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Friday, 28 October 2011

Operation Christmas Child with Samaritan's Purse

Every year lots of our customers tell me they are looking for little toys to fill there shoe boxes for the Samaritan's purse operation Christmas child. The aim is to give a gift to make Christmas a bit special for children all over the

world experiencing war or poverty. You can be someones own personal Santa!

Simply find a medium sized shoe box, wrap it, fill it and send it. For more details visit the Operation Christmas Child website. I am often asked what items you shouldn't put in so here is the list:

  • No Food - especially chocolate - non-chocolate sweets are allowed

  • No medicine or vitamins of any kind

  • No war related items - toy guns, soldiers or knives of any kind

  • No clothing - some accessories are allowed

  • No fragile items - glass containers, mirrors.

  • No liquids - including blow bubbles, shampoo, bubble bath, toiletry sets or aerosols.

  • No dangerous items - sharp objects, scissors or razors

  • No novels

  • Nothing of a political nature

  • No hand-knitted stuffed toys without a CE mark - although they do provide knitting patterns for items that will be accepted on their website.

Blake will be making up a shoebox this year so I hope who ever gets his gifts like s bouncy balls because he is obsessed and I guarantee his box to be full of them.

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