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Thursday, 29 April 2010

My favourite toys

I work in the toy shop "Toyday" for 2 weeks. It is very cool to work here, because all are very friendly and I have different things to do.

Now I have a good overview about the toys and I will tell you my favourite toys.
I have seen a lot of toys which I played as a child, for example marbles or bubbles. In Toyday there are a lot of beautiful marbles in different sizes.
I also like the smurfs. Last week we got a new smurf collection about the horoscope - very nice.

With the fairytale finger puppets you can play a lot of fantastic stories.
Since I am here I have bought some finger puppets and "London in bag" for my niece. "London in bag" shows the most famous sites of London, this wooden city is fascinating.

Next week I want to buy a flashing rubber duck. The multi coloured lights flash are activated when placed in water. It looks very nice. Furthermore I want to buy some wooden train letters. In Germany I bought some of these trains. But I do not have enough to spell a word that make sense.

These are my favourite toys from the toy shop "Toyday". I am sure everybody will find here a favourite toy.

Now I just have one exciting week in Totnes and then I go back to Germany.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Marbles Games

Ceramic marbles began mass production in the 1870, but it wasn’t until the 1890’s that machinery to manufacture glass marbles was introduced. From then on they have been used for a variety of children's games, and are collected by many people, both for nostalgia and for their interesting mix of colours!
There are many small glassmakers who make marbles by hand. A popular glassmaker in the South West is the House of Marbles, who offers a modern range of marbles, sought after by many collectors.
The manufacturing process is actually quite complex. Firstly, glass is melted in a furnace and poured out. The chosen coloured glasses are then injected into the flowing glass if inserts are needed in the marble. Shears are cut into small cylinders as the glass descends. These are then placed into moving, mechanical rollers were the final shape and size is created and the marbles are left to cool.
Here are some of the best known marble games:
Bounce about
A game for two to four players, which works best with Medium sized marbles. Player 1 throws bouncer ( marble) forward about 1.5 metres. Player 2 then throws their bouncer, trying to hit Player 1’s. Player 3 throws to try and hit either marble on the ground and so on. If a bouncer is hit then the player needs to give the successful thrower one marble.
For two players. Start by drawing a small circle or making a small hole a suitable distance from the shooting spot. Both players then shoot a marble towards the circle, until one player’s marble stops within the circle. That player then scores 10 points and continues throwing until they score 100 points or misses. If he misses the turn is then passes to the opponent who shoots and scores until they miss. The first player to score 100 points is the winner and the loser gives them a predetermined number of marbles.
Eggs in the Bush
A player picks up a random amount of marbles with one hand and asks the other players to guess the amount. The players who guess the right amount are rewarded that number of marbles by the questioner. However, the players who guess incorrectly have to give the questioner the difference between the numbers actually held. An entertaining guessing game!
Marbles can also be used for decorative purposes – they are great for flower arrangements, candle sticks, fish tanks and pot plants!
View our range of marbles here and put some of the games into practice!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Work experience

Hello, I am Astrid and I come from Germany. I am a trainee for Industrial Business Management. Me and my class stay in Totnes for 4 weeks because of a school project.
Totnes is a small city in Devon in the South of England. Here there is a beautiful landscape.
I live with a friend by a hostfamily near the High Street.
The first 3 days I went to the Totnes school of English and the other time I work in the toy shop called Toyday. It is a wonderful shop with a lot of traditional and modern toys. I like to working here, because I can improve my language skills.
For me it is a cool experience to see another country and another culture. I am sure this 4 weeks will be very funny.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Duck Racing - Which rubber ducks are best?

Everyone loves a rubber duck race, and duck racing can be a great fund raising event. One of the most common questions we are asked at Toyday, is "what ducks are best for duck racing?". This depends largely on budget, and for many annual duck racing events, the event managers will have invested in special racing rubber ducks, which are weighted so that they float upright. We do supply these ducks designed especially for duck racing, (priced £3 - £10) although these can often be price prohibitive for 1 off duck racing events.

The biggest challenge with racing ducks, is the ability for them to stay upright whilst racing, and many duck races have ducks floating down the rivers on their sides or upside down.
Having said that, we have supplied many companies with rubber ducks for duck racing. Here's a list of the most popular: -

Classic Small Bath Duck
Small Rubber Duck
Most likely to turn over but lowest price. This is our most popular duck purchased for 1 - time duck races.
Lead time of 2 -3 days.

Lena Racing Duck

Fairly stable - will turn over on rapid water. Comes in six assorted colours to brighten up any duck race, which also makes it easier to identify the ducks.
Lead time of approx. 4 weeks.

Medium rubber Duck

Medium Rubber Duck
Most stable - least likely to topple over.
Lead time of 2 -3 days.

We also have supplied ducks in uniforms, animal ducks and flashing rubber ducks which have been used for duck racing, and in such games as 'hook a duck'. One customer chose to fit cup hooks onto the top of our character themed rubber ducks, and had guest hook them out at their wedding. Our Giant ducks have been seen on Ant and Decs Saturday Night Takeaway.
Creature Rubber Duck

View all our rubber ducks here. If you need a large number of ducks, please contact us for a quote on 08452 696 452 or customerservice@toyday.co.uk

Whatever ducks you choose for your race or duck themed game, we wish you a great day of it, and if it is for a good cause, we hope you raise a lot of money for your charity.

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