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Thursday, 29 December 2011

The New Year in Looe

Once again we are just a few days away from the New Year celebrations here in Looe after another hectic Christmas and it seemed to be over so quick.

Like most people I am sure your house has been full of presents, food and of course sweets of all descriptions and last night I was glad of just a salad after having the obligatory roast each day with desert to follow!

I have done a couple coastal walks and some beach combing as the weather has been really mild and mostly stayed dry and even had coffee sitting on the outside decking of the Watergate Beach Cafe wearing just a jumper and jeans enjoying a lovely sunny day.

Saturday afternoon will see the start of the New Years Eve celebrations here in Looe and by the evening there is hardly a place to stand in the street with everyone in fancy dress costume of one description or another ending with a grand firework display on the seafront at midnight to see in the Year.

The mood is festive and jolly and Looe is now becoming one of the top destinations to be for the New Year but wherever you are celebrating yours do have a great evening and hope the New Year brings you all you wish for.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Stuffing Those Stockings

Today is Market day in Totnes and the town is buzzing. In the shop people are making a b line straight to the pocket money toys for one reason only. We sell so many stocking fillers that I get a real insight into what Santa is bringing lots of little boys and girls this year. It seems there is a different tradition in every house.

When I was little we used lie our pillow cases out by the fireplace in the front room along with a mince pie, glass of milk and a carrot for the reindeer. Until my Dad suggested Santa would much prefer a glass of whisky. We would then sneak down as earlier as possible to get stuck into our present stuffed pillow cases. Often we would get sent back to bed and told it was far to early to start unwrapping presents. There was no sleep going on in that bedroom though, just two excited girls waiting until it was time to go down stairs.

When it was eventually my Mum's idea of morning we would tear into our stockings (pillow cases) as she watched our happy child like glee. The presents under the tree would be left until after breakfast when everyone was awake and we would be handed them one each at a time.

Lots of people do seem to use pillow cases or a specific Santa's sack but some people have a traditional stocking sized stocking. Although many people still hang them by the fire place not everyone has one nowadays so the stocking is put under the tree or hung on the end of the bed instead. The size of the gifts also seems to vary from lots of small things to a few bigger things. With lots of children getting really expensive gifts like iphones and games consols it's no wonder that there other gifts are quite small.

The tradition of my childhood Christmases will be carried on into my house and Blake will be helping me make mince pies tomorrow which we will leave out along with perhaps a glass of Baileys for Santa. We have a log burner but Santa always manages to squeeze down it none the less and placed neatly in front of it tomorrow night will be Blake's pillow case.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Shopping

My grand daughter ( 7 ) decided there was something she particularly wanted for Christmas and it was an item that we do not happen to sell so it was a trip for us to the nearest city. On entering one of the big toy stores I must admit it was a bit overwhelming with the row after row of wizz bang high tech toys on display so I asked the nearest person that worked there if he could help me find where this item was stocked only to be pointed roughly somewhere to the back of the store informing me it was on a far wall.

We wondered along the walls looking for the item but we couldn't see it anywhere so I asked another worker who was stocking a shelf only to be told they were only there for the Christmas period and didn't know where anything was and sorry they could not help.

A few more wanders along the walls, and with my grand daughter getting pretty frustrated, as I was as well by then, we found what she wanted by chance as we had given up and was heading for the exit through the middle of the shop with my head thumping!

Hooray!! It was what she wanted but it wasn't priced. I thought I would just queue at the checkout and pay whatever it cost as we were both by them ready to leave this shop. I cannot say I enjoyed shopping there at all.

I know these shops are bigger than us but customer service is free and if we are asked by a customer what would we recommend for a grand daughter, grandson, brother, sister etc we are more than happy to help them decide, to open a box and show them how something works or advise them about suitability and I know they really appreciate that and if it makes the experience pleasant than hopefully they will remember us next time they are looking to buy something.

