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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Pocket Money Toys

Most children love getting their pocket money. They love saving up those pennies so they can buy themselves something nice. Here at Toyday we have a range of small toys for children to get with all their saved up pocket money.

We have Jokes and Magic toys for children who love playing practical jokes. For example we have an Exploding Chewing Gum so they can trick their friends into taking one of their exploding sweets or Fake Wounds, to trick them into believing they have been attacked.

Next we have everyone's favorite - Fun Snaps!
Our range of Loose Marbles seems to get everyone excited. Children love looking at all the different colours and choosing their favorites. Prices range from 15p - £1.

Mini Dominoes is also a big hit as you can take them almost anywhere and have a fun game to play.
We also have a range of Roll Tongue Animals. Squeeze them and watch their tongues roll out. Animals include: Shark, Tortoise, Lizard, Snake, Snail and Frogs.

Finally, many children coming into the shop love the idea of getting tattoos. We have a Book Of Boys or Girls Tattoos that has 280 tattoos for your children to put on them, each other and their friends.

All the products shown above are all under £3.

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