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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas event update

West Looe saw the arrival of Father Christmas last week with a nice crowd of people even though the weather was not as good as everyone hoped. Also it has been decided that the Lantern Festival which was to be held tonight will be postponed until Tuesday 20th December as there are gales and heavy rain forecast for tonight and as I look out of the window it looks like the forecast was right and its pouring down!

This is something beyond every ones control and I am sure this is a wise move as it is a wonderful evening watching the processions making their way from the three starting points to converge on the Quay by the Fishmarket for a carol service.

If I remember correctly it was around this time last year when we were more or less snowed in and it was easier to get around on the sledge we sell than by car or on foot so I shouldn't complain about it raining really so maybe I should think about keeping one in the shed just in case.

I hope that you are ready for Christmas but if you are like me then there is always a last minute mad dash for a present for someone who has been forgotten or a Christmas card I find weeks later that I hadnt posted!

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