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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Best Toys for a 5 Year Old Boy.....

This year Blake is turning 5 and the only thing has asked for for his Birthday is a photo album to put all his pictures of flowers and bugs into. He is a big computer game addict so no doubt he will be getting some new games but here is my list of other things he'll love. Some things to get him away from the computer:

1. Bigtrak - A programmable vehicle that will bring his computer skills it the real world normally £29.99 but currently reduced.

2. Slime Kit - There is something about boys and disgusting things and this is pretty disgusting with various body parts and slime. £4.99

3. Ugly Doll Rocket Carousel - This tin toy is a pretty special gift. Pull the lever back and watch as the carousel spins around. £19.99

4. Make Your Own Racing Car - Make and paint a wooden racing car craft kit. There are also other make and paint kits that would be good for a boy of this age including a rocket and a treasure box. It really depends on what the boy is into. £7.99

5. Buzz Wire Game - A great game for all the family on Christmas day. Take it in turns to try and make it all the way around the lightening bolt without touching it. £7.99

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