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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Best Toys for a 5 Year Old Girl

Having recetly asked myself this same question when looking for a present to take to a little girls birthday party I though I should share what I came up with. Sometimes the hardest part can be getting inspired so hopefully my list will help you with that.

Iron On Bead Craft - This is something that my sisters and I used to play with for hours. You create patterns and pictures with the beads onto the boards and then iron them to make your design permenant. £8.99

Gymanstic Ribbon - We have sold a gymnastics ribon for many years now and it's just as popular with girls of today as it's always been. They can use it to twirl as they dance about making it swirl around them. £2.99

Swan Lake Jewellery Box - One of our most popular sellers and it's easy to see why. A beautifully decorated jewellery box and it has a dancing ballerina inside. Every little girl needs somewhere to store her treasures. £15.99

Vellutata Hello Kitty Figures (Coming to Toyday Soon) - Hello Kitty is very popular with little girls at the moment and these velvety figures have a retro feel. £2.99

Decorate Your Own Dress Up Princess - Decorate the magnetic wooden dresses with coloured pencils, glitter glue and stick on gem's. You can then dress the princess doll with your creations. £6.99

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