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Saturday, 17 March 2012

I used to collect Weeples

Do you remember back in the 80's when everyone would have little pom pom bugs with googly eyes and sticky feet. They would be stuck to desks, car dash boards, bed's, absolutely everywhere and you could buy one at virtually every tourist attraction. I think they were called Weeples.

My Sister and I would have nagged our parents for one whenever we saw one. I remember having one from Dairyland nr. Newquay and the Shirehorse Center which sadly no longer exists. I haven't seen one in years until now....

We love the classic and retro so we have put our name to come colourful little critters. Available in loads of different colours for £1 each.

Blake is in love, as it turns out Weeples are just as popular with today's generation. He has chosen two in his favourite colours, blue and pink. I am keeping an eye out for any multi-coloured ones and snapping them up myself to restart my collection at the age of 30.


Unknown said...

Found your blog through a googly search for what these little pom pom guys were officially called.. I'm also a toy collector/blogger and am glad that I found your site :)

Smith said...

good post

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