I know there are not many days to go now until Christmas day and I hope you have bought everything you need but if you have any stocking fillers yet to get then come and see us as we still have a lovely range in store.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas event update

West Looe saw the arrival of Father Christmas last week with a nice crowd of people even though the weather was not as good as everyone hoped. Also it has been decided that the Lantern Festival which was to be held tonight will be postponed until Tuesday 20th December as there are gales and heavy rain forecast for tonight and as I look out of the window it looks like the forecast was right and its pouring down!

This is something beyond every ones control and I am sure this is a wise move as it is a wonderful evening watching the processions making their way from the three starting points to converge on the Quay by the Fishmarket for a carol service.

If I remember correctly it was around this time last year when we were more or less snowed in and it was easier to get around on the sledge we sell than by car or on foot so I shouldn't complain about it raining really so maybe I should think about keeping one in the shed just in case.

I hope that you are ready for Christmas but if you are like me then there is always a last minute mad dash for a present for someone who has been forgotten or a Christmas card I find weeks later that I hadnt posted!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

All www.toyday.co.uk orders upgraded to 1st Class delivery for free until Christmas Day

We have all been working super hard as usual this year making sure all the Christmas toys go out with no delays, and our fantastic new system and amazing team have been running on top form, ensuring that all orders placed through our website and other shopping channels have been sent out the same day.

Despite this great performance, we are always at the mercy of both the Royal Mail and the British weather, so just to be extra safe we have decided to upgrade our economy delivery service to First Class for free right up until our last Christmas posting date on Monday 19th December to ensure that you recieve your toys and last minute stocking fillers in time.for the big day.

If, like me, you are a man then don't worry, you can choose next day delivery for your toys right up until mid-day on Thursday the 22nd December to guarantee your delivery in time for Christmas.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Looe Christmas Events

Looe has started its Christmas events with the arrival of Father Christmas last Friday where crowds gathered on West Looe quay despite the poor weather. Lostwithiel Town Band were playing and there were fire works to coincide with the switching on of the Christmas lights at East and West Looe.

On Thursday December 15th Looe is holding the annual Christmas Lantern and Torchlight procession and carol service. As usual there will be three separate processions leaving at around 6.30 from the Millpool Carpark, West Looe Square and the Globe Inn. They will then all join for the main carol service on or near the Fish market at 7pm. Hot soup and rolls will be available in the Tourist Information Centre afterwards. I am sure everyone is hoping for a nice dry evening so please do come along and help make it an enjoyable event.

It is lovely to see all the shops in Looe with their Christmas windows and the Christmas Lights completing the atmosphere in the evenings. It is only a week or so until the start of the school holidays and if you are visiting Looe for a break I hope you pop in and say hello.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas Window in Looe

Has it really been almost twelve months since I dug out the boxes marked 'Christmas Decorations' which have been sitting quietly on the top shelf of the store waiting patiently to be opened again.

As always I test the lights before putting them on the tree as I have been caught before when I have finished the window only to find when I switch the lights on they decide not to work although when I had put them away they worked fine. This year there was no problem and they all worked perfectly.

I find there is something really enjoyable in stripping the window and dressing it for Christmas and watching the children's faces as they smile happily and point at all the things they notice like the teddy bear wearing his Christmas Hat in the pedal car, to the Nesting Santa.

We have a wonderful range of Christmas toys in our shops and on our website and I am certain if you are looking for something special or a little different than either pop into the shops or buy online where we will all be happy to help you.

There are several events happening in Looe over the next few weeks and when I have the dates I will post them all in time for you to enjoy them.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Santa's Grotto Toys

We have been supplying traditional and classic toys direct to Santa for 10 years now, with our energetic Christmas elves tirelessly gift wrapping and sending them out every year so that all the girls and boys out there have an exciting Christmas morning.

