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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Hello world,my name is Sofia and I'm an Italian girl.
I came to England two weeks ago for a school project, the first week I was in London I visited the city that it's very nice!!!
Now and next week I will stay in Totnes ,a small village in Devon...the country is very beautiful!
In this city I'm doing my first experience working.
I work in a fantastic toy shop called toyday!!!
the toys they sell are beautiful because they are all from the most classic toys that children love!!!!
In the country everyone loves this store !!
I like working here;help as much as I can because I still have a few small problems with the language!!!
This experience will be very important for me,and for this I thank all..especially: toyday, the school of Totnes,home stay and my school who organized the wonderful study trip!!! Thank you!

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