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Monday, 29 July 2013

Beach Themed Window Display

Here at Toyday we have brought the beach to our window display - we've even brought the sand! Our window display shows all the sorts of things you could possibly want to make your trip to the beach even more enjoyable.

We've got everything from buckets, spades and frisbees to hoola hoops and wooden boats. Our widow display even has a few seagulls flying above.

 To make it look more like the beach we also brought in some beautiful sea shells and rocks.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

How to make your own erupting volcano

This erupting volcano makes a perfect landscape for your toy dinosaurs, both before and after the eruption.

All you need to make this is:

• A small bottle
• Bicarbonate of soda
• Vinegar
• Water
• Washing up liquid
• Red food colouring
• Some sand
• A few small rocks

The Lava
All you need to do is half fill the bottle with water, and add about 5 heaped teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda, a squirt of washing up liquid and a dash of red food colouring. Give this a good mix.

The Volcano
Place the bottle down where you would like the centre of your volcano, and pile up the sand around it, up to the neck of the bottle.

Place some small stones or rocks around the volcano, and add your toy dinosaurs if you wish.

The Eruption
When you are ready for the grand event, simply pour the vinegar into the bottle right up to the top and enjoy as the molten lava flows down the volcano!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

hand clapping rhymes

Hand clapping has been happening on the playground for years and years. Everyone knows the different rhymes that get passed down through the generation. From example, I was singing rhymes that my great grandmother did when she was small! There are so many that I never even knew, but one that most people know is the famous 'see see my playmate'
A very simple one that is so easy to learn (although there are a few different lyrics)

One I recently found online was this one called 'Boom Snap Clap' which seems to be a lot more complex that the first one... (they even use their legs!)

Here are a few more rhymes that you might remember-

High low
chicken low
chicken low
chicken low
high low
chicken low
chicken low
hey ho 

My boyfriend gave me an apple
My boyfriend gave me a pear
My boyfriend gave me a kiss on the lips and threw me down the stairs
He threw me over Ireland
He threw over France
He threw me over the USA and then pulled down my pants!

Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack

All dressed in black, black, black

With silver buttons, buttons, buttons

All down her back, back, back

She asked her mother, mother, mother

For fifty cents, cents, cents

To see the elephant, elephant, elephant

Jump the fence, fence fence

They jumped so high, high, high

They touched the sky, sky, sky

And didn't come back, back, back

Till the fourth of July, July, July

See if you can learn some new and difficult hand clapping rhymes this summer!


Thursday, 25 July 2013


The weather has been hotter than it has been in several years which means if you if you have a small child this is the BEST summer of their whole little lives! It is certainly turning out to be one of the best I've ever had, I can remember heatwaves but I didn't live by the sea side when I was little so now I am reliving my beachless youth!
Although thunderstorms have hit most of the country, we have been mostly protected here in Looe and the beach is being enjoyed by holiday makers from all over the British Isles.
There is so much fun to be had on the beach, it's not just sandcastles and paddling, Looe has a bouncy castle and giant slide for the kids, you will see people playing all the usual outdoor games like Frisbee, Cricket, and flying Kites but you will also find some of the older traditional games like Quoits and Boules still very much alive down here! The beach is also a perfect place to practice your Juggling or Diabolo skills, and the sea makes it a safe place for Fire Poi or Staffs
(That's my husband that is!)

I have been helping with the sandcastle building because I found a chip cone on the beach and used it to make pointy tops on the towers, that made me very popular with the girls and now I'm not allowed to sunbathe until I have finished a princess castle before the tide comes in! I am planning a giant sand sculpture soon, just need to decide what to make.........any ideas?

Monday, 22 July 2013

Every Baby Needs A Mobile

Mobiles are a good way to get your baby off to sleep. Here at Toyday we have a range to different mobiles in all sorts of sizes and themes.

Noah's Ark Mobile - £13.99
Great for brightening up your child's playroom or nursery. Has all kinds of animals (including elephants,zebra and sheep)

Pirate Mobile - £12.99
Perfect for pirate themed rooms. Has a ship with pirate themed items hanging down.
Farm Mobile - £14.99
Good for children who love animals. Has a rainbow, barn, tractor and animals.

Princess's Dream Mobile - £14.99
Perfect choice for every little princess.

To view any of the products shown simply click of the image or to view more of our mobiles click here

Saturday, 20 July 2013

The World's Best Sand Castles

It's now been about 3 weeks of amazing weather! Everyday the temperature has been reaching about 30 degrees and it's supposedly meant to get even hotter next week (!!!) I've been spending a lot of time on the beach and I've noticed all these children with different buckets and spades, making sand castles. I really believe that sand castles are one of the best parts of being on the beach! 
 So I did my research and found some amazing images of sand castles created by people on different beaches, all around the world-

Maybe your sand castle isn't as glamorous as these ones but you can try creating all different types of castles- tall, short, large, thin...
At Toyday we sell all sorts of spades and buckets to enjoy with the family or with your friends. So enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts and get yourself to the beach!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Anna's Visit to England

I'm Anna and I'm 16 year old. this is my second experience in England but this is my first "job experience". in the morning I'm going to school and in the afternoon I'm going here for work. I've never worked yet so I have a little fear! I hope to learn this language because my English is poor. I'm living in a family very very beautiful with 2 girl: french girl and spanish girl. I will live in Totnes for 2 week. I work in a "toy shop" and I work on the till. It's not difficult but i have fear all the same!