 Are you planning on having a Santa's grotto this year?
Since Father Christmas started recruiting and training apprentice Santa's to help with the Christmas rush by opening up their own Santa's grotto's, there has been an increase in demand for a selection of traditional toys to give to all of his visitors. As the apprentice Santa's are on a trainee wage, then all the Santa's grotto toys have to be sourced at a competitive price, which is where we come in.

We can gift wrap the Santa's grotto toys for you
Santa's Grotto Toys
We can advise on the best range of Santa's grotto toys for your event, working to a price point of your choice, and can even gift wrap each individual present for you, with the gift wrap colour coded for suitability for boys or girls, and age.

Pallets of Santa's Grotto Toys
Whether you need a pallet of last years toys at a great price, or a small selection of carefully chosen Christmas presents or 'secret Santa' stocking fillers for your event this Christmas, then please give us a call on 08452 696 452 and we will advise on the best festive solution for you.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Totnes Christmas Late Night Shopping

This year the Totnes Christmas late night shopping will be held on the 6th, 13th & 20th December - 5pm to 10pm

A series of three festive Tuesday evenings with entertainment, shopping and food.

Don't forget to pop up to Toyday to check out our great value stocking fillers and gifts for all the family!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Christmas last posting dates 2011

It looks like it's going to be another busy Christmas this year, and so it is time to post our last posting dates for 2011.

UK Standard Delivery: 19 December 2011

UK Next Day Delivery: 22 December 2011 – before 12pm

UK Christmas Eve Delivery: 23 December 2011 – before 12pm, surcharge applies.

Standard European Delivery: 12 December 2011

Standard Worldwide Delivery: 9 December 2011

Extended returns period
For added peace of mind this year, we have extended our returns period over Christmas, so anything purchased during November and December this year will be eligible for return throughout January 2012. All that we ask is that the return is in new condition and in its original packaging.

Subject to our standard return T&C's. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Racing Rubber Ducks

With one of Toyday shops based in Looe we are no stranger to Rubber Duck races as each summer The Lions Club of Looe holds its own annual rubber duck race when around 5000 rubber ducks are dropped from the Bridge into the harbour amid huge cheers as the tide is going out.

Through the summer people 'purchase' a numbered duck and on the day of the race the harbour is packed with every one hoping the duck they sponsored is the first past the finishing post although as with any race there is a lot of jostling, the ducks that is, as they float down the harbour.

It is a hugely enjoyable event and raises an amazing amount of money for charity and we are finding that this kind of event is becoming more and more popular and we are getting requests if we can supply large quantities of rubber ducks which of course we can.

One criteria for a successful duck race as you can imagine is the fact that the ducks are suitable and although they all float in a bath its when they are dropped from a height or the water is perhaps a little choppy that they have problems.

So the idea of this blog was to test a few of the popular ducks for racing and see how they stand up to the elements.

Giant Rubber Duck

  • Floats upright in water.
  • Unlikely to topple over with a base of around 11 inches.
  • Still very stable when dropped from a height.
  • Standing 10 inches tall its easily visible from a distance.
  • RRP of £17.99.
  • 10/10 for a Duck Race

Large Duck in a Hat

  • Floats upright in water.
  • Quite stable with a base of around 7 inches.
  • Still quite stable when dropped from a height.
  • Stands around 7 inches so easily seen from a distance.
  • RRP £14.99. ( each )
  • 9/10 for a Duck Race

Classic Bath Duck

  • Floats upright when placed in water.
  • Topples over quite easily.
  • Does not always land upright if dropped.
  • Quite visible as stands 3 inches high and 4 inches long
  • RRP £1.75
  • 7/10 for a Duck Race

Creature Rubber Duck

  • Floats upright when placed in water.
  • Topples over quite easy.
  • Unlikely to land upright if dropped.
  • They are quite visible as coloured and also quirky.
  • RRP £1.99 ( each )
  • 6/10 for a Duck Race

Tube of 6 Rubber Ducks
  • Floats upright when placed in water.
  • Very stable for its small size.
  • Mostly lands upright when dropped.
  • Comes in bright colours so is quite visible.
  • RRP £4.99 ( per tube of 6 )
  • 9/10 for a Duck Race.

