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Monday, 2 June 2014

Taking Toydays Traditional Toys To Morwellham Quay

Yesterday, Sunday 1st June, we went to visit Morwellham Quay. They held a fun day and we were invited along to show off our traditional toys. They had hand painted up a little sign for us which we were chuffed to pieces with.

As soon as you arrive in Morwellham you step back into the Victorian era. The staff are all dressed up in Victorian outfits and the buildings are like time capsules. We love all things vintage and were lucky enough to get time away from the stall to look around all the shops and buildings.

I took Blake to see the old school so he could compare it to his and we had a play in the school yard where they have traditional playground games set up. There was skipping, ring toss, various puzzles and other games. Then we found some newborn piglets and set up near by just for the day was a coconut shy. We were rubbish but still managed to win some sweets.

Adam loves magic, so he and Blake went off to watch a great magician with a Punch and Judy show. Blake was giggling away at all the typically punch and Judy humorous calamities and came away with a balloon helicopter that the magician had made for him.

Our toys fitted in perfectly with all this going on. We have toys from every ones childhoods but we took along all our toys that originated from Victorian times. The wooden play farm was as popular as it always is, it's just such great value. For under £25 you get a floor puzzle base, farm buildings and loads of animals.

Morwellam it seemed was an ideal central location to meet up with some of our customers, as we had people say hello that had been to Looe shop and some that have visited us in Totnes. We had a great day out at Morwellam Quay thank you very much for having us!

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