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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Make Your Own Marble Run Out of a Cereal Box

One of Blake's favorite toys is his marble run (from our shop of course) and one of his favourite activities is junk modelling. This craft idea combines these two fun things.

The first part of the fun is to rummage through the recycling and dig out a cereal box, cardboard tubes and plastic bottles or anything else in there that could make a good track.

We cut off the front of the cereal box and then just tape in all the track pieces. This is the tricky bit as you need to make sure your marble will roll from one section to the next and that it will fit through all the holes. Blake was in charge of testing and dropped a marble in each time we added a new section. After a lick of paint we were ready to play.

This picture shows our finished article but there is no reason why yours has to look the same. You can decide exactly what to put where and what junk to use. You could add more cereal boxes and make a really massive marble run.

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