Pluck a Duck

  • Floats upright when placed in water.
  • Fairly stable in water.
  • Tends to fall on its side when dropped.
  • Comes in bright colours so easily visible.
  • RRP £13.00 ( per pack of 3 )
  • 7/10 for a Duck Race. (10/10 for a hook-a-duck game)

I hope this helps in any plans that you may have for a future duck race and if you witnessed or heard about the O2 Duck Race and the Spinningfields charity event held in April we supplied the giant ducks for these events. Family ducks were sponsored for £1 and corporates ducks £150, and many ducks being painted to add extra amusement. Happy Duck Racing.

Friday, 11 November 2011

The Toy Sourcers

Do you have a list of toys that your business or client needs but can't find on our website (or on google!)?
If so, you need our toy sourcing service. Whether you need 20,000 rubber ducks for your cooperate or charity event, or dice, counters and cards for your exciting new game, or perhaps your client requires a selection of toys aimed at a particular age range or price point. Whatever your toy requirements, we are happy to assist.

Working directly with the major toy manufacturers and importers, we can source almost any toys, and will provide a bespoke quote for you along with high resolution product images, availability & lead times. There is no charge for this service; it all comes as part of our great old fashioned customer service!

Simply contact the toysourcers@toyday.co.uk and tell us what you need, and let us do all the hard work for you, whilst you go off and enjoy that game of golf, sorry, I mean concentrate on your next presentation.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Which is better - LEGO or a better value lower priced compatiable set?

Well, the official Toyday poll results are in, and surprisingly, only a third of our readers thought that LEGO® was better, compared to 66% of you that believed the lower priced compatiable sets to be better value.

We have been attempting to get an account with LEGO®, for at least 5 years, and my bi-annual call to their sales team always go the same way, that they won't be opening any new accounts until next year! So naturally we were excited to hear when the LEGO® patent had expired, and that many of LEGO®'s competitors sets were emerging. After purchasing many of the different brands, we found the best of the compatiable sets to be Cobi and the MY range to be the most similar to LEGO®, and with a good tight grip, and also representing the best value for money. This is why we now sell both of those ranges in our shops and online.

Now, it wouldn't be fair for me to state my particular preference until I have compared like for like, so last week I went out and purchased some original LEGO®, which I shall be building the models from, and see for myself how it really does compare.

I have purchased the LEGO® Atlantis Brickmaster set which will be compared directly with our own MY Space Explorer Building Bricks set which both retail for a penny under £15. I will be back soon to let you know which I believe to be better.

Don't forget to vote in our new poll at the top right of the screen "How Much Of Your Christmas Shopping Do You Buy Online?"

Monday, 31 October 2011

Turn on the Tap Appeal

Quite often we get requests to supply toys that are going to be used for a promotion or a display and we have had items shown on television programmes but I believe one of the most interesting has to be from the Harvest Committee of a Church Sunday School which required 50 of our plastic watering cans.

They informed us that the watering cans were to be used by the children to raise money at their Harvest Festival. Money raised would go towards the 'Turning on the Tap Appeal'. This is the re-launch of the campaign for clean water launched by Christian Relief and development charity Samaritin's Purse which originated four years ago. The aim is to give cleaner drinking water to the 1 in 8 people in the world who still don't have access to it and suffer from water-borne diseases.

I remember when I was around the age of ten visiting my grandparents who lived in an old cottage in the corner of a field not far from the village I lived in. They had no running water but there was a small spring which ran into a little hand dug pool across the lane from them.

From there they would fill buckets but when the spring ran dry in the summer my grandad would walk down through two fields to the river where he would fill a couple buckets and walk back to the cottage doing this several times a day. On the times when I visited them it seemed great fun to me having to trudge through the fields for buckets of water but I am sure my grandad found it tiresome and we had to stop every now and then for him to rest.