With my teacher and my class, we visited the castle and we went to the train station.On Saturday, tomorrow, i will go, with my Italian friends, to Exeter. We will do more shopping!! I think that Totnes is a good city and there are more beautiful shops in the center, in fact, I already bought a dress. 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Looe is a Place of Smugglers Tales and Pirate Legends

If you take a look around Looe it doesn't take much to imagine it as a town of smugglers and pirates. With it's narrow alleys and hidden nooks there was plenty of places for a pirate to slip away unnoticed, or as they were often armed, jump out on a lone customs officer.

Smugglers Cottage on Looe Island
Looe island became a hub for smugglers who could pay to have their goods stored in a cave out of sight
from even themselves. There is a cave on the island that is said to be over 30 yards long. Legend has it that there are secret tunnels connecting the island to Looe.

The island was brought from Elizabeth I by the Trelawney family in the 1600's, the island was then rented to the Finn family in 1781. Finn had just spent 7 years on Mewstone island off shore from Plymouth as punishment for the crime of causing a nuisance to his neighbors and apparently got the taste for an isolated life. The Finn family also shared the island with the Hooper family who have connections to smuggling.

Amram Hooper was said to be the chief smuggler of the time, although he and his family didn't smuggle the goods themselves they would hide contraband goods for a fee and then get them across to Looe when the coast was clear. Smuggled goods would include spirits, tea and silk stockings or anything that had a high duty. He along with his sister Jochabed and daughter Matilda are involved in many of the smuggling stories of the island although often the spellings of names get changed.

Matilda was nick named Black Till which is very similar to another island resident Black Joan a member of the Finn family. There are two stories of Black Joan committing murder the first I heard was that she killed a tall man on the island the skeleton of which has been discovered there and the second story of how she got into an argument with a Jamaican seaman in the Jolly Sailor Inn and shot him in the head. Although jailed for this crime she was acquitted despite the witnesses probably due to the magistrate being one of her best customers. The tale of Black Till is that she would pretend to be in distress in her rowing boat to distract the attention of any officers so that her father could move the contraband goods.

The islanders were not alone in their smuggling. A farmer would ride his white horse along the coast to signal that the coast was clear and if it wasn't he would take it back home. The Hooper gang were later joined by Thomas Fletcher, an Irishman who absconded from the coastguard to join the smugglers.

Who knows what hidden treasure could be found on the island. There is a story of how a group having a picnic on the island rushed into a barn when it started to rain and fell through the floor. Under the floor they discovered hidden spirits.

The Jolly sailor where Black Joan was said to have shot a man was also home to a quick thinking landlady. When a customs officer came to check the pub she quickly sat on an illicit keg and concealed it beneath her petty coats whilst calmly knitting. There are also stories of a woman who concealed a secret passage in a Looe cottage behind her skirts.

The house built by customs to keep an eye on smuggling in Looe.
Every Tuesday in Looe during the high season you may see a pirate walking around as their legends are remembered by the local people who dress up as pirates for one day a week. If you want to join them and get your own piratey treasures take a look at our website.

Skull and Crossbones Tattoo - 25p

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Pets Without The Mess

Here at Toyday we have a range of animal theme toys for those children who would love a pet but can't have one.

Hamster On A Wheel - £8.99
This battery powered hamster runs around and around in his wheel. Easy to put together and also comes in two colours.

Cat In The Bag - £5.00
Put the cat in the bag on the floor and watch as he rolls around trying to get out. Comes with bag, motorised ball and tail of the cat.

Singing Bird - £14.99
Turn the key on the bottom of the bird cage, look and listen as he sings his song and moves in time with his song.
 To open any products page simply click on the image.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

How to juggle...

I've always been so fascinated at the concept of juggling. I remember my Grandparents taking us to the Circus every summer and I was just so wonder-struck at the different tricks by acrobatic performers. They'd go from using three simple balls to 4, 5, 6, 7 etc. Then they would set them on fire and start throwing them around their necks and legs. Absolutely insane! It's always been on my bucket list to learn how to juggle, especially in the summer because there's a lot more space and longer days to work at it.

