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Monday, 15 March 2010

Facebook or Twitter - Which is better?

According to the majority - Neither!

43% of Toy shop owners think that sites like Twitter or Facebook are useful to their business, whilst the remaining 57% of respondents suggest that they are a pretty pointless, or have never used either. Are they missing out on an opportunity here? After all - they are both effectively free, and could be a great way of introducing new customers to their wares, whilst building a relationship with their customers, and strengthening the brand awareness.

We love facebook

At Toyday, we actively use facebook as a tool for our customers to see the more personable side of Toyday. After all, life is about much more than just work - that's why we sell toys!

Although relatively new to facebook, we have found it a great place to 'meet' our customers, engage in some conversation and interact with each other by sharing photos and experiences. It's also a great place for us to offer savings and discounts to our most valued customers.

Unlike many limited feedback schemes, like you would find on Ebay or Amazon which just allow a customer to rate the seller or products with a few stars and a brief comment, facebook offers customers the opportunity to get more involved, and share as much or as little as they wish, with the chance to upload videos, and photos, which is not possible with a website, without cluttering it up and making it difficult for customers to buy.

Whats all this twittering about?

Twitter, on the other hand, although we signed up for and have a few followers, I just don't get it! Maybe one day it will all make sense, but for now I'll just accept that I just don't understand the value in my or anyone's little tweets, so that people can "act accordingly"!

Maybe I am totally missing the point - if so, someone please enlighten me and tell me what I've been missing!!?

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