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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Keep Cool In The Garden and Have Fun With Water

The sun is finally out so let the fun begin! Unreal the hose pipe and start playing....

There's so much fun to be had with water. Here's my top 5 garden water activities:

Slip and Slide - You can buy fancy kits but all you really need is some plastic sheeting on a bit of a hill and position the hose pipe at the top.

Water Sprinkler - Pierce some holes in a plastic fizzy drinks bottle and attach a hose to the bottle neck. The water will squirt out of the random holes creating a sprinkler for children to play in. I've even seen them hung up from trees.

Paddling Pool - At just £8.99 we sell a basic paddling pool to get your little ones splashing in the garden.


Water Fight - Arm your children with water bombs and water pistols, then let them battle it out.


Hook a Duck - Fill a big bucket, tub or paddling pool with water and throw in some hook a ducks for children to fish out. This is a great idea for kids parties. If you can't get ducks you could use anything that floats and fishing nets.

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