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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Children's Names

One of the things I have noticed whilst working in the toy shop is how children's names have changed in the last decade or so. There are still the traditional names but there seems to be more I suppose imaginative names with various options on the spelling.

As with many parents there is a wish to have their child's name on a door for maybe their bedroom, or a play chest and it is harder to find names pre made and we are selling more of these beautifully coloured individual Wooden Animal Letters which will allow you to make up any name you require. A small piece of blu tack or double sided tape will allow you to fix it to any surface and it can be removed at any time. There are also Wooden Animal Numbers from 1 to 9 and both can be used to help with spelling and numeracy.

Another variation is our very popular Wooden Train Letters. Once again any name can be made up and not only do the letters join together by a hook and eye system they are also compatible with all the popular and major brands of wooden tracks so your child can learn to make up their name and can play with them on their train track. They also make a lovely decoration for a window sill or just to sit on top of a chest of drawers.

Whether its the wooden animal letters or the wooden train letters it is possible now to make up any name you require.

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