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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Take a look at our quacking duck collection!

 Some people collect stamps, stickers, model figurines etc and some ( as it happens, like myself ) collect rubber ducks. Be it plain yellow ducks, large ducks, small ducks, flashing ducks or decorative ducks their all fantastic! My personal collection began when my mum bought me a Harrods princess duck! the obsession has stayed with me since!
 Here at Toyday when have a great selection of rubber ducks including

                         Bob the Billduck, The D.I.Y duck. Can he fix it? No, its quacked                                      

 Darling Duck. A frivolous flapper looking pretty in pink

Available at Toyday. Click here.

                         Punk Duck, Bad boy bath duck. To add a little rock to your world.  

Bad-ass Biker Bill, Hell's favorite angel.
Will he be heading your way?

Count Dracula, The Prince of Duckness
To say Fangs for the memory.
Available at Toyday. Click Here. 

Our two new additions..
Corporal Cluck, the forces favorite duck & Ductor house M.D, The scrubbed up hospital quack.

And last but not least my personal favorite Captain Duck Sparrow, plunderer of the duck pond!! Keep your eyes peeled as he will be sailing to our stores soon!

Just a quick mention of these Quackers Bathing Ducks. A trio of of ducks, available in pink or blue. We don't currently stock these colourful characters, but they look friendly enough and are sure to liven up any bath. What do you think? 

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