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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Practical Jokes and Magical Mysteries

For all the jokers and aspiring magicians out there here is a selection of products from our latest range of magic tricks and practical jokes. Amuse and amaze your friends and family!

1. Magic Wand 

     You cannot be a convincing magician without your very own magic wand.



2. Ridley's Magic Trick Cards

Amaze your spectators with this easy to perform card trick. Not only will you  locate their chosen card but you will magically turn all the other cards into the same card!



3. Magic Arm Chopper

For something more extreme, daring magicians can perform this death defying trick. Insert an arm and watch the blade come down! Will the arm remain intact?



4. Squirting Joke Camera

It looks just like a disposable camera, but instead of taking a photo, it will squirt water in your friend's face.



 5. Practical Joke Box Set

If one practical joke just isn't enough this joker's gift box comes with 8 classic pranks including fake vomit and hand buzzer.

6. Telepathy Magic Trick

Spectators will believe you can read their minds!


7. Close Up Magic Trick

A selection of easy to learn tricks. There are 8 to choose from so which would you pick? Cockroach surprise? Tough as nails?



8. Leaping Spider

A big, hairy spider to terrify your unsuspecting victims with. Squeeze the air-filled plastic bulb to make the leaping spider jump along.


9. Magic Dice

This contains 2 identical dice. However, one of them is loaded. Perform a trick with the loaded dice and then hand over the normal dice to be inspected so that no one will suspect a thing.


10. Magic Hat Box of Tricks

Perform your own magic show with this kit which contains 125 tricks. It also comes with a magician's hat so that you can really look the part.


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