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Thursday, 29 April 2010

My favourite toys

I work in the toy shop "Toyday" for 2 weeks. It is very cool to work here, because all are very friendly and I have different things to do.

Now I have a good overview about the toys and I will tell you my favourite toys.
I have seen a lot of toys which I played as a child, for example marbles or bubbles. In Toyday there are a lot of beautiful marbles in different sizes.
I also like the smurfs. Last week we got a new smurf collection about the horoscope - very nice.

With the fairytale finger puppets you can play a lot of fantastic stories.
Since I am here I have bought some finger puppets and "London in bag" for my niece. "London in bag" shows the most famous sites of London, this wooden city is fascinating.

Next week I want to buy a flashing rubber duck. The multi coloured lights flash are activated when placed in water. It looks very nice. Furthermore I want to buy some wooden train letters. In Germany I bought some of these trains. But I do not have enough to spell a word that make sense.

These are my favourite toys from the toy shop "Toyday". I am sure everybody will find here a favourite toy.

Now I just have one exciting week in Totnes and then I go back to Germany.

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