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Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Storms Coming

As many of you may have heard, the weather is not looking very good for the next few days, with the biggest storm many of our little ones will have seen.

Many children can find storms scary, especially the first time they have to experience one. Why does it have to be a scary experience? Make it a fun one by making things, playing game and having fun into the night.

Here at today we have lots of fun craft projects and board games that will make your children forget about weather outside altogether.
We have, for example, Cornwall Monopoly Game


And Vintage Snakes and Ladders Game

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Christmas Wish List

Ok, so my excitement for Christmas has already kicked in. I think it kicked in during the summer time... But now it's actually socially acceptable to look forward to Christmas, as it's only 60 days away!

So, for all you parents/grandparents out there, you know, at the end of October, it means one thing- the Christmas lists. I've already had lots and lots of children pointing at items in the shop, saying 'I WANT THAT FOR CHRISTMAS' with the parents having a look of stress/fear on their faces.
Not only are the Christmas lists (for the parents) being written but so are the Father Christmas wish lists. It can all get a bit hectic, and although it's a wonderful time, it's also very stressful when it's left to the last minute!

Get a letter from Santa / Write to Father Christmas

I went on to Pinterest and found some lovely Father Christmas list templates for children.

Print them out and get your young ones to start writing what they'd like. The earlier the better whilst things are still in stock. I also really liked the ones that you can send from Santa.

At Toyday we have so many wonderful toys for all ages! 
We even have a special stocking fillers section. You can find it all on our website at

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Give your home the scare-factor this Halloween!

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, I start planning on how im going to make my house the scariest on my street. Similar to Christmas, everyone wants to have the best looking house. Especially if your throwing a Halloween party. So here are a few tips and ideas on how to spook up your home.


Starting with the "Black Vampire Bat" perfect for indoor or outdoor use. For example hanging from tree's, bushes, gates and lights outside. Or from ceilings, light fixtures and door frames inside. The possibilities are endless.

Spiders webs! For people that are scared of spiders, which truth be told is A LOT of people there's nothing worse than walking into one of their sticky wispy webs! Easy to put up, add the spooky factor instantly. Again can be used inside or out. Here is an example of how you could use the "Spider Web Decoration"

Frothing Blood Capsules a brilliant, creative ( but sometimes a little messy) way to bring a bit of terror to your home! Weather used for adding gore to a costume or halloween decorations a bit of false blood is bound to achieve the desired effect...terror!! As you can see a bit of fake bloody hand prints can transform a tablecloth.

 The Glow Skeleton Window Sticker! A bit of spook-tastic fun to add to any window in your household.

The Hanging Toy Spider will hang perfectly with the Black Vampire Bat, or with the elasticated string attached to it can be bounced up and down, used as a practical joke to scare someone.

Hopefully this have given you some inspiration for Halloween this year, have a scare-tastic night and remember.. scare responsibly! ha-ha

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Halloween is Coming!

Halloween is coming up and it is a great time of year to get dressed up and go round the town trick or treating. Here at Toyday we LOVE halloween! We thought we would give you a few ideas for what you should dress up as this year so you can get the most candy in your street.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Balloon Modelling Madness!

So i am here at Toyday in Looe, town is a little quiet so i look around the shop and think to myself what demo can i have a little play around with.. when i spot a Modelling balloons kit! Within seconds i had bought myself a kit, ripped open the box and was studying the instructions. Which are very clear and simple to follow. I decide to go with the easiest balloon model for my first try, so i attempted to make a balloon dog. It didn't go so well, i hadn't left myself enough balloon to finish off the hind legs and tail. Second attempt went much better and i found myself staring in pure amazement at the little balloon animal i had just created! 

 After a few more practice runs ( 5 balloon dogs later ) i decided to move onto something i felt was a little more challenging. A balloon flower! Three popped balloons later i had success.

I cannot explain how excited i was making balloon animals, i felt like i was seven years old at Christmas time again. Guaranteed hours of fun, tons and tons of balloon models to make and master. This could quite easily be my new hobby! 

COMING SOON!  How to make balloon animals step by step on our YouTube channel.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Fantastic fun with Marbles and Marble runs.

Weather you collect them, play with them or swap them every child should have a set of marbles.  With a massive variety for you to choose from, including colourful, bright and sparkling marbles there's something for everyone's taste. I remember i had a large clear glass marble that had a pink swirl inside that was my favorite in my collection which i used as my shooter while playing ringer, ring taw and dropsies. Or one of my favorites Marble run. 
Using imagination and creativity putting together a course and watching the marbles accelerate down the track is so exciting. Making different tracks and seeing how fast you can load the marbles onto the run is great fun! 

Fun fact : The longest marble run in the world ( featured in the Guinness world book of records ) measures 1,286.61 m ( 4,221.16ft) and was achieved by students of Swinburne University, Australia. Nine students spent a month building the huge marble run. The marble rook 10 minutes to complete the run.

Because my job is so fun i had the opportunity to play with all three sizes of Marble runs. All the pieces are bright and colorful and very easy to put together. Marble runs are definitely for all ages, it was great building my track and watching the marbles race down it. This product is great for children ( over the ages of three, small pieces are a choking hazard) it encourages thinking, creative development , imaginative play it's a group activity and is interactive.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Rotherfold Fete 'Made in Totnes' Fundraiser

On Saturday 5th October 2 - 6pm Totnes hosts a 'Made in Totnes' fundraiser to help raise funds to revamp the Rotherfold.

Just up the road from our Totnes shop there will be local musicians, stalls, face-painting and fortune-telling to keep people of all ages entertained.

You can sell your wares or contribute something to the collective stall - with proceeds going to the cause - or just pop down to meet your friends, try some tasty food and listen to some great music!

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