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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Most Popular Name Letters

I have just been building an order for a customer of ours, who asked for the most popular name train letters to fill a couple of display stands. This has made me think how much children's names have changed so much since I was at school.
Wooden Letter Train
I think the most shocking statistic for me in the most popular name letters top ten, is the letter P at number 25! Yes, that's right, the letter P is less popular in children's names today than X or Z.
When I was at school, I had friends named Peter, Paul, Penny, Penelope & Poppy, but don't recall anyone who's name contained the letter Z.

Here is the official most popular letters list, based on our wooden letter train sales in 2010.

Wooden Letter Alphabet Train - Set of 28

Position Letter Percentage of Sales
1 A 13%
2 E 11%
3 L 8%
4 I 7%
5 R 7%
6 O 6%
7 S 5%
8 N 5%
9 H 4%
10 C 4%
11 M 4%
12 J 4%
13 Y 3%
14 U 3%
15 T 3%
16 D 2%
17 B 2%
18 K 2%
19 W 1%
20 V 1%
21 F 1%
22 G 1%
23 X 1%
24 Z 1%
25 P 1%
26 Q 0%


How popular is your child's name?
If you want to be different, consider a name containing the letter Q.

Take a look at our wooden letter trains, which look great in any child's bedroom or nursery, as well as being compatible with most major wooden train sets.

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