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Friday, 24 September 2010

Celebrities Toys

We send so many toys out via mail order especially at Christmas it made me wonder if we ever have any celebrities buying our toys. The only celeb to purchase something from us in the Totnes shop or at least the only one I recognised was Melinda Messenger. I thought that lady looks very glamorous but I didn't twig it was her until she came up to buy a blackboard and a mini table top football.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt was spotted coming off a flight with a wooden sword that looks just like ours, proof if ever you needed any that traditional toys are cool. It's not surprising that Angelina Jolie's daughter would be able to kick some butts just like mummy. I wonder if she'd like the matching shield that we have.

Celebrities can get away with far more than us mere mortals. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be aloud a sword on a plane or like the Beckham children to ride around on skateboards in a shop. Having David Beckham as their dad those boys seem to be quite sporty, I imagine they're loving the outside lifestyle they can have in LA. With a snowfree winter for them I would choose space hoppers for Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz to race against each other.

Thankfully I don't have to buy any Christmas presents for any celebrity children as I don't think my budget would stretch that far but I am curious to know if any of our toys will be lining the stockings of the rich and famous this year.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Toyday's 60 Minutes of fame!

Some of our toys are set to feature on this Friday's episode of 60 Minute Makeover on ITV1 at 2pm!

In this episode a team of designers to Surrey, to transform the home of a carer who devotes much of her time to looking after other people. The team has just 60 minutes to revamp several rooms before the homeowner returns to see the surprise makeover.

One of the bedrooms
for her six-year-old twin boys will have a seaside theme. It will feature our extremely popular Wooden Flying Seagull, Wooden Fishing Game and Wind Up Submarine.

Let us know if you manage to spot any of the toys!

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