a big bucket, tub or paddling pool with water and throw in some hook a ducks for children to fish out. This is a great idea for kids parties. If you can't get ducks you could use anything that floats and fishing nets.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Is Your Child Addicted To An Ipad?

We often joke with Blake that he is addicted to his ipad and he agrees but is it no laughing matter? Blake is 6 and the ipad is the first thing he looks for in the morning and if we didn't intervene it would be the last thing he looked at before going to sleep. We have noticed that if he has been on it for a long period of time he turns into a monster and after speaking to another parent today I am definitely not alone.

Blake starting using the iphone before he's even started school. He would come into our room while we were sleeping, take it off charge and start playing a game. That's when we set our first rule, no iphone before 7am! It's great that kids of today are so good with technology, it will probably be an essential part of life when they're older if it isn't already plus it definitely helped teach him to read. He could read words like 'play' and 'main menu' before he could write his own name. Now though, he definitely has signs of addiction. He doesn't want to do anything else and he is irritable if you try and stop him.

This technology is a new challenge for parents. Most parenting you learn from how your parents dealt with you but they never had to face anything like this. The trouble is these devises are great entertainment for a child while parents get things done but the difficulty comes when you try and get the child off. There's tears and tantrums and there is arguments because they just need to do something or finish a level. We have taken gradual steps to decrease his ipad usage and engage him in other activities.

We found we had to set a rule that there is no ipad after 6pm or tea time which ever comes first because he had started having nightmares from going on too close to bedtime. This then gives us family time together after dinner which is a great opportunity to play a family game. We have a great selection to choose from but our favourite at the moment is Jack Straws. With the weather heating up we can encourage him outdoors onto the swings or with a game of hoopla. We just need to turn his game obsession into a love for traditional games.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Taking Toydays Traditional Toys To Morwellham Quay

Yesterday, Sunday 1st June, we went to visit Morwellham Quay. They held a fun day and we were invited along to show off our traditional toys. They had hand painted up a little sign for us which we were chuffed to pieces with.

As soon as you arrive in Morwellham you step back into the Victorian era. The staff are all dressed up in Victorian outfits and the buildings are like time capsules. We love all things vintage and were lucky enough to get time away from the stall to look around all the shops and buildings.

I took Blake to see the old school so he could compare it to his and we had a play in the school yard where they have traditional playground games set up. There was skipping, ring toss, various puzzles and other games. Then we found some newborn piglets and set up near by just for the day was a coconut shy. We were rubbish but still managed to win some sweets.

Adam loves magic, so he and Blake went off to watch a great magician with a Punch and Judy show. Blake was giggling away at all the typically punch and Judy humorous calamities and came away with a balloon helicopter that the magician had made for him.

Our toys fitted in perfectly with all this going on. We have toys from every ones childhoods but we took along all our toys that originated from Victorian times. The wooden play farm was as popular as it always is, it's just such great value. For under £25 you get a floor puzzle base, farm buildings and loads of animals.

Morwellam it seemed was an ideal central location to meet up with some of our customers, as we had people say hello that had been to Looe shop and some that have visited us in Totnes. We had a great day out at Morwellam Quay thank you very much for having us!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Gifts Galore!

Are you finding it hard to decide on what to buy for your kids, nieces, and nephews? Stuck for idea's when your child's been invited to a birthday party and you don't know what to buy? Is Christmas becoming the same thing every year, plastic toys that get played with for a few weeks then tossed into a massive pile of unused toys?

If so Toyday Toyshop is the place for you! Not only do we stock some of best toys from yours and your own parents childhood, we have some great creative, learning and imaginative play toys that any child would love to receive as a gift. 

Some of my favorites are the Shark Attack game. Aim of the game is to each take a turn in pushing down one of the sharks teeth and see who can go the longest without triggering the shark to close his mouth and attack your fearless finger!


These Giant set of chalks are a new product in our Looe shop and I LOVE them! My daughter has lots of outdoor chalk and she has great fun in the garden coloring in the patio and the garden wall and the house, Anything she get get to really! What child doesn't love to make mess?

 Musical child? Or one that just loves to make a lot of noise? Not a problem with our mini Accordion. This high quality Accordion is tough plastic with canvas type bellows and produces a great sound. It comes with full instructions and exercises inside.


This Sunny Day soft book is great for babies and toddlers! It has lots of things to touch and flaps to lift. A nice bright colourful book guaranteed to grab a child attention. Best bit for me is that because its material it can't be ripped! My little one has a habit of ripping pages out of books!

The Magic Growing Garden contains a cardboard cut out landscape of tree's, flowers and mountains that becomes covered in colourful crystal's when placed in the chemical provided.
Arrange your garden, and the liquid chemical and sit back and watch your amazing crystal garden grow.

Puppets! One of my personal favorites. There's nothing better than bringing a child soft toy to life. I use mine to tell bedtime stories and my little ones face just lights up to see her toy talking and moving. This Giraffe puppet is one of many we have in stock as well as lots of various finger puppets.

I remember the first time I came across one of these. I must have been about nine years old one of my first family holidays to butlin's. It was massive, bigger than myself and looked like a mini roller coaster track and the prize if you managed to complete it without touching the metal track more than three times was a gigantic teddy. This is a great family game to test your skills and compete against others.


As you can see we have a great range of unique, traditional and classic toys and this list is just some of many toys we have here at Toyday Toyshop.

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