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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Party Bags!

I honestly believed a party bag was one of the single most exciting things you could get at a party! I used to love when the children in my class had birthdays because not only did you have a really fun party to look forward to but you also had the ice cream and jelly, sweets, birthday cake, games and that all important party bag.

Party bags can be done in all different styles for boys or girls. Handmade ones especially give it that extra special look! They aren't even that difficult to make...

How To Make A Party Bag

Now after you create your party bag you have to think about the little bits and bobs to put inside the party bag that gives it character and hours of entertainment (well atleast for the car journey home.) Obviously, these 'bits and bobs' can cost a fair amount when you're buying for about 20 children (!!) so here at Toyday we do our own little 'pocket money' toys that are ideal for party bags...

Joke toys- like our noisy putty and other putty related toy. We also do Fun Snaps.
Bubbles- Dipsy the Duck is perfect for a party bag toy! She can even be used in the bath!
Stickers- from insect stickers, to fashion stickers, to pirate stickers...we have it all.
We also do popping candy, glow sticks, fake tattoos and so much more!

Have a look at all our party bag toys on our website- www.toyday.co.uk

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