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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Easter Holidays in Looe

We are just a week away from the Easter Holiday weekend and at the moment the weather is glorious and the town is already busy as the school holidays have already started. All the holiday parks around Looe are open and every day there are visitors popping in the shop to admire the traditional toys that we stock and many buying toys and a range or our puzzles to play with back in their caravans in the evenings as a family, and classic games like dominoes, scrabble and cards can be entertaining for everyone. I already have people buying for Christmas but its a bit too early for me to do that as I am sure when Christmas is here I wont be remember the perfect place that I hid them!

After the winter layup its lovely to see all the boats moored in the harbour again and ready for the season. Along the Quay are all the brightly coloured signs advertising the mackerel, reef and shark fishing trips and day trips to Polperro and around Looe Island. Each day the small fishing boats head out to sea full of hopeful anglers and whether they catch or not they all seem to have a good day.

We have three glass bottomed boats now in Looe and although I haven't been on one yet I am sure it must be fascinating when they are moored out near the Island to look at the sea bed and watch the marine life in its natural habitat, after all I think we have all played around in rock pools at some time when we were children and were spell bound at the weird and amazing creatures we could catch in our nets. Crabs would be the most fearsome and and it seemed whichever way you tried to pick them up they could still nip you with its pincers and it hurt, and as a matter of fact it still does!

With Easter Sunday next weekend I know a lot of people give Easter eggs but I know my grand children will love our little wind up hopping Easter Bunnies and Chicks and will have great fun with them racing them around the floor and so much healthier and longer lasting than chocolate although I am sure they will have plenty of that.

So if you are staying in Looe for the holidays or planning a day trip then be sure to pop into Toyday for a warm welcome and a trip down memory lane.

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