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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas Window in Looe

Has it really been almost twelve months since I dug out the boxes marked 'Christmas Decorations' which have been sitting quietly on the top shelf of the store waiting patiently to be opened again.

As always I test the lights before putting them on the tree as I have been caught before when I have finished the window only to find when I switch the lights on they decide not to work although when I had put them away they worked fine. This year there was no problem and they all worked perfectly.

I find there is something really enjoyable in stripping the window and dressing it for Christmas and watching the children's faces as they smile happily and point at all the things they notice like the teddy bear wearing his Christmas Hat in the pedal car, to the Nesting Santa.

We have a wonderful range of Christmas toys in our shops and on our website and I am certain if you are looking for something special or a little different than either pop into the shops or buy online where we will all be happy to help you.

There are several events happening in Looe over the next few weeks and when I have the dates I will post them all in time for you to enjoy them.

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