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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Oakley's Woodland Nursery

Having chosen the name Oakley for our son it seemed only right to give him a woodland themes nursery. I love toadstools, owls and all things woodland so lets hope he will too.

The toy box had been left in Toyday Totnes and inherited when we moved in 6 years ago. It was mouldy and falling to pieces so Adam took it home and fixed it up. The wooden tree house is something we used to sell but can no longer get, we made sure we kept back the very last one for ourselves. The rocking chair we brought from Totnes market when I was pregnant with Blake and it's still going strong.

From left to right on Oakley's shelf we have a Toyday Bear, Gruffalo Money Box, Steiff Bear (a gift from a grandparent), Peter Rabbit Beanie, Gluton Activity Hedgehog, Toadstool Rattle, Patchwork Owl and a Rabbit Nightlight. Underneath is a string of toadstool fairy lights.

My multi talented husband has made this very handy shelving unit for Oakley's room which is filled with his many cute outfits. You can also see my owl clock from John Lewis given to me as a birthday present this year, it just so happened it was prefect for this room. The mobile is our Wooden Insect Mobile. On the window ledge sits Adam's Lava lamp which is an original 1960's one that he's had for years. Along side it is a Fisher Price Record Player which is a toy that has been around for just as long. I used to have one when I was a child and Oakley has given me the perfect excuse to be able to buy one again.

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