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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I spy with my little Eye

It was my day off on Monday and I joined my daughter, granddaughter and grandson for a walk around Siblyback lake, our local reservoir.

Anyone who knows Siblyback will know that it is a cold place to be and even in the summer there is a chill out there with it being so high up on top of the moors.

My granddaughter, 7, thought it was going to be too cold and sitting watching television on the settee was a better option. My grandson, 5 who was trying to persuade her it would be fun remembered some binoculars they had both been given by a relative at Christmas and he wanted to try them. This did the trick and before long we were parked and donning coats, scarfs and gloves for the trek around the lake.

It seemed a good idea to play the old game that everyone must remember called 'I Spy'. I must admit trying to spot something that they could see about a mile away wasn't easy and they didn't always know what letter it began with and how silly was I because I didn't know water began with the letter ' T ' and geese with the letter 'Z' but it was great fun for all of us and surprising how a little pair of binoculars made them so happy and no one felt the cold.

There were also geese to look at, ducks and sheep and so much to see with binoculars and questions about everything that moved or didn't move. These were good binoculars and they also had a compass built in and when my grandson asked what it was for it seemed easiest to say it showed you which way you had come from and where you were going. After staring at it for a while and shaking it he asked me how did it know where he was going and what if he didn't want to go there.

Ok, so it needs a bit more explaining another time but I will wait until he is a bit older.

Another idea for him would be a telescope as I am sure he would enjoy this but trying to get my grandson to close one eye and look out the other is a challenge so its on his next present list!!

We had a brilliant day out and for the rest of the evening he wore his binoculars around the house often bumping in to things but we all agreed television is nowhere near as much fun..

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