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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Which is better - LEGO or a better value lower priced compatiable set?

Well, the official Toyday poll results are in, and surprisingly, only a third of our readers thought that LEGO® was better, compared to 66% of you that believed the lower priced compatiable sets to be better value.

We have been attempting to get an account with LEGO®, for at least 5 years, and my bi-annual call to their sales team always go the same way, that they won't be opening any new accounts until next year! So naturally we were excited to hear when the LEGO® patent had expired, and that many of LEGO®'s competitors sets were emerging. After purchasing many of the different brands, we found the best of the compatiable sets to be Cobi and the MY range to be the most similar to LEGO®, and with a good tight grip, and also representing the best value for money. This is why we now sell both of those ranges in our shops and online.

Now, it wouldn't be fair for me to state my particular preference until I have compared like for like, so last week I went out and purchased some original LEGO®, which I shall be building the models from, and see for myself how it really does compare.

I have purchased the LEGO® Atlantis Brickmaster set which will be compared directly with our own MY Space Explorer Building Bricks set which both retail for a penny under £15. I will be back soon to let you know which I believe to be better.

Don't forget to vote in our new poll at the top right of the screen "How Much Of Your Christmas Shopping Do You Buy Online?"

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Anonymous said...

lego is so overpiced and to get any sort of collection that could give children a chance to really get creative and use their imaginations costs so much money that any cheaper, good quality version has got to be a million times better xxx have fun building ad xxx

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