So here is a simple guide on how to juggle-

 1) start with one ball. Start passing one ball from one hand to the other. Try and get the ball at eye-height or higher. Your hands must not move too much, so aim to keep your elbows at your hips.
2)Practice scooping your hand. This will help make juggling a lot easier. Just scoop, or dip, your hand before tossing the ball. Practice scooping and tossing from one hand to another, don't let the arc rise above your eye level.
3) now use two balls. Toss ball A, and when it reaches the middle of its arc, toss ball B. Practice until this becomes very natural.
4) finally, three balls! Put two balls in one hand and the another ball in the other hand. Start by passing ball 1 from your right hand and once it reaches the middle of its arc throw ball 2 to your right hand. Then, once ball 2 is at its peak throw ball 3 (making sure you've caught ball 1!) 
It sounds complicated, i know! Which is why you should purchase our juggling balls that even have their own diagrams on the box. Just keep practicing and practicing until you feel comfortable...

...and remember- even the most experienced jugglers and acrobats had to start somewhere!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Do You Remember Your First Computer Games?

Blake is only 5 and already he has started saving up for the very latest Xbox although he has told us he also wants and Ipad. Little does he know that when he is our age these will be the devises he will have nostalgic memories of playing 'retro' computer games on.

I remember our first Atari games console complete with joy stick and block like games that pushed into the top. We only had 4 games, our favourites being Space Invaders and Pacman.

Next we had a commodore 64 that my parents brought second hand. It was definitely one way of teaching children patience as it took so long to load a game. When we got bored of the games that came with it I spent my Birthday money on a Quick Draw Mcgraw game. Adam has equally fond memories of his first Spectrum computer which is where he did his first computer programming. A skill which later proved very useful when designing all the Toyday computer systems that we all use on a daily basis.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Horse Themed Toys

Horses are beautiful animals that many little boys and girls dream of owning one day. Here at Toyday we have a range of horse themed toys that your children will love.

Here are a few:

First we have a Wooden Horse Swing - £39.99. This solid birch swing has high side so it is safe for young children and comes with strong rope and metal hoops so that you can hang it from anywhere. As it comes plain you can even paint it to look like the pony of their dreams.

Next we have the very traditional Hobby Horses - Prices range from £19.99 - £30.00. All of our hobby horses are made of wood, come with bridles on and come in a range of colours.

Finally we also have - for the younger children - a Wooden Pull Along Horse - £16.99. Great for children who are learning to walk or crawl as it will encourage them to pull it along.

Click on any of the images to go straight to the product page.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Crazy for Crab fishing

The Quayside in Looe is the perfect place to go crab fishing and visitors here line the harbour with their buckets and bait. Our shop is positioned right in the middle of the East Looe Quay and we sell a bucket, bait and line deal for £3 to hundreds of tourists. I can see them from the shop window and I often walk along the Quay after work to check out how they have fared. Today Looe is holding a crab fishing competition with prizes for the most crabs caught. Find out more about crabbing and marine conservation with the experts from the Looe Marine Conservation Group
Last week I saw a little girl giggling away as she filled her fathers hood with little crabs while he was busy concentrating on his own crab line!

What can you catch?

There are 3 main types of small crab living in the rocks of the quayside.

Common Shore Crab

These little guys are the main ones you'll find, they can vary in colour from dark bottle green to purple.

Edible Crabs

You can tell it's an edible crab by it's pie crust edge. Don't take them home to eat though, they are far too small, these are just babies! If you want crab you can buy one of their great grand parents from the local fish market and that will feed a family of 4!

Velvet Shore Crab

These can be identified by their feathered back legs which they use to swim with. They also have amazingly beautiful front claws with mutlicoloured markings. These are the rarest of the bunch.

How to do it

You can buy your Bucket, Bait and line for £3 from Toyday and then pitch up at the Quay.

Step 1 

Fill your bucket with sea water. Try and find a little patch of shade to put it in, crabs are not happy in direct sun light.

 Step 2 

Get the bait in the net without letting the Sea Gulls steal it! If you are fishing with little ones, do this for them, the sea gulls tend to pick on the smaller children and leave the big adult humans alone (they know where their bread is buttered!) We supply frozen bacon in small plastic bag so you can slip it all in the net in one swift go. It is frozen to stop it rinsing away in the current quite so fast, and the crabs can't eat as much as of so it will last longer. Bacon is of course irresistible to crabs!

Step 3

Drop your net of bait down into the water and wait until you see a crab grab on and start munching. If you slowly lift the net the crab instinctively grips on.

Step 4

Stick it in the bucket and have a look at the crazy little things!


Crabs are not friendly creatures, they don't like each other much and if you over crowd your bucket a fight is likely to break out. Don't let them build up on top of each other in there, you can still keep count and put them back every time the bucket fills up. If the tide is low don't chuck them over the side, they have a heavy exoskeleton and will fall hard and fast, if there isn't enough water to slow them down they might crack their shells!

Handle with care! The best way to pick up a crab is from behind with your thumb and fore fingers on the edge of it's shell. Out of the way of the pincers and avoiding the delicate eyes or antenna.

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