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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Toyday Empty Basket Bug Fixed

We recently had reported issues from customers that were unable to add our toys to their baskets, or having their shopping baskets disappear altogether when shopping on our site. (How the online world is so different to our tangible world!)

Well, without getting too technical, I'm glad to announce that this problem should now be fixed. For those of you that wish to know, the problem was due to a bit of programming logic that tried to work out if the user was a real human, or a search engine spider, and stopped the session if it thought that a search engine had got caught up in the shopping basket. Unfortunately, due to the more advanced and complex browsers and their various toolbars, our shopping cart was causing havoc with actual buyers carts because it was unable to tell the difference between a computer and a human!

It was a tough problem to crack, because it only affected a few people with different set ups, and we had to do a lot of detective work before we knew where to start. May I thank all of our frustrated customers that encountered this issue for taking the time to contact us and provide us with feedback, so we were able to delve deep and get to the root of the problem, so shopping with us should be a pleasure for everyone.

If you encounter any technical issues or bug reports with our site, please contact us at customerservice@toyday.co.uk with the details.

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