There were days we would take a picnic and sit by the river but we still had the long trek back up the two fields with the buckets of water and some weeks my grandad would do this time and time again day in and day out.

In our modern society of today this is almost unheard of and how many of us complain when our water is turned off for a few hours for a pipe to be repaired or they are frozen for a few days in the winter. We just expect to do nothing more than turn on a tap in our home and sparking clean water to come out endlessly every time.

Imagine walking several miles every day to find water and even the water you collected was more than likely to be contaminated and filthy. Imagine your children having to do this as well just so they had some water to drink. It doesn't bear thinking about.

Funds raised by the 'Turn on the Tap' appeal are directed towards the water and sanitation projects of Samaritan's Purse in Liberia, Mozambique, Niger and Uganda. Here broken boreholes are repaired, new shallow wells are dug, community latrine blocks are built and bio-sand water filters are provided for homes to filter their water.

Please spare a few minutes to watch the video and the next time you turn on your tap remember how fortunate we are.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Operation Christmas Child with Samaritan's Purse

Every year lots of our customers tell me they are looking for little toys to fill there shoe boxes for the Samaritan's purse operation Christmas child. The aim is to give a gift to make Christmas a bit special for children all over the

world experiencing war or poverty. You can be someones own personal Santa!

Simply find a medium sized shoe box, wrap it, fill it and send it. For more details visit the Operation Christmas Child website. I am often asked what items you shouldn't put in so here is the list:

  • No Food - especially chocolate - non-chocolate sweets are allowed

  • No medicine or vitamins of any kind

  • No war related items - toy guns, soldiers or knives of any kind

  • No clothing - some accessories are allowed

  • No fragile items - glass containers, mirrors.

  • No liquids - including blow bubbles, shampoo, bubble bath, toiletry sets or aerosols.

  • No dangerous items - sharp objects, scissors or razors

  • No novels

  • Nothing of a political nature

  • No hand-knitted stuffed toys without a CE mark - although they do provide knitting patterns for items that will be accepted on their website.

Blake will be making up a shoebox this year so I hope who ever gets his gifts like s bouncy balls because he is obsessed and I guarantee his box to be full of them.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Have A Spooktacular Halloween at Woodlands Theme Park

On Saturday October 29th from 5.00 to 9.00pm for one night only Woodlands is hosting a Family Fright Night.

There will be spooky ghosts and zombies around the park so be prepared!

Join Palm FM at Dracula’s Disco with the radio presenters organising games and competitions.

There will be interaction and activities that will make your hair stand on end as you brave the scary zones in the Woodlands.

If you go for the day you can stay for the evening for free! Entry after 4pm just £5.00 per person.

If you are looking for an outfit then click here to check out our Halloween themed products.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Best toys for an 8 year old girl

Here is my top five unique gifts for an 8 year old girl:

1. Friendship Bracelet Making Kit - £4.99
A classic craft kit for girls at a great value price. Girls will love making bracelets for themselves and their friends and when they run low on threads they can top up on different coloured threads so this kit can be used over and over again.

2. Swan Lake Jewellery Box - £15.99
This little girls jewellery box is simply beautiful and has a dancing ballerina inside. When the lid is opened the ballerina will twirl to Swan Lake.

3. Paint Your Own Russian Dolls - £12.99
A set of five wooden Russian dolls that have been left plain so that they can be decorated to anyones taste. After they have been painted they will look great in a girls bedroom.

4. Darling Rubber Duck - £6
The most glamorous rubber duck your likely to find, this rubber duck will make bath time more fabulous.

5. Wooden Flower Press - £6.99
A large wooden flower press will make an interesting gift that will inspire craft projects and creativity.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

Sequin Craft - £1.50, Hair Beading Kit - £2.99, Worry Dolls - £1.50
(below from left to right)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A Successful Music Festival

Looe's first Making Waves music festival has been hailed a great success with an estimate of more than 2000 people flocking into the town on those three days.

