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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Merkur - Czech original product

Perhaps everybody, when hear of the word Merkur think of planet of our solar system, but most of them on the best known Czech toy of even title. Merkur is the title of the train models and metal kits, which arose at the beginning of the last century in the town of Police nad Metují in the Czech Republic.
The company produces a lot of beautiful toys such as the ones pictured below.
Construction set


Child`scarf and tools
The company started in 1920, when Mr Jaroslav Vancl established the company INVENTOR. Before Mr Vancl had this construction of child's metal kit patented under the title INVENTOR. Today it is hard to find out, whether it was his idea, or whether he was inspired by design of any other construction set. Originally they were metal construction sets, INVENTOR connected with a metal hooks, similar to nowadays using scaffolding "haki". Metal construction set under the name INVENTOR finished, nevertheless this title is in use in Police nad Metují and became popular.
Child`scarf and tools

In 1925 producer came with a new system, which have the same appearance to this day. Metal parts of construction set that connect with screws and nuts M3,5 size. By this way construction set had approached to the real construction and made it possible to major possibilities for child play and creativity. With the beginning of a new system was registered a new trade-mark MERKUR under which was selling. The first range of the construction set had a range of goods from Nö. 1 to Nö 3. At the time of thirtieth and fortieth years of the last century, the construction sets have expanded to Nö 7. Then came the boom of construction sets MERKUR. At that time arose now forgot kits of buildings METROPOL and POPULAR, where were used brand-new parts. In 1933 started to produce kits with possibilities to build some electric models MERKUR ELEKTRUS. Development carried on to the beginning of the Second World War only with small edits of boxes, instructions and parts.

When this company tried to introduce their construction kits to the UK, they were sued by MECCANO for using their name. We sell a version of the metal construction kits which are £6.99.               

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