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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Shopping

My grand daughter ( 7 ) decided there was something she particularly wanted for Christmas and it was an item that we do not happen to sell so it was a trip for us to the nearest city. On entering one of the big toy stores I must admit it was a bit overwhelming with the row after row of wizz bang high tech toys on display so I asked the nearest person that worked there if he could help me find where this item was stocked only to be pointed roughly somewhere to the back of the store informing me it was on a far wall.

We wondered along the walls looking for the item but we couldn't see it anywhere so I asked another worker who was stocking a shelf only to be told they were only there for the Christmas period and didn't know where anything was and sorry they could not help.

A few more wanders along the walls, and with my grand daughter getting pretty frustrated, as I was as well by then, we found what she wanted by chance as we had given up and was heading for the exit through the middle of the shop with my head thumping!

Hooray!! It was what she wanted but it wasn't priced. I thought I would just queue at the checkout and pay whatever it cost as we were both by them ready to leave this shop. I cannot say I enjoyed shopping there at all.

I know these shops are bigger than us but customer service is free and if we are asked by a customer what would we recommend for a grand daughter, grandson, brother, sister etc we are more than happy to help them decide, to open a box and show them how something works or advise them about suitability and I know they really appreciate that and if it makes the experience pleasant than hopefully they will remember us next time they are looking to buy something.

I know there are not many days to go now until Christmas day and I hope you have bought everything you need but if you have any stocking fillers yet to get then come and see us as we still have a lovely range in store.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

You are absolutely right Paul, a smile costs nothing, and great customer service is definitely something we are proud of at Toyday.
Anyway, now we have been so busy here helping everyone else get their Christmas shopping in time, I better get out and do mine!
Have a great Christmas and a happy new 2012.

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