The weather was glorious and it was only on the final evening that it began to rain but even that couldn't stop the enjoyment that was being had by all.

A musical parade took to the streets to welcome everyone to the event and as they walked around the town you could hear every kind of musical instrument and it was delightful to watch. Throughout each day the streets were full as revellers moved from one stage to another and in the evening all the pubs and restaurants done a roaring trade.

One of the big names was Roy Wood of Wizard fame and I can remember dancing to his music many years ago and hearing him brought those memories back! Was it that long ago I was wearing flares!!

I think there was an estimate of around 70 bands taking part in the festival and hats of to the organisers.
I am not sure if the cost of putting on the event was raised but I believe that it is not always about making money but showing what Looe can do and making sure a great time was had by all and I know that happened as there are talks already about next year with the first fundraiser being held.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

More ebay bargains from Toyday

We are trying to make some room for our Christmas stock downstairs here at the Totnes shop so we're having a clear out. The place where millions of people get rid of things they no longer want or need, but sure someone else will...is of course the most popular online auction and shopping website, Ebay!

2 packs of Ju
mbo Soldiers won on ebay for 99p!

A few people have grabbed some bargains this week. Including a brand new Retro Rubik's Cube usually £12.99, it was won for £1.63 and all it was missing was it's packaging! We have lots of packs of Soldiers with split packaging, but all in perfect condition. Someone won 2 packs of Jumbo Soldiers for 99p, instead of paying £5! There are still 4 listings for soldiers waiting to be won so come visit our shop toyday_clearance and get yourself a bargain. Keep an eye out for new listings being added in the next week!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Gok Wan's Spray Painted T-Shirt Disaster

I was watching the new series of Gok's Clothes Road Show on Channel 4 last night and although I love browsing the high streets fashions from my arm chair and watching as Gok Tirelessly makes women look thinner simply by adding a belt to any outfit I was less than impressed by his homemade t-shirt. I love the idea of giving us crafty fashion tips, I can see the use for glittering up a pair of old heels but using spray paint to create a unique design on a plain white T I don't think any of us could pull off. Even with his creative flair the design produced was lack luster so how can any of us mere mortals expect to come anywhere close to producing something wearable. Plus I'm not entirely sure how practical it would be to wash.

Nowadays customising a t-shirt shouldn't be so hard. You can by iron on transfers, sew on patches or how about going a bit retro and doing some tie dying. When I was a child I created my own funky t-shirts with string and some veggies. I tried tea, stinging nettles and beetroot as dye but for just £3.99 you can buy a tie dye kit. Now I don't know how much a can of spray paint is but I'm pretty sure you could achieve better results with one of these methods.

Looking forward to next week to see what other crazy idea's he has in store for us!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Travel Connect 4 Game Review

This travel size Connect 4 game is from the Hasbro range of games, this is a scaled down version of the original game. The aim of the game is simple, get 4 of your coloured discs in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win. Take it in turns to slot your coloured discs in to the stand to try and get 4 in a row or to block the other player from winning. Only two people can play, male or female. It is recommended for people over the age of 6.

Travel Connect 4 Summary
Connect 4 is a simple but enjoyable game. The travel size makes it perfect to take on any long journey and be taken out your bag to play and pass some time. Only two people can play this at a time, but that doesn't matter too much with it's purpose being for travelling it would suite two people sat in the back of a car or sat together on a train,bus or plane.

I use to love playing this with my Dad and could play all afternoon trying to beat him so will definitely be giving this as a Christmas present to my 7 year old cousin - mainly to keep him quiet in the evening! The simplicity of this game is what seems to make it more enjoyable and unlike Monopoly and Cluedo you don't need to dedicate your whole weekend to playing this, but can still be kept occupied for a decent amount of time whilst you challenge a friend or family member to a game.

