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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Shopkeepers Nightmare

Well this has to be one of every shopkeepers nightmare in having a window smash and the clear up afterwards. It happened on the Saturday afternoon before the bank holiday weekend. I was standing outside the shop on the pavement talking to a customer about the toy display and there was a tremendous bang as the window literally shattered in front of us. First reaction was disbelief of what I just saw happen and then shopkeepers in the street appearing expecting to see a car accident. Incredibly at that moment there was no one else around and so thankfully no one was injured. If you have ever dropped a glass bowl or vase on the floor then you will know how much glass there seems to be, well this was a ten foot by six foot pane and due to the age of the building, approx 1973 the glass wasn't toughened so it had shattered everywhere. The first job was clearing the road of glass and then the pavement. Have you ever tried to find a company to board up a window late on a Saturday afternoon? A blank cheque comes to mind but in a community like Looe there is always someone willing to help and a local builder measured it, drove to a local store for wood and had it boarded a few hours later. The rest of the week was clearing up the mess and organising for a new window to be fitted in time for the start of the bank holiday and we were open on the Saturday morning as normal. At least this window is 10mm toughened glass now!!

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