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Saturday, 2 March 2013

I Wonder How Many People Still Have Pet Rocks

The Pet Rock was a huge fad in the 70's which was sold as a very low maintenance pet that effectively never dies. Which begs the question how many pet rocks are still around today? Gary Dahl sold enough in 6 months to make him a millionaire at just under $4 each so there should be at least 250,000 pet rocks out there today.

The original pet rock was nothing more than a grey pebble in a pet carrier. It came with an instruction manual on how to care for your pet rock including humorous tips such as teaching it to sit, stay and play dead. There's something charming about the amount of imagination needed to love that stone as a pet and it's no more crazy as a fad than things like pogs which lets face it are just printed discs.

You can make your own pet rock, you don't need to purchase any expensive kits. Just get a rock and love it. You can add some googley eyes or paint it in what ever design you choose to give it it's own character. If your going to paint it, choose a nice smooth pebble. I've seen pebbles beautifully painted by adults to look like real animals or more simply painted as a really easy kids craft project.

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