Pro’s and Cons

- Comes in a handy container to keep all the pieces in.
- Portable version folds away easily and would fit nicely into your bag.
- You're never too old to play.
- Easy to set up.

- Only two people can play the game at a time.
- Could come with a bag to put it in.

How Much Is It? - Travel Connect 4 available from www.toyday.co.uk and cost £6.99, considering the play value you get for that price, it is an absolute bargain. Toyday also stock other enjoyable travel size games such as Hungry Hippos and Guess Who.

In Short
Price - £6.99
Value for Money – 8.5/10
Enjoyment Rating – 9/10
Recommended Age – 6 years and over
Recommended Sex - Male & Female
Overall Rating – 9/10

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Best Sellers This Week.

With Christmas looming upon us and the summer, well what summer we had, almost a memory I am always interested in what customers are buying as presents and what seems to be the most popular. It is always pleasing to hear that there are many parents still looking to buy the more traditional toys for their children and can usually find what they are looking for here in the shop.

Whether its for a girl or boy these seem to be the most popular this week.

The Wooden Carpenters Tool Set has to be one of the nicest tool sets around for the budding carpenter. It comes complete with a range of tools including a hammer, screwdriver, saw and other items and in the little drawers are an assortment of screws and nuts. It closes with a couple clips and has a carrying handle. Perfect for the DIY child.

Although the Train Vehicle Puzzle is going to make up many Christmas presents it is a very popular buy throughout the year, although sadly the various other vehicle puzzles have now been discontinued. In the box are 8 pieces of track which can be changed around to make a huge variety of layouts, some traffic signs and a little red or navy blue train. Just pop an AAA battery inside away it goes on its never ending track.

Our Wooden Fire Engine with two dolls has been selling well and is a lovely sturdy wooden toy. It comes complete with two little bear firemen, a movable ladder, hose, fire hydrant and hosepipe.

If they are more into Police Cars than fire engines then have a look at our Wooden Police Van and two little policemen dolls. The front doors open for the flexible dolls to get in and out and with two rear doors that will also open its another great wooden toy. Both of these have been popular buys this week.

With more unusual names being given to children nowadays, trying to find an item with their name on it is becoming more and more difficult and our Wooden Train Letters have provided the answer for many customers. Any name can be made up by choosing the letters to make up the name, add a front locomotive and a rear carriage and its complete. They come with a hook and eye attachment and can be used as a decoration in a bedroom or played with on all major brands of train track.

I hope these few items have given you some ideas and I am sure your children will be pleased to receive any one of them.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Best toys for an 8 year old boy

Unless you know what's cool buying a gift for an eight year old boy can be tough going. By eight they know what they like and what they are in to may change by the day. Below is my list of top gift ideas that are sure to be a hit:

1. Spinning Plate - £5.99
The diabolo has seen a rise in popularity this year and most little boys seem to own one already, which is why it's not on my list. After experimenting with diabolo tricks they have become interested in all things juggling and this spinning plate will certainly test their skills.

2. Technorobot Building Kit - £10.99
I could have chosen almost any kit from our education section as there are some other fantastic ones amongst the range. This robot making kit has been popular for years and is a hit with boys.

3. Wooden Bow and Arrow Set - £8.99
A lovely traditional bow and arrow complete with target and three arrows. Even the Dad's will love having a go at this!

4. Magic Hat Trick Set - £16.99
Harry Potter has made all things wizardly very popular and because this set comes complete with a wand it is a great hit.

5. Magnet Kit - £9.99
You may be surprised at the fun that can be had with all these magnets.

I really struggled to narrow down the stocking stuffers as we have so many great ideas. I have chosen the top 3 that would be suitable for almost any boy of eight but if your looking for the favourite of 2011 it has to be the Smurf figures at £3.50 each:

From the Right
Light Up Kinetic Wheel - £4.99, Net of Marbles - £1.50, Aircraft carrier - £4.99

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